Monday, 11 March 2013

I love coal

Coal. It is fantastic stuff. It keeps you warm. 

We moved into our temporary abode and after about 10 days our teeth stopped chattering.  We have had the multi fuel burner on the go every day.  Logs are nice but if you want to get warm, coal is absolutely the thing.  My carbon footprint will just keep getting bigger.

It took a week for Virgin Media to tell me I had faulty internet cable, when Elby had diagnosed a faulty router.  A couple more days, more phone calls and another week waiting for a new router ("it will be with you in 5 working days") and another phone call after 6 working days to get them to put it in the post.  However we are back online and I am wondering why I paid for a super fast cable broadband for years when the phone line one we have now seems little different in terms of speed (to my ignorant eye).  If BT weren't such cnuts I'd give up on Virgin but they have robbed me before and I don't want to give them another chance.

Huhne only got 8 months when I thought it would be at least 18 in the light of how he pissed everyone around with his "I look forward to clearing my name in front of a jury" nonsense, and was in a position where he should have known better.   I thought the judge said it was very serious. I guess Huhne is special after all.   I think I will write to him and tell him how much I am enjoying burning coal.