Monday, 21 December 2009

It is all rather quiet

on this blog.

My Girl came back happy from Damascus and then had her tonsils out.

Meanwhile I had the busiest week of work for 18 months! Hurrah!

Poor Calfy is in bed, with a very, very sore throat. To make matters slightly more intense Elby and I are getting married in less than a fortnight...(to anyone who thinks they should be invited, you will be, to a party in the summer.) We can't do it all at once because we are disorganised hippies.


Nick Drew said...

are you trying for an award here Lil - greatest-number-of-distinct-reactions-generated-by-a-single-post-of-less-than-90-words - ???

in which case - you win !

Merry Xmas is the only suitable response

Trubes said...

Message for Calfy....Ooh what large tonsils you had Calfy.. Hope you are soon feel better in time for Christmas...Di.xx

Wow a wedding looming...will be with you both in spirit.xx

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all,
love from all at Chez

Old Holborn said...

I want an invite to the summer party.

Send the tonsils to Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall

The Lakelander said...

I never knew what tonsils looked like until now.

I had mine whizzed out when I was 6 (which was the norm in those days.)

I know what Old Holborn means. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was going to be followed by a recipe for devilled kidneys.

Good job I'm not the medic in our house.

Or the chef...

Scrobs... said...

Marvellous news Lils, and there isn't a writer in the land that could associate tonsils with getting married!

Or is there...?

Poor Calfy; luckily, the astringent qualities of some of the finer wines are a great comfort under such circumstances, and I hope she feels better soon.

Have a great Christmas You Two, just don't use the Channel Tunnel!

lilith said...

Thank you Nick :-) Have a splendid one yourself.

Trubes, that is not a pic of Calfy's actual tonsils. I think they were bigger.
Thank you for your lovely wishes.

Of course OH. Has H F-W written a road kill recipe book yet?

Lakes, quite. I am so squeamish I have to gird myself to have a look in her throat, poor love.

Thank you Scrobs. I don't intend to use the Channel Tunnel, never have. Flying in the face of nature, it is, not for the likes of us country folk :-)

T. P. Fuller said...

And I thought yow were the only girl for me. Still,

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

El-Kevo said...

Hope Calfy's feeling better soon. Plenty of ice cream. No snogging for a week.

Good luck with the wedding !

And Happy Christmas too xx

Raedwald said...

What Nick said ...

Yeuch and Congrats!

idle said...

No wonder she had them taken out. It's a wonder she could swallow any food with those great lumps in the way.

Lil and Elby, we jubilate for you. Sadly no Somerset trip planned over the next week but an Easter picnic cannot be entirely ruled out.

Love, Idle

Calfy said...

We have presents for you, Idle.
Trubes, thank you for your kind message. I'm feeling pretty good, although that is mostly an effect of all the opiates I am taking to kill the pain. My tonsils were indeed huge though, and like big squeezy bags filled with wot they should not of been filled with. Delicious! A very merry Christmas to you and yours.
Scrobs Thank you, although I've heard that it is not wisdom to combine tramadol with alcamahol.
E-K, no fear, I would not be caught snogging anybody.
T.P. Fuller, stop trying to seduce my mother.
And Merry Christmas everybody! as well as best wishes for the New Year. Painkiller-induced waves of love are being sent to you all.

Modo said...

If it's not too late Lilith. Run away with me and have my babies.
Alternatively if you send a postal order to cover my bus fare, I can be with you on the afternoon of the 28th. If you don't then mind springing for a B&B for the night, I can have you returned, dewy eyed, at home with nobody none the wiser on the 29th.
(I'm happy to make it a regular arrangement).


circus monkey said...

So that's where my Danish Pastries went!

idle said...

A pressy? Por moi? From Syria?

Is it Assad senior's autobiog "It's Bloody Hard to Find a Hat That Fits When You've Got a Head Like a Marrow"?

Soooo exciting. Thanks Calfy. Get well soon. Gargle with warm salt water for two days, then with Pol Roger for eight days.

lilith said...

Mr Fuller, I am sure Ms Right will turn up. Don't give up hope.

Thank you Raedwald :-)

Modo, as Elby looks like this most of the time I am going to have to decline your kind offer.

Circus Monkey, a good Danish is getting harder to find all the time.

Idle, yes, small pressies, huge tonsils. We look forward to the spring.

Calfy said...

Wow, there really is something Elby-like about those arms. I was worrying that "Elby" wasn't a good enough name for your husband, but then I realised that he's fine as progressively "Lilith's Boyfriend", "Lilith's Bethroth├ęd" and "Lilith's Better half".

woman on a raft said...

that is not a pic of Calfy's actual tonsils.

Well, whose actual tonsils are they? It's not the sort of thing you expect people to go round leaving on your bedside table like a discarded ear-ring project "I'm going to have my gallstones mounted in silver, but perhaps you can think of something to do with the soft-tissue, no, don't thank me".

Strangely, it must be the tonsil season as I recently had to take a teenager to hospital with a text-book case of fishbone wedged in throat. The doctors were all very excited and kept asking "what kind of fish was it?", which didn't strike me as the most important question unless there is an obscure magazine for throat-fishing. "Dear Editor, I caught this 2.5cm spine of a sea-bream, which is fully .5 cm longer than that extracted from the late Queen Mother - is this a record?".

Then they began telling stories about when they had their tonsils out, including one who had only recently had his done. It seems to be one of those formative experiences; some kids do their best to forget that it ever happened but for others it is the whole reason they switch to studying medicine.

Wishing Calfy better, and you and Elby every happiness.

lilith said...

Ms Raft, I wonder whose tonsils they are too. Isn't it wonderful that such an experience could inspire a career...I am very sorry to hear about the fish bone incident...I hope you are all fully recovered and have a wonderful new year.

Philipa said...

I remember having my tonsils out as an excuse to eat ice cream :-) Hope you are feeling better soon, Calfy. Snuggle up with Ben and Jerry? I prefer Hagen Dazs cookie dough.