Saturday, 12 September 2009

First Casualty of the Independent Safeguarding Authority

Dear Elby, who raised four lovely children who are now four lovely adults, three of whom work caring for the severely handicapped, worked hard to give his children a Steiner education. He was very involved, as the school operated on a shoestring and parental involvement was essential to keep the place running. He now has (well deserved but unplanned) time on his hands and was thinking of volunteering at the local Steiner school, with his wealth of experience.

However, he doesn't feel that paying a fee to the ISA is worth doing for the sake of offering the school his skills. A CRB check is one thing. A further ISA check is quite another. How very sad. Schools can't be expected to pay for these checks and why should volunteers have to find the money when they aren't even earning? For him to have these checks, I would need to find the money, something I am reluctant to do because I believe the requirement is pernicious, pointless and will not protect anyone except tax revenues.

What a waste of his skills and good intentions!


The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

Fondlebum would sail through and I would fail ( not cos I have ever done that kind of thing or ever would)
I wouldnt be allowed to adopt as I have a criminal record (Not immoral stuff) and am over 40 Rather than being a gay thief who likes little boys.

lilith said...

One worrying thing about this (and Contact Point Database)is that any hearsay can,is, and will be uploaded to the database. So for instance, if the neighbours got shirty about Elby telling kids off for kicking a football against his car repeatedly, all they have to do is say

"'e's dodgy an' shouted at me kids" to the local CPSO

and it would be uploaded and count against him. Pure stasi shit.

You don't want to adopt Beastie. You could end up with someone like Calfy. That would be the end of your fingernails.

Blue Eyes said...

Lilith - that is my main concern with all these things and the Sex Offenders Register is the same in that it does not only hold details of offences for which someone has been convicted.

I think there is a very good case for using the ECHR against both the Sex Offenders Register and the ISA database.

It is all part of the nationalisation of responsibility.

lilith said...

Yes, BE, while the ECHR is there it could be put to some sensible use. The C**t on Newsnight totally dodged the question of a individual's inability to challenge what is recorded about them on the ISA register.

I like to sleep at night.

hatfield girl said...

The reaching right into people's lives that has been achieved now is the breaking down of our last defence against the authoritarian state. With this, we can't turn to our families, our friends and live according to our ideals while ignoring the regime. It's not permissible to hand over half your earnings, decline to use regime 'services' in education, avoid contact with any 'authority', be poor but claim no welfare, live an intense, happy and private life.

That would undermine control. Next up is monitoring of 'voluntary' social input - after vetting of course - and enquiry on lack of appropriate attitude if social contribution is refused. At the moment volunteers must submit to intrusive vetting; failure to volunteer will attract vetting too. Lots of plans for 'a period of service to the community', particularly for young adults, in the pipeline.

Lots of goads too - how will a young person's cv look without its complement of community volunteering and appropriate vetting certificates?

Tuscan Tony said...

This is another shining example of meddlesome well-meaners inadvertanyly chucking about a hundredweight of grit into something that until now functioned perfectly. Awful.

lilith said...

It is deeply depressing HG. Will people who don't get a check or drop out of volunteering because they don't want to be on a meddlesome insecure gossipy database or pay £65 for the privilege be assumed to be "a bit dodgy"?

You and Tuscan Tony had the right idea and got the hell out. I will be off too if I can find a way.

lilith said...

My dear old dad, a solicitor, described the ISA plans as "A Smearer's Charter"...don't know if it was a quote but sums things up pretty well.

Old Holborn said...

My 6 children attend a specialist school where every pupil is expected to take a minimum of three languages at O level.

This, of course, requires Farqham Hall being almost permanently full of spotty French exchange students or wide eyed Japanese teachers for a few weeks

On the plus side, my daughters get to lose their virginity in Rome and Tokyo to some oily shite called Luciano or Kawasaki and I get to know nothing about it.


Not any more. Now I have to pay £64 just to get an Argos catalogue in time for Christmas


call me ishmael said...

Good stuff Lilith and distressing and that's big of you, too, Mr beast, well done.

Last time I looked more than thirty per cent of men born in 1953 had a criminal, not traffic, record, indictable offences.

It is safe to assume that given the increase of offences we may now commit and given the explosion in anti so-called drug laws and given the collapse of the family unit that percentage will be higher with every passing decade, not lower, maybe half the male population nicked for something or other at some time. The other more abstract and never mentioned aspect of opportunist car and dwellinghouse thefts is that in addition to all the little bastards doing it there must be one fuck of a criminal market for all this knocked-off stuff, it is not all circulating in that mythical druggy underworld, all the phones and stuff, is it. Honest people are buying it, in full knowledge of their criminality, down the pub or at the boot sale. We are a nation, from banker to busdriver, of thieves.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act contains so many anti-rehabilitation exceptions as to be utterly meaningless; this latest measure, as the oily one says, may well have been driven by the best intentions initially, rather like Col von Fawkes's PizzaHouseOfBlood, but is now victim of its own momentum, its proponents unable to admit its worthlessness.

It is already one of the Axioms of Ruin that sensible men go nowhere near children not their own, the mollification of their distress less important than being fitted up by Old Bill, as are so many, if not, in a way, most. This as you say is a fucked if you do and fucked if you don't, nothing to fear, nothing to hide measure with far darker overtones than appear at first glance.

We must hope it is as badly drafted as anything else they do and someone can challenge it. The only other sensible alternative is for everyone to boycott it, let the government provide child care on every occasion necessary, let the government deal with the falout from enraged Brownie groups.

Scrobs... said...

"What a waste of his skills and good intentions! "

This yet another problem with Zanulab's insistence of controlling every breath you take.

And you can just imagine the grubby little town hall twerps giggling over every application.

lilith said...

Old Holborn, I have started to learn Arabic. At least I will know if someone is saying "My mother makes the best hummous, why don't you pop round for some?" or "We will not rest until the flag of Sharia flies above every town hall"


lilith said...

Ishmael, how easy will it be to boycott any of this shit? As Hatfield Girl suggests, the days of peaceful opting out are gone.

Look what else our lords and masters have been up to here!

lilith said...

Scrobs, it is time you and Mrs S got yourselves a mobile home, JRT her rabies jabs, and got the HELL OUT OF THIS PLACE.

We are living in a nightmare.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Beast, over 40 is a problem? Why?

Ishmael, THIRTY PER CENT of men born in 1953 have a criminal record? Reference? I find this unbelievable.

call me ishmael said...

Dear Mr Yactsman

My, what a sheltered life you mariners lead, The thirty per cent criminal record figure is common knowledge, I learned it working in a probation office twenty years ago. Google will help you verify common facts which you, for one reason or another, find impossible to believe, and you really should learn how to do it.

On this occasion I am happy to lighten your darkness, although please don't invite me to go sailing with you.

Google this, sailorboy.

Criminal records haunt a third of Britain's men | Money | The Observer

Should the link fail just google, as I said, A third of men born in 1953 have a criminal record.