Thursday, 14 February 2013


We are moving, first to rental, then to the place we really want to be!   So two moves, possibly within 3 months.  I understand broadband will be a whole lot slower in the new place.       The first place we are moving to has been empty for six months so I have hired a dehumidifier for a week in the hope that it will be possible to get it warm once the moisture has been sucked out of the walls.

Once we have moved the second time, hopefully that will be it and we can grow old in the new garden, which has room for flowers, veg, chickens, trees, lawn and a large shed to put the Beast in when he comes over for a fry -up.    The only worry is that there is a lovely pub and plant nursery less than 5 mins walk from the front door....

Leaving our little garden here will be a wrench. It's not easy to take stuff with us now and keep it alive till we know where to put it so we will be starting from scratch.