Saturday, 5 September 2009

In the interest of balance

H/T Mr Ishamael Smith


Scrobs... said...

Aaaargh Lils...amazing!

The main kick-off chords are the same as 'Catch the wind' by Donovan too!

Big argument coming up soon - hope Elecs sees this...

rvi said...

Having watched that I am confused. Was it meant to be cynicism or homage?

O/T: Has HG been abducted and locked in a cellar somewhere? I miss her wonderful daily vitriol..

lilith said...

Glad you like, Scrobs. It is a long time favourite of mine :-)

Mr Village Idiot, I think, for me, it is a bit of both :-)

I miss HG terribly too. She is the most fragrant blogger we have.

idle said...

I think it was a piss-take, rvi.

How can one tell a blogger is fragrant, without meeting her? Do I need to invest in a scratch 'n sniff monitor?

Trubes said...

I too, thought of Donovan (Scrobs comment).
I thought the lyrics were cynical, obviously aimed at Dylan, (rvi comment).
Some neat guitar playing there Lils, and a terrific voice too!
One of Pink Floyd joined Paul McCartney on stage at The Cavern, in 1999. I think it was David Gilmour.
I didn't see the 'gig' but a friend did. She said it was 'brilliant'.
We've had the Australian Pink Floyd Tribute Band playing at The Echo Area in Liverpool recently.
Not the real thing, I know, but they really were very good.
They raised the roof with 'Another Brick in the Wall.
I suppose you would 'raise the roof' with another brick in the wall...ha!
BTW I have written part two of my tale re Beatles etc, on my site.

Hope all are well down in Somerset, 'me dearies'.


lilith said...

Ms H. Girl is indeed fragrant, Iders. She is the epitome of fragrance. Her blog smells sweet in spite of the toxic subjects of her rants.

She is also elegant and glamorous, even when picking olives.

lilith said...

Oooh Trubes, that was a wicked pun!

Will pop by presently x

electro-kevin said...


Having seen them up close last night I am a total and utter convert.

That is all I have to say on the matter.


electro-kevin said...

And the audience reaction in this video was nothing to that which I witnessed at their home town gig last night.

(All the teachers at my boys' school got free tickets.)

lilith said...

This is for you, Kev. I love Muse and I bought the single Muscle Museum when it came out.

lilith said...

You didn't tell me you were the inspiration and the star in the knights of cydonia video, Kev...

Calfy said...

Not a word about my banjo rendition!

rvi said...

Lilith: In the thread below you kindly dedicated a song to we handsome, brown-eyed (balding) alpha-males. That was very thoughful of you so I now take the liberty of returning the compliment and this one is just for you and your beau. Remember that old son?: we'll sing in the sunshine, we'll sing in the rain? Now sing together in the shower, then sing it again.

Pour Les Fromeboises

IMO Judy D was far and away the finest of the female vocalists of that era despite some very stiff competition from the likes of carole King and one or two others.

rvi's proof reader said...

GAAHHH... song, not son. Sorry.

I have just been issued with my P45.

electro-kevin said...

Thanks for the link, Lils.

They did that last night and I heard it featured in the film 7 Pounds with Will Smith.

lilith said...

Resident, you handsome balding brown eyed thing! Thank you so much, that is so sweet and just how it is :-)

call me ishmael said...

Fuck me, Jesus, but that's awful. Is this the guy who went apeshit, giving all his money away to strangers, or is that Peter Green? Or was it both of them? At least Peter Green could play the guitar, even if he was barking. This bloke is just shit. No business like showbusiness.

ps if this is a hat-tip, Lilith, I'd just as soon we shook hands.

lilith said...

Hahahah Mr Smith!

Yes, I should shake your hand before I tickle your toes and make them curl, but it was too tempting :-)

My little girl introduced me to this. Her father exposed her to Syd and she knew all the lyrics to Effervescing Elephant as a very, very small thing.