Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why the Kiwis generally win at Rugby


Nick Drew said...

so it seems!

scary stuff

lilith said...

Start 'em young, Nick.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Quite believe it, Lils!

Over the road from here, Mrs Scroblene had a little chap in her class, and he was doing several Hakas to the rest of the class, and he was word-perfect, as well as having all the actions taught him by his Mum and Dad!

All the kids just loved him, as did the staff, and I suppose he'll be about seventeen now, so will be performing for real!

lilith said...

It's quite something isn't it Scrobs. I do think it pumps up the Kiwi players before a match in a way that makes them harder to beat, and it contributes significantly. In NZ you either play Rugby or climb mountains. (Why do you think I'm here in UK!?)