Thursday, 24 September 2009

Calfy in Rome

The morning after her acquittal Calfy sped off to Rome for a few days to refresh her spirit. As you do. Which was nice.


electro-kevin said...

Bella ! Bella !

Philipa said...

Lucky girl, hope she had a fab time. I had the chance to go to Rome but couldn't get childcare and couldn't take the babes. I'd like to visit with my babes one day.

lilith said...

She is, isn't she Kev?

Not been to Rome either Pip...she IS a lucky girl.

idle said...

If you cropped that pic and got rid of the girls chowing and the dago reading his magazine, it could have been taken 60 years ago.

lilith said...

Calfy is natural born retro, Idle. Way out of her era.

Trubes said...

What a lovely picture.
Calfy looks as if she has the whole of rome at her elegant feet.

Simplex munditis!