Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Madness everywhere

Sometimes I think every day is April 1st when I look at the papers. Today for your special consideration I give you this and if that doesn't disturb your coffee and croissant, how about this for irony. I think I might stay away from the news for a little while just to make sure it is them, not me.


Modo said...

I am a tad sceptical about these types of reconstructions. On the BBC 2 there was some popularist archaeology program where experts would smear some skull with plasticine, to give us a visual of how some Viking/Iceni warrior would have looked... oddly enough they always looked like Dame Flora Robson. I am willing to bet that La Gioconda will no doubt bare a passing similarity to the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland.
As for La Gordon… he belies the old aphorism… that we get the politicians we deserve… I don’t remember any of us doing anything that bad.

Modo said...

... don't get me wrong, I hate that Cameron mob, and Clegg's ship of fools.
Who is left? Nigel Farage (I can't believe that man is just a tad older than me!) Nick Griffin? Caroline Lucas... I bet you don't even know who she is.
I'm all for bringing back the Whigs...
"Constitutional Monarchism and Opposition to Absolute Rule."
It's got a certain ring to it, don't ya think?

Blue Eyes said...

Stopped reading the papers and watching the news programmes a long time ago. Now when I do catch a headline it just seems surreal.

Heskett Bellé-Sauvage said...

Spring will soon be upon us, so it’s already that time of year when the poor start arriving at the Hall, asking if they can help till the fields. It’s a most pernicious nuisance, seeing the woe begotten types come trudging up the driveway. I don’t know how they manage to get over the electrified fence and keep the guard dogs at bay, and My Man’s time is completely taken up with chasing them away. What I spend on shotgun shells during March and April has been known to fund small revolutions in certain Middle African states.

However, with Spring comes the renewed optimism that I might soon be called upon to stand for election in this great country of ours. It’s about time that we had a change in government. The current state of things reminds me of the great bard’s words in his Lear.

When usurers tell their gold i’ the field;
And bawds and whores do churches build:
Then shall the realm of Albion
Come to great confusion.

You might say that I’m an old fashioned Tory in that I’m not one to have bawds and whores building churches. In fact, if I had my way, not a penny of lottery month would go towards such schemes. Which is quite unlike the police of the current administration. If there’s anything that the lottery now funds which isn’t built by bawds and whores, then I really think we should be told. I’m pretty damn sure that neither bawds nor whores understand the first thing about civil engineering.

Which brings me neatly around to Tories.

I’ve been looking around at the types of people who have become Tories in recent years and I’m rather disappointed by the sort of chap we’ve been attracting. Oh, they’re Toryish in their principals of low taxation and pro-business, but where’s all the charisma of the old guard? Where are well rounded characters of Churchill and Wellington? Tories need not be men (or indeed women) whose definition of happiness begins and ends with a discussion on interest rates. They should be people who are living proof that being a Tory brings happiness because we are in touch with the life spirit.

lilith said...

Who the hell is Caroline Lucas?

I do like the Queen. She has a lovely smile.

El-Kevo said...

Madness ?

Cornwall County Council having to cut back £100m in four years.

As most of the people down here work directly or indirectly for the council (myself included) tough times ahead regardless of what they tell us about the 'recovery'.

Scrobs... said...

Again, at the risk of boring you Lils, an old Private Eye series from the sixties shows enormous contempt for Wilsundra and the Grocer.

Some of the articles are just as scathing as Guido's, and the politicians were just as arrogant as they are now - especially Wilson and Callaghan...

Most of this 'administration' are venally odious, and I'm unpleasantly surprised that at my age I can hate so many people with such venom.

I'm sure my mum and dad wouldn't have done that with the persons described above.

Philipa said...

Yes, I see what you mean. Am still reeling from the first one to be overcome by the sadly predictable irony of the 2nd.

lilith said...

The bones should be left alone. Not digitally and plastically reconstructed because someone thinks Leonardo looked like a girl.

Mr B-S, I am delighted to hear that you are not yet ready to give up all hope for Albion. The Tories are another matter. The other day I found myself agreeing with Norman Tebbit. Life is not what it was.

lilith said...

Blue Eyes it all gets too much sometimes. My chin is grazed from all the jaw dropping that occurs when I read the latest absurdity/political outrage.

Kev, my advice to Devon and Cornwall would be to go for UDI. Bring Somerset and Dorset in and we can wall off Wiltshire and Hampshire. I'd miss my South Eastern friends but they could get special consideration for visas.

lilith said...

Elby was saying just that today Scrobs. That his loathing for New Labour today is visceral, persistent, present and quite disturbing, whereas he just hated the Tories in the '80s.

lilith said...

Astonishing, huh, Pip?

Philipa said...


I wonder if in years to come they will dig up Tracy Emin to examine her pelvis after accomodating all the names one her bedsheets was it?

The Beast said...

Modo Fuck off
You have cornered the market in human fat based plasticine and are now engaged in a negative/positive marketing Initiative.

The Beast said...

A new eco friendly Scotton Pinkney should emerge from the ashes of the old(sorry about the fire)
Low carbon and tweed.
In short
Midsomer murders with added hunchbacks and bell ringing

lilith said...

I think it was a tent, Pip :-o

Beast, may I refer you to East Effscott for the utopia you envisage.

Philipa said...

Hmn I've got pretty good memories of a tent myself. And an awful one. We won't go there. I've gone upmarket - I have a caravan :-)

Did you see Bliar squirm today? 'Can I just say' he kept saying, in a bid to answer the questions he wanted to answer. Grrrr.

call me ishmael said...

The news junky does the coldest turkey of all; there, poetry. Take a tip from one who's tried.