Saturday, 12 January 2013

Royal Portrait

This really is the most shocking effort. I wonder how much the guy got paid to make a pretty young woman look sinister?

 On the other hand, Calfy's friend Giselle prduced this,


 Her Majesty's True Self

Oil on canvas 

I know which one I'd rather hang in the guest spare.

Update for WOAR

 Skanking Queen


Woman on a Raft said...

The thing I find interesting about the Queen's face is that she always looks faintly Jamaican.

I'd never be surprised if opened up the Queen's Speech one year with:

"Listen up, peoples, dis yer I'm not listn'in to all dis rubbage wot is pretendin' to be leg-is-lay-shon. No. Dis yer we are takin' back our Divine Right of Queens an' throwin' dis ministers wid dere ex-pen-siz in prizun. Guards! Guards! I iz Queen an' I sez, Arrest dem. We'll see who winz dis war of words, who gets 2 million people to camp out all night at dere birthday. An' in case anyone is forgettin', I iz de one who was in de Armed Forces and I can strip down an engine and rebuild him under fire, and me 'Uzband and I, we both know 'ow to skin a rabbit and cook him.

Now, dis is a con-sti-tu-shon-al monarchy an I have ordered a copy of da Magna Carta an sich like de Bill of Rights an I have also ordered a box of matches and a copy of a speech by me namesake, Queen Elizabeth I who used to sit in dis house representin' Hamp-stead or someplace near me house. I'm proposin to read da speech - I'm better at it dan me poor ol' dad - and set fire to a copy of dis here Liz-bon treaty an also give you all an vote to repeal dat ECA72 ting what was promised to make us all rich an instead me sobjecs is all poor an' cryin' in de night 'Lizbet, Lizbet'.

Well, I say enfuf. Me name ain't Lizbet II for notin. "

lilith said...

I bet she has great skanking moves WOAR.

idle said...

Applause for WOAR.

I'm tinkin da Mudder Fugure she talk patois when she visit Kingston nextime. "Me subjex", she gonna say, "axe not what you wan from da cuntry; axe what da cuntry she dun wan from you". I'm tellin ya, she bringin da 'ouse down.

Michael said...

Don't worry, it's the one chance in a lifetime for the guy to try and do a 'Mona Lisa', and of course, he got paid!

Let's face it, how many times will you see this pic again, when the furore dies down!

Bill Quango MP said...

"And this is what you will look like at 55 if you don't use Charles' home made, royal jelly!"

""OK OK...I'll take 100 jars"

idle said...

I have just noticed a typo in my earlier contribution where Mudder Figure became Mudder Fugure, which suggests an entirely different meaning from the one intended.

Our Jamaican cousins revere the Jellybean and would surely never call her a Muther******.