Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Nightjack to sue Times

When Patrick Foster ("journalist") outed Nightjack the blogger in the Times I vowed not to buy the crap sheet ever again. Not that I often did.

So imagine my delight when I opened the Times for the first time in an age(we were away and Elby needed the football fixtures)to discover this:


Scrobs... said...

Gave up on The Farterer some time ago, when they decided they were too posh for normal people to read online.

If Elbey had rung me up, I'd have read him the results from The Telegrout, to save you having to degrade yourself by spending all that money on a useless rag, Lils!

As it is, if the paper's journalists hack into my account, they'll still find a shambling grey-haired wreck, trying to fathom out how to use the new Flogger interface...

Probably, the paper will go the same way as 'Punch' did.

lilith said...

The Times became very blood thirsty when it became a Murdoch rag. I remember being repeatedly disturbed by the blood and gore in the reporting and avoided it. I love a Tarantino movie but can't cope with the real thing.

Patrick Foster is a cnut and I am glad he lost his job, although he and his editor should have lost their jobs over this.

Pathetic "apology" when coming clean at the Leveson enquiry but great for Nightjack. I hope he bankrupts them.

Electro-Kevin said...

Didn't realise you were active again, Lilith.

Will drop by more regularly.