Saturday, 3 April 2010

Gary Elsby of Stoke on Trent

Gary Elsby, (of Stoke on Trent) who many of us remember fondly for his incomprehensible comments on Guido, was on the radio yesterday. I caught him by accident, objecting to the parachuting in of "Tristram Hunt" (not a real name surely? rhyming slang?) as Labour candidate for Stoke on Trent. Good on you Gary. I would gladly donate to your campaign to run as a local independent.

He is on here at about 15 minutes in.


Fleet of Worlds said...

Appointing a tosser like Hunt (sic) to that seat is tantamount to giving the seat to the BNP. I hope Gary stands and if he were any kind of man Hunt would stand down to make way for him.

lilith said...

I don't think Hunt is "any kind of man" Fleet :-(

Mr Elsby needs to get a web site together pronto.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Great stuff Lils!

He really does write rubbish, but there again, so do many others on Guido...

What made me laugh was a follow up comment by David Lindsay somewhere in the article.

Shurely not the David Lindsay who used to make spittle showers against Luke and Co on 'Throne Out'?

Really - are we sure...?

(btw, why does that dear old site have none of the comments it used to have from grandees like Spandex etc?)

idle said...

Tristram takes it like a man from Lord Fondlebum of Boy. Enuff said.

How shit a historian would you have to be not to realise that the performance of the Labour party these last thirteen years has been somewhat sub-optimal?

Bill Quango MP said...

Tristram or Elsby.
What a choice for the people of Stoke.

Gary's mad ramblings were a source of delight on Guido. But I remember reading his piece about how his own party had closed the local kiddies pool against almost everyone's wishes.
The man was suddenly faced with the reality that the utopian worker's paradise council had overspent and needed to axe services.

The poor man had something of a damascene conversion. The scales partly fell from his eyes. He realised that a Labour council was no more interested in serving local people than a Tory one.
Must have been shattering after years of swallowing all that propaganda and singing songs with the comrades.

But, to his credit, he did realise. He did try to change things, albeit in his oddball way.
But fair play. He made a stand.

Tristram has been parachuted in to seats so many times he should wear a red beret. If nothing else Elsby is principled. He should be allowed to speak in a debate to the locals about whether he, or the History Man, would represent them better. I him wish every success.

But Hunt is backed the dark forces of Lord Mandelson and Gary is about to find out just what the Tories, who claim New Labour is an evil regime, have been on about.

Marchamont Needham said...

"Hunt is the son of Lord Hunt of Chesterton, who was leader of the Labour Group on Cambridge City Council in 1972-3. After attending University College School (UCS), Tristram Hunt read history at Trinity College, Cambridge....."

source Wikipedia

Typical bloody champagne socialist.

lilith said...

Scrobs, the comments section is not what it was eh? It is how I got to know you!

Idle, very good point!

Bill, I used to think "Gary Elsby" was someone having fun and completely made up. When I realised he was real, I still put him at about age 21. I don't think he is literate, but he would be a more sensible choice for anyone that wants someone who cares to represent them.

lilith said...

Mr Needham, as I drifted off to sleep last night it was troubling me. Parachuting a candidate called Tristram into Stoke? Has Mandelson lost it? Or is this a deliberate howler?...he MUST be trying to provoke a fight. It just doesn't make sense.

the beast said...

Stoke is a shithole,
My great Great grand parents had a pottery and a coal mine there, sold it and then moved to Manchester

Anonymous said...

stoke isnt a ****hole.. its a great big ol'town with the friendliest folk south of bolton. and.. they got a new road worth seein, loop off the M6 onto the A500 and continue south, its terrific, urban vistas

lilith said...

As shitholes go, I don't think Stoke is really top of the list. You can get oat cakes there, for a start. We have to mail order them here.

Anonymous said...

I must speak out as an Asian member of the local community what is the labour party doing? I complain last week over the selection of Mr Hunt as PPC I was told that my complaint was small and insignificant by a senior labour party official we should win seat as a priority. Well having said that I shall be making a formal complaint to the EHRC over racism by the labour party. There was an Asian man on the shortlist we have been manipulated as a an election tool for Peter Mandleson . We are no bloody sheep

lilith said...

I am sorry Anon, that your party has no respect for you. It does not surprise me. I think they can be patronising, disregarding and rude to everyone, regardless of race, but good luck to you. Unless of course you have a few thousand to donate....

call me ishmael said...

Thanks for that, Lilith, fascinating.