Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Calfy often brings excellent things on the internet to my attention.   Last year she went to see these guys at our local flea pit.  Very dancey...combining swing and techno and fab lyrics.   The first I dedicate to Raedwald, who's daily blog is a must read.  The second I dedicate to E-K whom I personally adore, who is a lovely husband and dad and is always getting into scrapes.

And thank you Capitalists at Work, Bishop Hill, Anthony Watts, Anna Raccoon and Hatfield Girl for keeping us informed of what is actually going on out there with a special mention for  more favorites, Woman on a Raft, Idle and Scroblene.  I love you all!


Woman on a Raft said...

Happy New Year.

Today the sun has come out and the path is dry for the first time since 20th December. I'm off out - don't know where yet - for a look about.

The cloud was so heavy that even the full moon showed as a smeary light patch, and then only when she could find a thinner veil of vapour to glimmer through.

The seagulls are sitting in damp huddles going "Blimey, I've not known rain like it" and the crows have formed unions to demand umbrellas and galoshes if they are expected to get out and clear up roadkill in this weather.

The horses behaved in a most peculiar way; they seem to have a thing about running water and made a point of finding any they could and then standing thoughtfully by it, watching upstream. Horses always look like they know something I don't. Maybe the air smells different by running water. It is as if they are saying "We are standing here because the stream has told us It will be along any moment."

Nick Drew said...

and we love you too, Lil


Electro-Kevin said...

Ditto ND

Happy New Year !


Blue Eyes said...

That first track is right up my street, thanks for sharing! Although watching the flashy graphics has revealed how dusty my screen is.

Happy New Year!

lilith said...

We can't believe the sun is out here WOAR...Only yesterday Elby said "I guess it is just going to rain from now until the end of time".

Thanks Guys. Keep it up and boogie on Blue Eyes :-)

Scrobs... said...

I don't think I've ever seen anyone quite like that Lils, so if a new experience each day starts with these guys on 1st January, then roll on the rest of the year!

And I love you too Lils!

Happy New Year to you, Elby and Calfy!

hatfield girl said...

Happy New Year L, and to all celebrating with you. (No silk dress:( I opted instead for vertical blinds for the ecohouse south and east-facing windows and they probably cost less, even though German and amazingly engineered).

Dick the Prick said...

Hippy Happy New Year Lils. Hope it's a good un. Hope the house move (?!) is progressing.

lilith said...

You have to admire his "Dad dancing" though Scrobs, eh?

Oh HG. How...sensible :-I xx

Dick, it is all stasis but we remain optimistic!

Raedwald said...

Lil - many tx, but I really am not worthy; have a fantastic new year

I regret the kids' mobile phones were out during the Uncle Dances over Xmas (and to the soundtrack of an Irish boy band, of all things ...) and so I'm keeping a constant watch on Youtube

lilith said...

Oh Raedwald...that's a gotcha :-(

Do post it up when you find it :-)

And you are most worthy. How you manage to be so articulate so early in the morning is a constant source of awe and respect.

Nomad said...

Hallo Lilith, and a belated HNY.... and farewell...

This is my final contribution here. For the past few years Mrs N and I have been grounded owing to circs beyond our control. However, at last all the obstacles have been overcome and we are again free to indulge our wanderlust.

So, in about 3 hours we'll be leaving for the airport and flying off into the wide blue yonder - leaving this computer behind!

It has been fun chatting and bantering with the regulars on here and I wish them all the best for the future. [I hope HG reads this as the message applies for her amazing blog too].

So, I leave you with a little something here to which you and Mr E can do a sexy quickstep round the kitchen table.

Goodbye and all the best for the future.

lilith said...

Oh Nomad, Bless you and Bon Voyage! I do hope if you get near a computer you will drop by and wave! Thank you for all your kind comments. Elby says "Happy Trails and Best Wishes" xxxx