Saturday, 30 January 2010

Blair's "reality"

As someone who has got up close and personal to a full blown clinical Narcissist in her time I always shiver when I hear the phrase "The Reality is...". Hearing Bliar say it many times yesterday at the Chilcot Inquiry, I wondered if non-narcissists ever use this expression?

The creep put on a performance of his life. As slippery as a blob of mercury he avoided answering the questions, some of which I would have liked to hear an answer to. The panel didn't hold him to answering the questions. He didn't seem bothered about the death and chaos in Iraq, because now Saddam Hussein is gone and the world is much better and he has done the Iraqis the most enormous favour. Dead babies, displaced families, warring neighbours, no work, electricity or water.

Far from expressing regret, Bliar seems to think that we should be going into Iran for more of the same.

Some babies are just much more precious than others.


Philipa said...

Did you notice the number of times he said 'Can I just say...' ? Another narcissists ploy - lecturing/answering the questions they want to rather than the questions put to them.

"As slippery as a blob of mercury"

Well said. Spot on!

Scrobs... said...

"The panel didn't hold him to answering the questions."

Right on the nose Lils!

Just said the same over on my patch.

Interesting point of view here about being a narcissist. The Albeeb were waxing lyrical about how he uses his arms so well.

I personally would like to break both of them, then we'd see exactly how he works...

Trubes said...

Well said Lils,
Blair is no better than Hitler, he too, was,

A cold blooded narcisistic killer!

Whether, it's having the blood on your hands of, hundred of thousands, or eight million, innocent people....

Murder is murder!

Blair showed no contrition.
He just kept reiterating...

'The World is a better place without Sadam Hussein'.

Well, I say to Mr Blair.....

Zimbabwe would be a better place without Robert Mugabee, who holds Brtish ex-pats to ransom by sequestrating their valuable farmlands, and murdering thousands of his own people.

Why didn't he invade Zimbabwe and 'take out' Mugabee?....

Perhaps his partner in crime George Bush, didn't see the need to do so....

After all, there's no oil in Zimbabwe!!!!!

Margaret Thatcher was soon to act when, the Argentinians, threatened the security and well being of the
British people, livng on the Falkland Isles.

I believe, the Argetinians were after the valuable resource of....Oil, which is believed to be in untapped supply around the Falklands.

I rest my case, M'Lord!

Mme Trubes.xx

lilith said...

Yes Pip the enquiry just let him rave as far as I can see. He wasn't required to answer the questions.

Scrobs, no one who saw his performance can be in any doubt that that is all it was. A performance. The man thinks he is Jesus. And all that arm waving and box making. If I had been Chilcot I would have asked him if he might hold his arms still.

Trubes, I see him as a cold blooded murderer too. The war was illegal and uncalled for. He managed to cement that belief in many on Friday. See here.

Modo said...

Trubes, in regard to Hitler, I refer you to Godwin's law… you might like to read up on it.

I am no apologist for Monsignor Blair but I do get sick of the old oily finger of accusation on motives.
As for Zimbabwean reserves of foreign exchange and gold assets they were around $96,000,000, late last year not to mention that the ZSE hit about $5-billion mark come December.
I might also point out that the mining sector remains very lucrative, with some of the world's largest platinum reserves being mined there.
And the Zimbabweans (with a life expectancy the lowest in the world) would be much easier to boot about considering The ZNA currently has an active duty strength of 30,000. The Air Force has about 5,139 men assigned. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (includes Police Support Unit, Paramilitary Police) which is also part of the defence force of Zimbabwe numbers 25,000… and lastly as 85% of Zimbabweans are Christian we might do it without the risk of upsetting our Arab cousins.

Modo said...


One of the Good Guys said...

Thing is, Lils, I'm a pretty, straight guy. I wouldn't ever do anything wrong. Just ask anyone who knows me, or ask Imelda, she should have enough money now to say the right thing, No? Wow, these lawyers, waddaretheylike, eh? Well, alright, some of the people who know me, well, actually I'm not in the country much, what with sorting-out AQ and Iran and so most of my friends are American, actualy jolly decent guys, most of them, bankers and arms manufacturers, the odd security specialist and I'd just like to say that in a very real sense this talk about torture and so on is absolute nonsense, I mean, how can you torture heathens, you know, what you are doing is God's work and He'll be the judge of it but, y'know, if torturing a heathen saves even one Christian life well then who's to say it's torture ? More like missionary work, really. And even if, y'know, you torture the guy to death, which of course you never would, not without a second resolution and he doesn't reveal anything, well it's one more of them off the streets. And, y'know, what's to regret about that? Look, I'm a family man, I've got kids, but my kids are good kids, really; I mean, look, so one of them tried to top herself because she was ashamed of me, and the other one gets a bit high-spirited and rolls around in the gutter but it's not like they were, y'know, resisting an invading army of gang-raping psychobastards, is it, y'know, like the insurgency in Iraq and everywhere? I mean, if people don't do what they're told by someone who interfaces with God, well, whaddathey expect?
It's been lovely talking to you, Lils and that'll be just the ten grand, plus VAT, gotta, y'know, keep the wolf from the door. Bye for now.

ps And I know where you live. And Calfy. Is she still in the Middle East?

lilith said...

Are you investing in Zim, Modo? :-)

With your fabulous sources of intelligence Mr Good Guy, you know exactly where Calfy is, don't you? In fact, if I ever want to know I shall call your people.

the beast said...

I thought of that fucking c*** twice today
Once near marble arch and saw a muslim mother with two little girls all jolly and happy
And near my home a little girl (mid eastern opened the curtains and waved)
she had seen me helping a cat a few days earlier after it was run over (dead cat)
And that c*** sweeps around with "no regrets" in armoured convoys making millions from the deaths of such children
He is the devil

Modo said...

Mr. B. You place all our concerns on a domestic level… ‘she had seen me helping a cat.’ My eyes are filled with tears… my ribs are also aching.

Lilith you know Modo… where ever there is room to exploit human frailties… As m’good friend Tusanah Tony said the other day, “To err… is human.”

the beast of clerkenwell said...

Modo I assume that you would have rendered the cat for grease and passed it off as human?
Anyway , what a cold empty existence you must lead.
However , having seen Mrs Modo and also having noted your uncanny resemblance to a fat Ricky gervais I hold out the hands of friendship and compassion.

lilith said...

Modo, are you saying that because Mr Bliar can forgive himself that means he is a god?

I think Beast is right, or I would do if I believed in the devil.

Modo said...

Lilith, I’m thinking Mr. Blair is merely banal… no different to the fellow that runs your local building society or somesuch. Numbers, statistics whatever adds up he does. I think it confers far too much humanity on him to suggest he is evil. When fellows in his position do what they do then if ten die or a thousand it’s okay so long as it is contained within the graf. Isn’t that the reality?

Beasty, beasty, Beast… I accept your sympathy for my cold empty existence. It will be a continuing source of comfort to me, and will help me in those dark moments when I see that bastard Gervais standing in the limelight that should rightly be mine. One day I plan to take him out (no not to Spud-u-like) and replace him without anyone the wiser.
I would accept your hand of friendship and compassion as long as you could assure me that you've washed it recently.

Tuscan Tony said...

He is (was?) the UK's worst nightmare: unlike G Brown who will be booted at the first opportunity the plausibility of Blair won over many people who should have known better. A consummate and brilliant politician (my deepest insult).

Modo said...

I'm back on the air again by the way.

THE BEAST said...

Modo back on the air?

Try methane, I would be happy to send a balloon full gratis

lilith said...

Yes, Modo, he lacks humanity. But if "evil" means a vacuum where the heart should be, and a vanity that results in terror and torment for millions, then Blair is evil.

Calling him evil does kind of promote him to a level where he is "not like us" and he probably would love that.

lilith said...

Hi TT. He makes me ashamed to be British and human.

lilith said...

How are you harvesting the methane, Beasty?

Modo said...

Lils... he would say what lives might have been lost without the war. War always has a cost in civilian terms; men, women, children: the people in power have choices to make, and they have to live with them... a thousand dead now... ten thousand if we do not act. I'm awfully glad I never will have to make such choices... but then God doesn't whisper in my ear.
Maybe we should all look at a few photographs of the victims of the war before we go to fill our cars up with petrol...

Modo said...

Still... it's good to see Beast has opted out, and found his own sustainable fuel source. I always wondered whether it would be methane or just old fashioned plain hot air that would keep him afloat.

Thank you Nicholas... I miss you almost as much as the toilet bowl.

Trubes said...

Godwin's law is his and his alone, one doesn't have to ascribe to it!

The analogies I make, with regard to unecessary and brutal wars, I believe, instigated by Blair and Bush in Iraq and,
Galtieri's, Argentinian invasion of the Falklands, were covert operations to enrich their particular States with valuable resources i.e. oil.

Although Bush purports to be a Country Rancher at heart he comes from an extremely wealthy family of oilmen.
He was heavily involved in his Family's business interests before he became President.

It is no secret, it appears, that his family interests in the Oil Industry have greatly benefitted from lucrative contracts in Iraq.

With regard to the wealth of natural minerals etc in Zimbabwe,
I must reiterate that there isn't a known source of oil in that country, therefore, Bush would not have been interested in attacking Mugabe's regime for resources he probably already has in the USA.

In my opinion, Blair just hung on to Bush's coat tails for vainglorious means and, no doubt promises of fame and fortune on the World stage.


'Maybe we should all look at a few pictures of victims of The War, before we go to fill up our cars with petrol'.

Now who's talking about oil?

Trubes said...


Modo said...

Trubes everyone is. We wouldn't be doing this, that or the other if there were no oil here,there, or anywhere... One hears it all the time, and not from people on horse back... usually just back from holiday and making sure the heating is turned up to keep away the cold.

But you know me I'm all for pointing the finger at the bad men that give us our comfy lifestyles... I'll happily drive you to the next 'not in my name' rally... don't worry if it's a hot day, as I have air-con.

lilith said...

Er, Modo, I think if I'd been given the choice of giving up the car or going to war in Iraq I would have ditched the car. Now you are just being silly. We could have just bought the oil off Saddam Hussein rather than stealing it.

Trubes said...

Thank you for your kind offer to drive me to the next 'Not in my name rally'.....
I am perfectly capable of driving myself in my A/C 4x4, should I wish to attend such a meeting.
However, I do not involve myself in futile 'demo's'.
One only has to cast one's mind back to what happened to Calfy, when she went on a peaceful 'demo' and felt the full force of 'Plod's Law'....
This is similar to 'Godwins Law' but not as satirical!

No dear Modo,
I work stealthily in the background attempting to rid this....
'Sceptred Isle...
This precious stone set in the sea....
This Earth, this realm,......
This England,...
From the tyrany of NuLab'.
(with apologies to W.Shakespeare).


Modo said...

I wont say nuffink more... am beginning to sound like some zealot.

Scrobs... said...

We made our own Chilli Oil last year Modo.

Mrs S is a dab hand at blending The Scotch Bonnet, and has managed to create 420 degrees centigrade in one particular bottle.

We tend to communicate in gasps for several hours after each meal, but that is par for the course in some countries I believe.

Trubes said...

Oooh Scrobs,
I just love chilli oil, and use hot chilli's regularly in the curries I make.
DT reckons that one of my famous curry recipe's could wipe out a Garrison of good men!

Can you run your car on your Chilli Oil ?


The Beast said...

Mr Modo
The bog of The Beast is marble lined and by the shower
I piss where I like, you however probably have pink fluffy foam backed carpets and a deep pile mat around your lavatory.
I pity the poor person that has to scrape them off the floor boards after your eviction

Modo said...


I had a gun dog same as you one time ago... lovely fellow, soft mouth.

Scrobs... said...

Trubes, I'm sure DT recognises the symptoms of a good chilli oil...

I should have perhaps thought of putting the stuff in the Scrobmobile, but alas, it has bitten the dust and gone to live with a new owner!