Saturday, 31 December 2011

So long 2011

It is being said that 2012 will be a hairier year than we have seen in a while, if ever, at least for the UK.

On a personal level 2011 was a poor year for communication. Almost no blogging, unreturned calls and emails, birthday cards sent late if at all. Crap. If I don't return a call the same day it gets relegated to an anxiety zone where it gets less and less likely to be returned. My theory is that because I spent hours, and I mean hours, on the phone from the age of 12 to the age of 40 I have had my fair share of phone time. Obviously this is not great for business or friendships in general. Emails get pretty much the same treatment. Must do better.

Elby was poorly and helpless for a month twice this year...once in January for the other hip and once in November for pleurisy. Horrid. I had to do all the cooking and dog walking! Can you imagine? But today is our second wedding anniversary and I still love him so that's ok. I will be stricter about his vitamin regimen and maybe do some more cooking and dog walking in 2012 so he doesn't get so exhausted.

I watched the entire CSI oeuvre in 2011 (the Las Vegas one) all 11 series. Could explain why I can no longer communicate meaningfully. In 2012 I hope to watch less glossy US crap full of decomposing body parts. You gotta love all the equipment and status those CSI guys have, let alone their sensitive touch, and all that untethered hair at crime scenes...I asked a local policewoman if it was representative and she said "Well, we do have the black powder and the little brush".

Elby was blessed with a grandson.

Crochet went from strength to strength. I have made things that people actually wear, and I mean people I am not related to! I have made hats and shawls and wristwarmers, always in sumptuous wools, silk and alpaca so making stuff is an utterly gorgeous experience. I have found that with a little research there is never much need to pay more than half price for a skein of yarn unless you are dealing with this year's production. And it can be done whilst watching Wallander. However, the wool stash is getting out of hand. If I sold something at cost price of the the yarn (RRP)for every item I gave away I could fund my wool habit. Perhaps I'll try that in 2012, if anyone has any money left to buy a cosy soft hat..

Calfy got back from Syria in April only to move on to Sweden in July. In between she iced a cake for her sister.

Calfy also came home from Sweden to my relief, and now speaks Swedish as well as a smattering of Arabic (?!). She also cooks (not something she learnt from me) so that impresses me a lot. What next? Sudan? Seychelles? Switzerland? I need to find her a diplomat to marry.

The dogs have been darling, working for their keep by having paying guests. This is MuMu,
who is as upper class as Pig and Poppy are bumkins. She loves coming to play.


Anyway, I still read everyone's blogs and am vastly appreciative that you are all out there informing and amusing me. Happy New Year!