Sunday, 2 December 2012




Calfy said...

Wonderful news. I am so proud of you.

Beast and Barbarian said...

That was a fav of an ex Mrs Beast
She once made me sit through it in York Minster(pre Ipod days)

She was the one who first called me a Beast,phillistine and a Barbarian
A shrewd judge of character

My attitude to accounts is
"f&*( off!"

Then again I am a poverty stricken
Ne'er do well (+;

lilith said...

Thank you Calfy :-) Doesn't help that I have severe dyscalculus or whatever getting numbers muddled is called.

Beastie, it is a splendid racket isn't it. My leftie mates would assert that such music would have been created without Christianity (!).

My attitude to my accounts is much as yours until I get threatened with a fine and then I start doing lots of housework. I have been self employed for 22 years and it doesn't get easier and I don't get any more efficient. I love it when they are done, because I can actually see how business is going rather than have a general feeling about it. I thought I'd had a better year, but its almost the same as the year before, so prosperity must be a state of mind.

Electro-Kevin said...

I am fortunate in not having that little job to do.

One of the advantages of being PAYE.

Nomad said...

Well done lass. Isn't there some automatic accounting program or other you can buy now that keeps you up to date as you go? All ok until your computer has one of its turns, then you have to go through all those boxes with the receipts in.

lilith said...

You are lucky Kev, not that I would trust PAYE calculations for a moment. I would double check if I were you...they may owe you a fortune!

I am sure such things exist, Nomad. My problem is sitting down every week/month and entering the data. Hence the annual panic and search for wayward bank statements and trying to remember if I saw someone in clinic or at home (mileage).

Dick the Prick said...

I wouldn't trust PAYE either. I used to work at HMRC and the motto was 'that'll do'. There's defo more emphasis on just clearing cases than getting it bob on as, reiterated constantly, the onus is on the taxpayer. Not blaming the staff so much and it is complicated but accuracy ain't the be all and end all.

beast said...

Bullying back works for me
Fuck them
They just move on to weaker targets and lose your paperwork
Ive seen off many a bailif
They work on peoples fears as Mr Prick will tell you

I once threw a baillif over my garden wall when the fat bastard turned up demanding council tax
They didnt come back

lilith said...

Dick, way back when, an HMRC employee told me that they get about 60% wrong mostly in favour of HMRC. And that was when they had plenty of staff and no Tax Credits to deal with.

Beast, I am just not strong or arsey enough to throw the blighters over a wall. But jolly well done!

idle said...

Accounts are best done on Jan 30 and 31 when the tax return is due. It is amazing how creative one can be about Lady Idle's self-employment costs when the clock is ticking towards a fine for late filing.

lilith said...

I'm far too innumerate to leave it that late Idle!

Scrobs... said...

Happy Christmas to you and Elby, Lils!

I hope all goes well in your move, and that 2013 treats you kindly!

Love Scrobs x

lilith said...

Thank you Scrobs! Have a wonderful Christmas yourself :-)xxxx