Monday, 11 March 2013

I love coal

Coal. It is fantastic stuff. It keeps you warm. 

We moved into our temporary abode and after about 10 days our teeth stopped chattering.  We have had the multi fuel burner on the go every day.  Logs are nice but if you want to get warm, coal is absolutely the thing.  My carbon footprint will just keep getting bigger.

It took a week for Virgin Media to tell me I had faulty internet cable, when Elby had diagnosed a faulty router.  A couple more days, more phone calls and another week waiting for a new router ("it will be with you in 5 working days") and another phone call after 6 working days to get them to put it in the post.  However we are back online and I am wondering why I paid for a super fast cable broadband for years when the phone line one we have now seems little different in terms of speed (to my ignorant eye).  If BT weren't such cnuts I'd give up on Virgin but they have robbed me before and I don't want to give them another chance.

Huhne only got 8 months when I thought it would be at least 18 in the light of how he pissed everyone around with his "I look forward to clearing my name in front of a jury" nonsense, and was in a position where he should have known better.   I thought the judge said it was very serious. I guess Huhne is special after all.   I think I will write to him and tell him how much I am enjoying burning coal.


Blue Eyes said...

Whoop! Welcome back!

You won't get much satisfaction from writing to Huhne. He doesn't give a stuff about climate change. It's just "playing the game".

DtP said...

Bbbrrrrrr indeed - darn chill wind that be blowing frum the North methinks.

Perhaps i'm getting soft in my old age but i'm quite content with 8 months (or 8 weeks assuming he's not naughty!). I'm just glad the guy's gone and is now a mere footnote in Hansard.

He's clearly delusional as he said 'i'm only sorry that i've harmed the causes I believe in such as saving the world!' Now, I guess we're to assume he meant environmentally but it may be that he's Batman, a lone hero set to save us all from those dastardly fellows intent to do us harm - i'd like to think so but how will we cope without him? How will we survive without the Huhnenator? It's these consequences which we must consider!

Nick Drew said...

you will be pleased to learn that burning coal, your carbon footprint will be less than if you burn wood!

(unless of course you scrupulously re-plant the trees)

idle said...

8 months is sufficient for me. All I ever wanted was the perp walk. I am surprised that the bubble economist turned out so foolish, though. She seems to have caused quite a lot of collateral damage as well. I feel very bad for the son, who despite coming across as Kevin the Teenager, desrves all our sympathy.

What would make this farce complete would be Huhne's bull dyke lover pleading to swap places with Vicky in Holloway "I'll do her time, yeronner, pleeease! I've never been to a woman's prison".

idle said...

PS. Coal for the base, ash for the top, applewood for the fragrant pong.

Trubes said...

Hi Lils, we live in a smokeless zone but do burn coal, which we start the fire off with, including firelighters and kindling sticks..... when it's ablaze, we throw on the pricey smokeless fuel coal and as an extra treat for moik....a chuffing great chunk of wood...heaven....Enjoy your new abode...albeit temporary,

lilith said...

Trubes, every time my mother tries that in Bath one of her neighbours comes round to tell her that her chimney must be on fire as there is smoke emerging from it.... Those smokeless chunks are so pricey and unsatisfactory.

Idle that sounds like a perfect recipe. Should be plenty of ash about too... Unkindly, I keep wondering how anyone could be as plain as the Trimmingham person...I can't help it, in spite of being a feminist. Perhaps she smells good.

Nick, if that is so, why on earth are they converting coal fired power stations to wood chip?!?

Dick, but he has saved the world..from having to endure his stupid self righteous idiotic vain personage on the political scene. However long he'd been sentenced for, he'd still be out with an ankle bracelet in no time.

Blue, I am certain you are right. Power over Principle should be the LibDems motto.

Raedwald said...

Smokeless during the day, real coal and logs when it gets dark ...

The test required for prosecution under the Clean Air Act is the testimony of an EHO on the colour of smoke from your chimney referenced against a standardised colour-card

Every time I see a bloody windmill I vow to burn a ton of coal.

Nick Drew said...

why on earth are they converting coal fired power stations to wood chip?!?

because Huhne and his ilk have promised them enough of our £££ to make it worth their while

in so doing they have reversed 300 years of science and technology and returned us to the early 18th C, when the industrial revolution almost died in infancy because we had run out of forests to burn (for charcoal)

(coal has a thermal density around 10 times as great as wood!)

the £££ they get will naturally need to be sufficient to enable them to produce & transport 7-8 million tonnes of specially made wood pellets a year (that's Drax alone)

of course, they will be sourced from 'certified sustainable forests' in USA, Canada and *ahem* Russia, those paragons of responsible environmental practices

lilith said...

Face palm

Scrobs... said...

I'm so glad you're settled in Lils!

I seeme to have missed quite a lot here lately, (new GC), and do you know, there's some 'work' on the horizon as well!

Congrats on getting online in under six mnths too, funny guys at Johnny BT, very odd!

And coal - YESSS - we get ours delivered by a supermarket, it's got Corralls all over the bags, and we get it at a fiver cheaper than Corralls deliver!

Ho Hum...

lilith said...

Hi Scrobs I was so pleased to read you are staying put. Moving is hideous and you have a lovely home. Congrats on the new GC! and of course the work.

Our survey has caused a drama but we remain optimistic :-)

MTG said...

The fierce radiant heat of a coal fire makes it peerless for express relief from Winter chills.

My home was unwittingly downgraded by 'decorative' gas fires. When you return home on a really cold day, the central heating just doesn't 'cut it'.

Virgin are slow and slippery but I would trust Nigerian scammers before contemplating a return to BT.

Elby the Beserk said...


Some years ago now, I parted from BT for ever. Our phone went awol the day after my Mum had a stroke. She was over a hundred miles away. BT insisted the problem was with our equipment. A month later, they admitted that we had lost our line as the result of a junction box being flooded. All that time I had to use a phone box to call the hospital (and then Mum's home when she was discharged - I was, of course, up there for some of this time, maybe a week in toto). We got £50 comp, after two month's haggling (they started at £5 the twunts).

VM's cable broadband service is fine. We're now on ADSL having moved, and it is mostly OK, tho' weekends might see us with 1mbps if we are lucky. 'Effing useless for streaming, tho'. However, their call centre support is shocking, and I really can't believe they get any training at all - my experiences with them, not only over getting our ADSL hooked up, but with regard to earlier incidents, is worse than useless. A problem with not being able to access my mailbox for two days was resolved by threatening to close our account unless I was allowed to speak to a native English speaking techie who knew what the fuck he was talking about. That worked. We're moving again in a month, again to an ADSL area, and am awaiting a promised call from their complaints dept., whom I have asked to explain to me why we should stay with them for the next move, given the twattery about this ADSL installation we have suffered.

The Indian call centre kids are really nice, but when you get someone telling you that your broadband isn't working because all four of the ethernet cables you have tried - the one they supplied, and the three that worked fine for 3 or 4 years at the last address - weren't working, well, a feller can get a tad pissed off.

Add to that the fact that my hearing ain't what it was, and being buzzed at in high speed Indian English doesn't help as well.

But that's what Branson always does to make a profit when he moves in; first cut - a major downgrade of customer service. I've been on VM since they were Telewest, and both they and the subsequent Blueyonder always gave me really good support.

I had 25 years in IT and 15 years working with windows PCs, inc. networking, and Unix networking. So they have trouble pulling the wool over my head.

MTG said...

Elby the Beserk

I've experienced those problems and more with VM. They tried to pull the wool over my eyes by claiming my new Samsung Galaxy had been water damaged. Nevertheless, they are very much better than BT.

Scrobs... said...

Elbers, BT have screwed up the line to YD's home, and she has a 14 day old daughter, two others, and her husband is trying to work from home to help out when he can!

They're impossible to deal with at BT, and you've just reminded me of how bad they are round here as well, so they're off my list of changees now!

Elby the Beserk said...

Call from Virgin complaints yesterday. They've wiped our connection, installation and first month's charges. Over £100. I'll take that. In a couple of days I'll call again and see if we can get a free connection when we move again in 3 weeks (having threatened to leave).

BT are the pits. Nothing would persuade me to go back to them. I didn't mention the extraordinary lengths I had to go to get them to stop sending us junk mail. Which included sending THEM vast packages of our junk mail...

DtP said...

so yer not a fan of BT then?

Electro-Kevin said...

Try burning books, Lilith. You'll need the practice going by the plans for our power stations and press censorship.

Thud said...

Down to last 3 bags of coal but no end of cold in sight so back to raiding my woodpile.

beast said...

get a multi fuel for the next lil mansion
Im getting one , london is full of spare wood from renovations
Coal does smell nicer, sadly I dont own a coal mine
I enjoy the smells from the canal boats as I ply my trade as a Cheery Cockney knife grinder on Regents park canal

the beast said...

867 onsabooMr Elby Natwest just tried to sting me for £540 I got it back

It pays to fight

Thud I agree about the wood stove , Im just about to buy one
Tons of free wood in london and im not talking about my pants

lilith said...

Hello Thud and Beast! We have one of those at the new house. Time to order a ton of coal.