Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well, a fun festive season had by all. Calfy manages to miss the only plane landing at Heathrow on the Tuesday before Christmas. Somehow she persuades the airline to find her a seat on the Thursday plane and not charge her :-)

Just after Christmas I develop viral conjunctivitis so I look like this and can't see. The net tells me it could be 4 weeks till I am better

(Appologies and thanks to Debbie)

Elby had another one of these yesterday, on the other hip.

The dogs are fine :-)


Woman on a Raft said...

Best wishes to everyone and hope you are feeling better soon.

Assuming that is a hip replacement, a female relative who wishes to remain unidentified was very happy with hers.

The doctor threw in a free buttock-lift. For at least ten years now there has been considerable professional pride and some healthy competition for who can get the best finish on these jobs; minimal scarring etc.

Her surgeon specializes in doing the entry via the crease under the buttock so any scarring is as unobtrusive as possible and he tightens-up the area while he is about it.

As the nurses admiringly said "You can always tell his work - you could wear a swimsuit and not even know the operation has been done".

Psychologially it was a great help to know that despite the pain the patient was going to keep their mobility, which had been threatened, and they were going to get a more youthful figure too, and not end up looking like a patchwork quilt.

Not sure if this has quite the same appeal to Elby.

hatfield girl said...

You all need acqua di maggio, L. All good wishes for the new year.

(Elby will be happy to be given a 'more youthful figure' I suppose buttock-lifting is a bigger job than face-lifting. A dear friend once remarked to me that you know when you're getting on when your stomach sticks out instead of your bum.)

Nick Drew said...

any more of the ketchup you'd like to share with us, Lil ?

best wishes / speedy recovery to all

Electro-Kevin said...

The dogs are fine ! The dogs are fine !

Elby's ball joint looks perfectly fine to me.

Happy New Year

Dr E-K

Dick the Prick said...

Gadzooks with bells on. Hope you all make a relatively speedy recovery. As a secondary medical opinion to Dr EK, I prescribe jaffa cakes and copious amounts of tea. Happy new year.

lilith said...

Well, that IS a heartening advance in hip surgery WOAR!

Not a replacement, but a hip debridement

lilith said...

HG, I clearly do :-)

Elby's tummy is flatter than his bottom :-)

lilith said...

Sorry about that Nick :-)

lilith said...

Thanks Doctor Kev, Happy New Year to you too :-)

Dick, Elby cleverly made himself a tea bread before he went into hospital so he is well prepared :-)

lilith said...

I am being slow HG. You mean a Gin, don't you!

Scrobs... said...

Sounds like a soap's Christmas Lils!

Isn't it strange, that the end of the year always seems to bring every sort of calamity, bundle it up, and chuck it at every family?

By coincidence, the picture of a miniature Scrobs with a rake, was taken about the time when I had something like your unkind affliction, and I have just remembered having to sit on the stairs inside that house, because I just couldn't stand being in the light! It damn well did hurt!

I hope you're on the mend soon, and that the hip and trendy Elbers returns to his correct agility index as well.

Elby the Beserk said...

Thank you fans for your good wishes. That's a pair now. Back home 24 hours ago and healing well. Despite not being able to go outside, the return of sunshine helps as well, as does Matron Lilith and her crack squad of Nurse/Kamikaze Dogs.

Care in the RUH Ortho section fantastic again. The NHS at its bloody brilliant best (short-staffed on account of the flu minidemic).

Chatted with a senior nurse, early fifties I would guess, who said the NHS was hugely wasteful, overburdened with layers of middle management, with all the structural paralysis that brings with it. From the coalface, the crap side of the NHS.

One odd observation. The RUH has an extraordinary number of very obese staff. Smokers are harassed everywhere in the hospital by NHS Quit Smoking posters. No Quit Eating posters.


Debridement of the femur is the op. Spur on the femur was impinging with the hip socket, damaging the cartilage, causing osteo-arthiritis, and eventually if not dealt with, a THR would be needed. This is therefore preventative. I had the same op done two years ago on the right hip, (and whilst I have since fallen on it heavily when out with the dogs, I fear damaging something), the op itself was a total success. Same entry as a THR, but they scoop a half moon out of the femur where it impinges, fix any damaged cartilage (Titanium foil, I think, keep meaning and forgetting to ask), dress the wound, spank you on the bottom and kick you out, 48 hours after the op.

Top class engineering.

Mobility and load-bearing capabilities are checked, can you sit on and more to the point, get up off, the loo. How to use crutches, and how to go up the stairs with them, how to fend the dogs off when they try to take me out.

Currently I'm watching the football online, sitting on an exercise ball, which is very comfortable, and allows me to keep the hip in gentle motion.

Extraordinary really. And all that free morphine to boot. Any damned fool be can be uncomfortable. Whilst I couldn't wait to get out, the atmosphere in the ward and the section was very upbeat, with extensive staff usage of the local "my lover" or "my darling" favoured in much of the South West. I gather its frowned on but no-one was complaining.

Highlight. Celebrating winning the Ashes with a swig of liquid morphine. Snoozed off a happy boy.

rvi said...

Well then, Hip Hip Hooray seems to be in order.

I'll get me coat...

Dick the Prick said...

I've only just discovered the joys of MyP2P and the free sporting action thereof; could have watched all the Ryder Cup for nowt - curses!

Glad you're on the mend - trebles all round. Could probably make fruity cocktails with the stuff - tres sophis smack slings or sommet!

the beast said...

Mr Elby
"sitting on a ball"?
That comes to all of us after the age of 40
I swear by lycra undies
A late happy new to you, the wife and the delightfuly scatty calfy