Sunday, 15 May 2011

Useful links: the world is ending next Saturday

According to this very useful link the world will end on Saturday, or rather it is Judgement Day as predicted by Ezekiel and these people.

Imagine how relieved I was to discover atheists offering post rapture pet care!

And there are a number of atheists ready to help you with a house clearance too!


Raedwald said...

It's early, so I can be forgiven for reading the second entry to the first link as from the "Edible Fellowship".

A new sect that seeks salvation by offering themselves as food?

Hmm given general human credulity nothing would surprise me

Electro-Kevin said...

I only have a week to prepare myself for judgment ?

It'll take longer than that just to clear out my hard drive, let alone my conscience.

Woman on a Raft said...

Drat. Did they say what time precisely, only I've booked theatre tickets.

It was on the credit card so if it all goes up, then I won't be paying. Not my idea of a silver lining, though.

Bill Quango MP said...

The world Will end on Saturday.

Another Premiership season ends leaving the airwaves clear for Andy Murray season.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

I bet the bank they use is a bit pissed off about that...

lilith said...

I thought it said Edible Fellowship too Raedwald.

Kev, you're going to Heaven. If not then I'll eat my hard drive.

It is most inconvenient Mrs Woar. I had planned to sit down and do my accounts, but now I won't be able to!

Bill, living with a life long Manchester City supporter is currently a wonderful experience.

Just think, you will be rounding up lost dogs all day on Sunday Scrobbers!

Trubes said...

DRAT IT! I had Jehovas Witnesses on my doorstep the other day, I USED EVER PLOY I COULD TO GET RID OF THEM, I even said I was a strict orthodox jew, as a lot of my neighbours are such, but still they wouldn't go!
In the end I told them to 'bugger off, and get off my land' of them said, as he was bidding a hasty retreat...' you'll regret your words, believe me'...
Was that the warning, Lils, about the 'end of the world is nigh', drivel?
If so, I had better get that lovely leg of lamb out of the Freezer, and have the family round for a 'Last Supper'!


P.S. justopened up my blog site after a year's break, to titivate my chums with tales of silliness and drivel from Liverpool.
pps. First post is just a catch up, hope you and Elby,daughter, n dogggies are well D.x

Dick the Prick said...

But..but..i've started tiling my bathroom now! Oh bugger.

Gunafan said...

For us Gooners the world ended last Saturday.

lilith said...

Trubes Hello! At least you can say Everton beat the great Manchester City before the wrath of the Lord sorted us all out. That is why it is such a useful site, so you can be prepared!

Dick, I am so sorry to hear that.

Gunerfan, you don't know the meaning of the end of the world till you have been relegated to the second division.

Trubes said...

Hi Lils, just popped in to say hello, Looking at the latest news from Syria, I sure bet you're glad Kalfy's home..Has she got a Uni place to continue her studies? i do hope so.
How are Pig and Primrose. (I think that's the right name)!
I would love to see more pics of them, such lovely dawgies!
Trusting you, Elby and of course, Kalfy are all well,
All good here,