Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy Day

Thank you for all your sweet sentiments. We had a lovely day.


T. P. Fuller said...

I wish to reserve a piece of cake, unless there are walnuts in it. In which case I will have a sausage roll.
I wish you both all the very best, and I will raise a glass of Lidl's finest mulled Bulgarian Cava in your honour.


El-Kevo said...

I've already toasted you with a single malt.

A long and happy life together.


idle said...

They ought to use that photo for this year's Poppy Appeal.

Or this year's Chilli Festival at West Dean, near Goodwood.

One of the two, at least.

idle said...

I hope you posted this from somewhere romantic like Cooch Behar or Ootcamund or the Bay of Islands.

Or is the shaggin wagon not finished yet?

idle said...

I forgot to say how splendid and combobulating this happy event has been for all your fans, lil. See you at the usual place soon for champagne and kisses.

Better bring elby too or folk may talk. You know how Somerset is.

lilith said...

Thomas, I am afraid there were walnuts but you can have a home made pork pie.

Thank you for your post Kev. And for the single malt toast :-) We plan to live happily ever after.

It is a bit of a Nov 11 hat isn't it Idle. No, no honeymoon. That is for later in the year :-) It took me a long time to get around to getting married so there is no rush! x

Trubes said...

Congratulations to you both, You look so happy.
Was Pig Best man and Calfy Chief Bridesmaid? I do hope so!
Take no notice of idle i Liked your new age wear it with pride,


Just toasting you both with a drop of Calvados.xx

Scrobs... said...

The pic sums it all up really You Guys!

In fact, I've been making every tincture a toast since last week, so again, many congrats, and you can stop hiding now...;0)

lilith said...

Pig was ring bearer Trubes, Calfy was just Lush. :-)

Ah yes Scrobs, back to "normal"! Thank you for toasting us so thoroughly :-)

Nomad said...

Lilith: Sorry, I come late to this, having just returned from an eight week nomadic-style peregrination to the back of beyond, but my belated heartiest congrats to you both and all the very best for your future together. I shall have an extra tincture this evening in your honour (any excuse!!)

Philipa said...

Many congrats, both. Super pic and love the hat. You look splendid. Best wishes and hope to see you soon. xx

(I got an awning for Xmas so can fit you all in at my place now :-))

Nick said...

All rather wonderful
Your smiles match and compliment each other.
A nice pair (said in Sid James voice)
Nick x

Mu Tai Dong said...

Sooper - like a nice sexy man myself!

fuchsia groan said...

Wow Lilith and Elby, that's great. You both look so happy. May I belatedly add my best wishes for a long and happy life together.