Sunday, 8 September 2013


I have very fond memories of Ma'aloula.

Here we have Christians and Muslims celebrating Eid under the oppressive and wicked Assad regime:

And here we have a video of the "rebels" up at the hotel having liberated the town and blaming the devastation of the ancient monastery on the Syrian Army.  Allahu akbar indeed.

And this is Ma'aloula yesterday.

Makes me want to go and fight for Assad.

For anyone interested in who the hell Jabhat al Nusra are there is a very interesting PDF here by the Quilliam foundation.


DtP said...

Hey Lils - hope the house is comfy and you've settled in alright.

This Syria shit, well, I dunno but to the casual observer (namely, me) this seems like a decoy, like a strategic enticement for Assad to shout 'look you, look what these cunts are doing, you want to bomb me and support them, look what kind of rebels you're promoting here'. This plays straight into the hearts of the Republican right, well, fuck me Jesus but it should plunge cold dread steel into the heart of the Church of England or, as they were known ages ago 'the Conservative Party at prayer' - I guess those days are gone!

It makes your bllod run cold - this kinda shit but it's happening all over the place - Egypt's Copts are being systematically fucked, all antiquities plundered (hopefully to be sold on the black market but with these barbaric alumni of the Madrassa of Screw You they may just be being destroyed for kicks) - Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Mali - even Turkey's starting to face East - I guess the only places where it's not happening is where they've already banished, killed or imprisoned every bloody Christian that found themselves in breach of some esoteric 8th century bullshit stipulation.

Our partners in peace - whoo fucking hoo - what could possibly go wrong??

lilith said...

You could well be right Dick. On the other hand perhaps the rebels (and here I mean Nusra ) have hitherto left Maaloula alone because it's not good to massacre Christians in the battle for hearts and minds and they don't want to turn off yer everyday Sunni from their cause. I guess they feel they have the upper hand now and can force Christians to convert at gunpoint and we in the West will still chatter about Assad's wickedness and ring our hands whilst they get their job done.

When asked what the red line for Christians in Egypt is by an Egyptian priest the White House spokesman quipped "I don't have a red pen".

Assad's enemy is our enemy. It is such a fucking mess.

When I was in Damascus I saw some of these. Truly incredible.

lilith said...

I mean some of THESE