Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Today's letter to my MP

Dear Mr Heath,

Firstly congratulations on your appointment to Defra.  I am sure you'll be the most competent minister the beleaguered department has seen for decades, if ever.  May badgers and Ash dieback be the worst things you have to deal with.  I thought you came across very well on the subject of the badger cull on Radio 4.

Now to my point.  I have a very specific question, that is:

Should the BBC be allowed to override its Charter requiring it to provide due balance? 

The BBC Trust has stated that it “held a high-level seminar with some of the best scientific experts and has come to the view that the weight of evidence no longer justifies equal space being given to the opponents of the consensus” on anthropogenic climate change.

It now emerges that this policy decision was formed after a meeting of journalists and activists, with only three scientists present, only one of whom I have heard of (I have spent quite a lot of the last two years educating myself on climate science)

Is it OK for the BBC to brush aside its charter on the say so of vested interests in a secret meeting?  The BBC has spent a six figure sum trying to conceal who was at the meeting. The list of attendees was found on the Wayback Machine by a sleuthing blogger...It was historically on a BBC site!

A further thought: Perhaps if the BBC is to retain public trust it should not resist embarrassing FOI requests on the basis that it is a private company and answerable to no one?

I would very much like to know what, if anything, you intend to do about this?

Yours sincerely

Lilith Stuff

Update : Cassio at Bishop Hill kindly pointed out some errors with this letter.
Luckily I hadn't actually posted it at the time so have been able to amend it.

Dear Lilith,
For the record it was the BBC, not the BBC Trust, which organised this meeting with the IBT.
See http://www.ibt.org.uk/all_documents/dialogue/Real%20World%20Brainstorm%20update%2030Jul08.pdf
And the list of names found by Maurizio Morabnito had been posted on the IBT site, not on the BBC site.
See http://omnologos.com/full-list-of-participants-to-the-bbc-cmep-seminar-on-26-january-2006/ and click on "This list has been obtained legally".
Nov 13, 2012 at 5:42 PM | Unregistered CommenterCassio


Scrobs... said...

Dear Mr Heath,

As my learned friend, and also really good and gorgeous chum, has described, we think that your 'newtfes't is really a load of bollocks!

Reading through the list of the attendees at the 'conference', it seems to me that there were several - if not most - of the names, just not really part of the scientific world we pay for, in other words, they were just time-servers, watching their Blackberries, fiddling with their Iphones, and trying to justify their existence! They're all being paid eye-watering sums of taxpayer's money to prat around in places like your 'greenfest'!

The names of the people who were paid to attend this glorious event seem to be somewhat vacant in their appreciation of the real world. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm sure the list of grandees culled from the BBC cubicles of commercial hatred are 'worthwhile', if not somewhat naive and perhaps not very bright, but there you go, they passed the interview, and who cares after that! See Fiona Bruce, or the twits on Southern News Extra, to confirm my thoughts.

Perhaps after that leftie wimpish time-server arsehole Patten has resigned, you may realise that you'll really have to work for a living.

Yours etc,

Senor Carluccio Roberto O'Blene.

lilith said...

Scrobs, that is a much better letter :-)

beast said...

Lilith I have a better plan
Stick every queer and BBC employee in a Badger set(any hole in the ground)
Add some Jack Russels
The Badgers and Jacks could have a good look at each other and then attack the real enemy
Pure gold and you live in the right part of this country to stage such an event

Scrobs... said...

Oh yes, Beast!

Add some Jack Russells, and that will really put the - er - cat - among - er - the pigeons...;0)

(Ours disappeared up inside the hedge yesterday, and spent half an hour chasing a rat. She's now banned from the garden, while we try and get the nasty blue bait down the thing (not JRT, you understand), and we can get back to normal procedures...)!

lilith said...

We look after a jack russell Beast who often goes for the full badger shit body suit when we take her for a walk. We should charge extra.

Nomad said...

Writing to your MP??? Who the hell do you think you are? A constituent or something?

Do share with us the response you get (if any).

WV: mogroups - these mozzies get everywhere these days, even deepest west of England.

lilith said...

I will indeed Nomad...usually takes him about 4 weeks.