Monday, 10 October 2011

David Cameron hates tradition and small business.

Why else would he consider a tax on bacon, sausages, butter and black pudding?

" "B&Bs are one of the glories of the British tourist industry...
the antidote to the claustrophobic uniformity of chain hotels.
Britain’s vast network of B&Bs is something that foreigners envy
but appear unable to emulate." The Times, 12 June 2008

The "Bed and Breakfast" sector in the UK is a £2 billion 'cottage industry'. The best of the new generation of B&Bs are everything tourists now look for: small-scale, individual, high quality and with one-to-one personal service. The total "bedstock" of independent B&Bs makes up a fifth of the total 'serviced accommodation' sector in the UK.

The B&B sector's turnover is over £2 billion, making it 28% bigger than the 'budget hotels' sector, and 35% of the size of the UK's hotels sector."

The Bed and Breakfast Association."

There must be a a more relevant way to tackle obesity than attacking small business and national cuisine.


Trubes said...

Hello Lils, welcome back after your little break from blogging, I've missed you.
What actual levy does David Cameron intend to impose on B+B's, at present I havn't read anything, If this is correct, then it is totally outrageous, particularly, for the foreign tourists. Lord knows, Britain is expensive enough without further taxation!
BTW, I,ve just got myself 'up and running', in the 'blogosphere'. On my first recent blog, (one of three), Calfy made some lovely and most intersting comments, so good to hear from her, she seems to be well settled in her life too. Our children seem to grow up so quickly, I can't believe my eldest Daughter, Kirsten, is forty.
Hope you and Elby, Pig and Poppy are all well and happy.

lilith said...

Hi Trubes, thank you! Dave wants a "Fat tax" on fatty foods. That's a tax on the Full English to you and me. Any way to get more revenue...

Woman on a Raft said...

Ahoy there, glad to see you back.

I've spoken to three tradespersons - separate industries - recently and all of them have stopped employing others and gone back to being sole traders. They can't bear the paperwork and the legal framework which gives them all the responsibility of a multinational but really, it is only them.

lilith said...

Quite, Woman. A headache even if you can get the staff!

Trubes said...

OMG..Dave is being turned over by the Liberal Democrats...Tories do not like high taxation unless, the economy is in a total mess, which, sadly, it is!
How is Calfy, Is she still a Governess? It's ashame she could not complete her studies in the Middle East, nevermind; Come the Di..xxday, Come the time, Calfy, will be able to resume her studies.

Scrobs... said...

Cameron could well do much more by encouraging farmers, smallholders etc to gro the stuff the supermarkets import from South Africa and china.

The country employment would rocket if farmers didn't have the ghastly 'elfunsaftie' mob, the Min of Ag Crucifiers, and the other lazy, ragged regulatory hangers-on round at their gates every waking hour.

Elecs' site has a comment dear (not) to my heart, about all the rubbish reports, generally dished out by the BBC, which contradict each other with boring repetition.

lilith said...

Trubes, Calfy is in Sweden trying to negotiate the red tape that prevents her from accepting offers of employment! I don't know how much Arabic she is getting on with :-)

Scrobs, when Calfy was here she found that she was not being offered jobs because there were younger applicants who could be paid less. She didn't have the choice of taking less pay.

O/T this guy does a fantastic rant on Monbiot if you need a laugh here

tory boys never grow up said...

Isn't this little exchange interesting given today's events? I guess not a few Tamils and John Bercow will see this as some sort of karmic retribution.

lilith said...

Karmic retribution? Mr Bercow wouldn't want to invoke Karma surely? He has enough on his hands with his wife.

Dick the Prick said...

Why don't they just cut to the chase and have a tax tax then we can all rest easy in penury and destitution.

I bought some prize winning sausages from our local butchers about a year ago and accidently got a bit drunk and stoned. To wit, just munched them all at once and genuinely overdosed and imposed a moritorium on them for about 6 months - life in the fast lane over here, non stop hedonism!!Seriously though, caution advised.

lilith said...

A good sausage is hard to beat, Dick :-) The pig ladies at our farmer's market supply ours once a month. I buy three lots of six, that's two for me and four for Elby (or three for Elby and the dogs get to share one if it doesn't have mustard in, or if it isn't the sage and onion one which is too good even for spoilt dogs.)

You have to ration yourself Dick.

Nomad said...

Hallo Lilith and welcome back.

We've been peregrinating again and just got back. As usual, I clicked on the off chance you may have posted something. Good timing.

Shan't be here for long though as Oz beckons again next month.

Sweden is beautiful and a much safer hang out for your lass. Shame Syria turned out so badly - but glad she took note and got out early. It will get worse before it gets better unfortuantely and I do hope they don't have to shoot up all their lovely old castles adn other heritage treasures.

Toodle pip or as we Arabists say, ma'a salami (which is appropriate given the subject of this thread!)

lilith said...

Hi Nomad, Calfy is finding Sweden very different. The sameness and everyone wanting to look and behave like everyone else stuff is a bit weird.

Head for the sun!