Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Why artists should not speak in public

I have always been kinda fond of these little guys. I even find his suicidal bathers intriguing.

Of course Gormley, however gifted, has discovered the joys of being funded by the taxpayer and thus we discover that whilst he has an aesthetic he doesn't appear to have a brain.

" ..through our feet I think we can begin to feel Global Warming..."

What single idea do you have to make the world a better place?

PS. this is meant to be a bbc video of Gormley just in case you are seeing something else.


idle said...

Gormless. However......... I am a great supporter of bare feet on grass. It is sensational, if that's the correct use of the word for once. Skinny dipping is another important untaxed pleasure.

PS the code words to prove I'm not a robot were: dentie skinage

lilith said...

Hi Idle :-)

Of course bare feet on grass is sensational, and skinny dipping divine. But I won't have either co-opted by global warming alarmists nor for that matter be forced to become shoeless because I can no longer afford footwear due to the Coagulation's energy policy psychosis.

lilith said...

dentie skinage is how they are getting away with it Idle.

Scrobs... said...

Hasn't he ever heard of elfunsaftee then?

A stubbed toe is almost as welcome as a paper cut...

Aaah, but the corridors of the MeMeFee are carpetted to a depth several inches - one of the blessings of moving to SoleFort no doubt.

Actually, he may quite like the sensation of a carpet burn come to think of it, well, there are many who do/did anyway...;0)

lilith said...

Tut tut Scrobbers! But I am pretty sure shag pile carpet is a human right these days.

Scrobs... said...

I'm not even going to mention the underlay Lils!

Nope, never will.