Thursday, 22 October 2009

Jack Torture is at it again

Blimey, you have to keep a close eye on these fuckers don't you?


Philipa said...

Eew! the sight of Jack puckering. Not nice.

Can't think of anything to say now..

Blue Eyes said...

There was a scary moment when it looked like he had positioned himself as Brown's interim.

lilith said...

I picked the prettiest picture I could find Pip!

The man is so slippery, Blue Eyes, that he probably kept sliding away from pole position. Jack Straw has a special dark place in my heart for his decision to put Pinochet up in home counties splendour and refusing to extradite him to Spain.

Scrobs... said...

Ever since he was 'President of the Students Union', he's been marked out as a career waster Lils.

He's another state funded nobody; useless at anything other than 'administration', which we all know is a sinecure for just being a loud-mouthed git in a position paid for by you and I.

We really need some nasty dirt on this bastard, and I'm surprised that there hasn't been very much so far.

Perhaps they're keeping it all for when this nonentity stands again, then we may have some fun.

And I can't wait.

Bill Quango MP said...

I used to quite like him. But he has become ever slipperier and slipperier.
Now he is just a shadow in the background. Like the one that Mandelson doesn't cast.

Philipa said...

I see Jack Straw was on Question Time last night. He was either in denial about immigration or rying to be more slippery than a snake in a barrel of spit.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

They never give up.

They just back off a bit, and then try againw when they think nobody's paying attention.

And again, if needbe.

And again, until they get their way.

General election now!

(Not that Call-me-Dave will be any better)

Philipa said...

It was the news about children being taken away from parents because they were fat that sickened me. If ever there was evidence needed of a totalitarian state.

William Tweed said...

Ever since Nicholas Soames accidentally ate the son and daughter he had with his squeezy new wife Serena Smith (a niece of the Duchess of Grafton) Social Workers can not be over carefull. I believe he had already been cautioned for taking a bite out of his son Harry, from his previous relationship with Catherine Weatherall (the sister of the Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorne).

William Tweed said...

Hello to all, by the way.

lilith said...

OOOh I wish Scrobbers. Can you give Max Clifford a call? I would happily donate to such a cause.

Bill, you used to quite like him?! I thought him a hoon for dobbing in his son for weed. Of course he is a shadow...doesn't want to put his head above the parapet in case his "career" gets stuffed. Man of straw.

Pip, that story horrified me too. How can seven siblings be better off in "care" or fostered out to strangers than with mum and dad and each other? Being ripped from their homes has to be a greater threat to their well being that being a bit fat?

Mr Yachtsman, I think Dave "I have decided on women only shortlists" will be just as bad for what's left of democracy.

Bill! Welcome. Does your club admit women?

William Tweed said...

Certainly does Lilith. You are most welcome anytime.

lilith said...

I'll get the smoking jacket and be right over, William.

William Tweed said...

After months of argument in the Cabinet, MPs overturned on a free vote the Government's original policy to exempt private clubs and those pubs that did not serve food in 2006 from the smoking ban.

And since the Bishop of Winchester was caught furtively sucking on his church warden behind the bookcases of the south library at the Athenæum Club, and they received such a hefty fine, you will find your smoking jacket, merely for decorative use I am afraid.

Philipa said...

Willian Tweed - hello *waves*

the Bishop of Winchester was caught furtively sucking on his church warden behind the bookcases

er.... ?

William Tweed said...

Yes I know what you are thinking Philipa... vile man. He tried to claim he didn't even have a plug in, and that he was just taking comfort from the feel of the stem on his lower lip. However rules of conduct are there for a reason, I quite agree.

Hello you too.