Thursday, 3 June 2010

Will he turn himself in?

From today's Times.

H/T Elby


Bill Quango MP said...

That's a long charge list some poor sergeant will have to fill out.

Scrobs... said...

The evil snake is now peddling his diaries for his next foray.

He is rapidly becoming a member one of the most pompous, bombastic, arrogant groups of knowalls, and of course will be wheeled out for his comment on everything the BBC asks him, rather like they do Wedgewood Howsyourfather.

As for the general public, it will seem odd that such a dinosaur is aging before his time, but that's what happens when you have so many enemies.

Blue Eyes said...

Do you think there is anyone out there who actually likes him?

I wonder how he feels now, post democracy?

circus monkey said...

It 'll take years before the full implications of his, and a certain A. Campbell's "crimes" are fully realised

call me ishmael said...

The awful thing about Mandelson is that he could just as easily work for the Tory part of the NWO Project. And that they would have him. So much easier, now, too, post-coitus, sorry, post-coalition.

lilith said...

I don't think Mandelson is one to worry too much about whether or not someone likes him. It seems more likely that his concern is whether people do what he wants them to do, or not.

Perhaps Nat Rothschild likes him. Who likes Nat is also unclear.

the beast of clerkenwell said...

A fucking worm!
He will die alone as a sad old queen
No loving woman by his side, nor children, nobody who cares for him when his supposed talents and contacts are no longer required
His rentboys have left him
Alone, tired and facing hell which is actualy a state of nothing

Elby The Berserk said...


He offered his services, stating before the election that he was prepared to work with the Conservatives.

BTW, snakes have nothing on Mandelson in the venom stakes.

Metody Jankowiak said...

You say what you like but for a fifteen year old "Die Hochzeit des Camacho" is I think wery impressive.
The music to Camacho does indicate no, that he had carefully studied the opera of Carl Maria von Weber and also that of Mozart. Despite his callow youth, there is some wery striking features, including what is in effect a leitmotif played on the brass to characterise Don Quixote.