Monday, 28 September 2009

Desert Island Dancing #2 in an occasional series

Farewell for a while whilst I go get meself some culture. In the meantime this is another track that gets me dancing round the kitchen. I am not sad to leave the Labour Conference behind and fully expect Baroness Scotland to have resigned by the time I get back.


idle said...


You mean slow-motion line-dancing in your kitchen wearing a self-stitched zummerzet pinny and sucking on a wheat-straw?

Presumably elby wears his black frock coat and wide-brimmed hat from The Crucible.

idle said...

ps enjoy the Levant.

lilith said...

That's right Iders, lots of elbows and knees involved :-)

I will try to bring you something from the Levant, just to make you wistful and come over all Freya Stark.x

Scrobs... said...

Safe journey Lis and Calfy!

Could you bring back some of those honey things that look like an old Inland Revenue envelope wrapped round a Beef Olive sold in Tenterden's Waitrose?


Trubes said...

Have a good trip Lils and Calfy...hope you've got your burkas at hand!

take care,


lilith said...

Calfy has very cleverly managed to scale the wall separating Syrians from blogspot and has put a blog up on wordpress, which for some reason is available out here whilst blogspot is not.

Philipa said...

Eew, Lils! I clicked on the link from CU's site to your blog and got a page offering me the chance to get naughty with someone from where I live. It was most unpleasant as I was expecting your excellent blog. Are you and CU in business?

Hope you're having a great time and haven't been tempted to sell Calfy.

Elby The Beserk said...


I do indeed, succoured by moonshine, I do that full on authentic chicken-scrattin', elbows out, hillbilly jig.

Now, to hi me unto Calfy's blog, to see how the racing camel bidding is going. Expecting to retire on our new found wealth when L returns.

BTW, Levon Helm, from Tennessee, was the only Amurkan in the band The Band, the powerhouse drummer who drove them and a fine singer and mandolin player. Top man, top musician, and I love that down home boogie music like was a genyouine homegrown hillbilly.

Which I guess is why Somerset suits so well!

idle said...

What can I say, elby?

"Take a load off fanny, and - and - and - you can put the load right on me."

Elby The Beserk said...

Love The Band, Idle, old enough and lucky enough to have seen them at The Albert Hall. They learnt their licks - as did all the great bands - playing rock 'n roll in sleazy bars.

woman on a raft said...

Funny you should mention "The Weight". It was used for something round here - can't remember what exactly - and three interesting things turned up while I was sorting around:

*Peter Viney wrote an obsessively detailed analysis of the song years ago, but the article kept getting argued about. So he pulled together all the discussions in 2005 and updated the lot online.

* A recent and probably uncredited (unpaid, whoops) use of the song is in the Omid Malekan produced video which uses it wittily to make point about current events.

* If Mr Ishmael was at the 1969 Isle of Wight Festival (31 August) he will have seen The Band play the song when they did their set as it was performed there.

mutleythedog said...

When are you back? Will you answer this when you are? I would appreciate some magnesium from your hols if you get the chance :-)

call me ishmael said...

That link to junior's blog disnae work, Lilith, well, not for me.

Ophelia is the Band's best, brassy and raucous, fabulous chords.

If The Weight wasn't written by Bob Dylan it may as well have been.

Across The Great Divide, is a great read about the Band, forget who its by, maybe Patrick Humphries but it's in all the libraries. Some sophisticated analysis of the Band's US-Canuck interaction and Robertson's songwriting. Also of his manic cocaine binge with the nasty wop Scorsese after doing the Last Waltz. I liked all the dead ones best. Saw them at the Isle of Wight and in part in the 66 Dylan UK Tour.

I like them a lot, but not an awful lot.

The Old Tarf said...

Just loved the tune. Bluegrass has it's own rhythm and charm and it is toe tapping.