Monday, 11 April 2011

Calfy coming home :-)

To my great relief and her regret. Hopefully she will return to continue her studies. It really is a wonderful country with wonderful people. I have put up a poster of Assad here so she doesn't suddenly feel too misplaced. I have also been trying my hand at Levantine cookery.

There is a fabulous blog here with loads of yummy recipes.

Granddad got through his op and is being looked after in hospital by a nurse called Happiness.


Woman on a Raft said...

Glad your dad is getting better. He'll have something to look forward to as you can take Calfy over to visit him.

You can promise her a trip to Peter Pan's Playground and tea in the Three Shells Beach cafe if she's a good girl.

lilith said...

Thank you WOAR. We are going to take shifts with pampering Granddad as his recovery will be a longish haul. I will promise her some gold ballet pumps, a fake tan and hair extensions too :-)

Nomad said...

You must be very relieved by her decision to return. Syria is getting more dangerous by the day and it will not be long before there is blood in the streets of Damascus. The Syrians are on the whole kindly gentle people, but when pushed they can be just the opposite. That moment is rapidly approaching if scenes witnessed in the past couple of days in southern Syria are anything to go by as public anger with this repressive regime rises. I hope Calfy's friends stay safe.

There are a number of institutions in the UK that teach Arabic and other middle east studies to whom Calfy can turn to continue her programme and a few minutes with Google will no doubt produce a substantial list.

Good luck with your hummus and baklava experiments!

Ma'a salame.

lilith said...

Shukran Nomad. It is all rather depressing and worrying. Horrific videos being tweeted. I think a couple of police got shot in a Damascus suburb last week, and that's when she decided it was time to go. Random people demanding ID and self imposed curfews in her neighbourhood...Her friends are lovely and I pray they will be safe.

Electro-Kevin said...

How much does Happiness charge per hour ???

Safe return wished for Calfy.

Dick the Prick said...

It is a bit of a shame, to be sure, but she's got her youth and there are some wonderful other cities full of rare sights, experiences, joys and passions to delve into - like Luton.

Will wander over to the grub site, looks splendid.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

That's good news on both fronts Lils :0)

'Happiness is a Lil' Calf...'

Do we call him 'Eldey' by any chance - or Mr Eldey?

beast said...

Though having met said young lady the wogs were in far more danger than she ever was
"Im English, now please Foxtrot Oscar"

lilith said...

Kev, you get Happiness on the NHS if you live in Southend :-)

Dick, I will suggest that to her. My influence has waned, (if I ever had much,) so much so that if I suggest health strategies for her she complains of having M√ľnchhausen by Proxy. Syrian Foodie's wife's recipe for Hummus is divine, best eaten the day after making.

Scrobs, you are not wrong :-)

Calfy calls me "Your wife" when addressing Elby and calls him "Your husband" when addressing me. She prefers dissociated tags.

Beast! She finally took your advice :-) You must be proud. (Although I don't think she broke anyone's nose with a Maglite.)

Modo said...

Mrs Modo's grandmother is off on a Saga holiday to Damascus next week... should be interesting.

Ed said...

Ooh thanks for the recipe link. I had some of the best food ever in Syria and have failed to look hard enough for a recipe book or internet site. Can't remember the name of the salad with which I became obsessed..!

lilith said...

I should think it is cancelled now Modo :-( My mum was meant to go out this week...

It is a great site Blue Eyes. You'll find your salad.

the best of sheba said...

Ma beasdt is going bonkers and keeps dumping fillet steak on myself and her cat
We are both getting sick of it
Never has a tin of cat food looked so tempting
Hey Lil I have just been dumped again
twice in 3 months
It always happens to me
Not in threes or ones but in twos
Not my lucky number

lilith said...

Beast, if it is too much just stick it in the freezer until you have enough to make the most delicious massive curry. Then bring it with you when you visit :-)

Sorry to hear you've been dumped again...what did I say to you about getting pissed and then moaning about Blacks at 90db.?

the beast of greek street said...

Lil Surely all women love drunken violent bigots?
I do have some redeeming qualities

I can stand on my head whilst drinking a yard of ale and singing Horst Wessel lied
I have actualy commited two of the above crimes against humanity
I leave it to you to guess which ones
A clue is I was hanging off a door in the officers mess in Greek St situated in a town that your pet Elby knows very well
It was Christmas

lilith said...

Of course you have many fine qualities Beast ;-)

Modo said...

RE: Mr. B.
I still remember that photograph he posted of himself in skimpy briefs... luckily I had taken my lithium that day.

beast said...

Modo, they were sprayed on werent they?
Not so much Budgie smugglers as a taught sack full of soaring golden eagle
Ive sent you a small corner of a bin bag, a rubber band and a snide copy of photoshop to help u get the same effect online

Modo said...

Mr. B.

"Modo, they were sprayed on werent they?"

That's too much information.

beast said...

I was at a friends funeral today
About 200 people turned up
Prior to the guest of honour turning up I had a walk about (kensal green cemetery)
And noted how many Afro carib people who were planted there with such reverence had such wonderful names such as Precious, joy or wonder
What a superb gift for a beautiful baby girl to be given that name
Beast(my parents chose my name well)

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

"Prior to the guest of honour turning up I had a walk about (kensal green cemetery)"

That's something we all seem to do these days Beast.

The last funeral we went to was in Earlsfield, or close by, and Mrs S and I were wandering about as if it was a public park!

We live behind a churchyard, and often see visitors before funerals just peering at stones etc, even though the occupants have been dead for 300 years!

There are a lot of lovely Victorian names there, which you'll never normally hear nowadays.

Nomad said...

Scrobs: When I worked for a while in Africa, one of the chappies in the department was named "Goodluck" - like that African fellow who is the current president of some hell-hole or other - who was quite unable to pronounce the difference between an L and an R. So following his personal example we all called him Goodruck. He was a jorry good worker too and spent his horidays in Rivingstone by the Victolia Farrs.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

So that's who it was, stepping out with dear, sweet Victolia Farrs!

I only ask, because the chat in the pub afterwards had a certain personal ring to it...

Dick the Prick said...

Excellent time to jump ship; yowzers, all seems to have got a bit fruity over there.

President Assad used to be a consultant at St Guy's or something and she was born here - all a bit smelly, really. Any who - good getting out of Dodge City action.