Thursday, 14 May 2015

Scroblene's azalea


Scrobs... said...

Oh Wow!

Lils, your Azalea is streets ahead of ours, and what a beauty too!

I'm sooooo glad that you managed to take it with you, and with your gardening skills, you'll need to tame it in no time at all! The scent is just fabulous, isn't it!

Please click 'Growster' on the gardening website I mentioned all those years ago, there are so many good chums in touch, and we have such a good time together!

If you sign up as 'Lilith', I'll be the first to welcome you!

Of course I will!

lilith said...

It is very splendid Scrobs, and smells divinely. I will look you up!

graceful beast said...

Im in a state of grace
are yee prepared to use my candles and incantations in your healing sessions sister
they cure the soul and deliver true divine grace
Somerset has always housed the beste wychees
i can cure bad backs blindness and all dna malfuctios
cure the lack of ma horseness ad tell your future
how it will beee unless you obey

lilith said...

Ooh eck Beastie! I was wondering how you are:-)

Thud said...

looks good, I have a couple in orange but not as large as this yet.