Sunday, 14 June 2009

Jolly Morbid Thoughts

I would like these guys to sing this at my funeral.

It is a song The Grateful Dead used to finish with quite often. Such a jolly goodbye. It is Bahamian Gospel originally.


idle said...

Nice. Very soulful. The light green shirted main singer's voice reminded me of another very good white reggae voice, Ali Campbell of UB40.

I'll come to the funeral if you can book these guys.

lilith said...

I am just sorry I won't see you there Idle :-)

Anonymous said...

Its not exactly stand up comedy is it...?

Grumpy grandad said...

Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene, I'll see you in my dreams.

Shall we dance?

lilith said...

Mutley, I don't know how appropriate stand up is at a funeral...I wouldn't mind having that luscious Russell Howard there though.

Lets dance GG :-)

Scrobs... said...

Lils, I hope there'll be more people than that there...

"I'll come to the funeral if you can book these guys."

Keyboard cleanup required...

lilith said...

Lils, I hope there'll be more people than that there...

Scrobs, so do I. Although an honour, it would also be a bit sad just to have these lads and Idle. Not planning on shuffling off any time soon, goddess willing....

I have an mega hard wearing keyboard guaranteed to take mugs of coffee, sprays of tea and the odd slop of a chewy red, essential for the business of blogging. That Idle is a bit of a wag.

Old Holborn said...

I've always thought of "Sail on By" on Radio 4 as a lullaby of death

Calfy said...

I'll get cousin Oli to do it

lilith said...

Do you mean this one OH?

lilith said...

Bless you Calfy, lush. Can I listen to him and his mates rehearse?

Calfy said...

Sailing By? That is what I read it as..and nowon I shall think of it quite differently when I come to read the Shipping Forecast

call me ishmael said...

It first appeared, lilith, in our generation, on the Incredible String Band's album, The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter as part of A Very Cellular Song. If I can master the technology I will post it up from Windows Meeja, can't find it on youThing

Winter was cold and the clothing was thin
But the gentle shepherd calls the tune
Oh dear mother what shall I do
First please your eyes and then your ears Jenny
Exchanging love tokens say goodnight

Lay down my dear sister
Won't you lay and take your rest
Won't you lay your head upon your saviours breast
And I love you but Jesus loves you the best
And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight,
And I bid you goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.
One of these mornings bright and early and fine.
Goodnight, goodnight
Not a cricket not a spirit going to shout me on
Goodnight, goodnight
I go walking in the valley of the shadow of death
Goodnight, goodnight
And his rod and his staff shall comfort me
Goodnight, goodnight
Oh John the wine he saw the sign
Goodnight, goodnight
Oh John say I seen a number of signs
Goodnight, goodnight
Tell A for the ark that wonderful boat
Goodnight, goodnight
You know they built it on the land getting water to float
Goodnight, goodnight
Tell B for the beast at the ending of the wood
Goodnight, goodnight
You know it ate all the children when they wouldn't be good
Goodnight, goodnight
I remember quite well, I remember quite well
Goodnight, goodnight
I was walking in Jerusalem just like John
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

Who would lose and who would bruise
Or who would live quite prettily?
And who would love what comes along
And fill the air with joyous song

Who would go and who would come
Or who would simply linger
And who would hide behind your chair
And steal your crystallised ginger

Nebulous nearnesses cry to me
At this timeless moment
Someone dear to me wants me near, makes me high
I can hear vibrations fly
Through mangoes, pomegranates and planes
All the same
When it reaches me and teaches me
To sigh

Who would mouse and who would lion
Or who would be the tamer
And who would hear directions clear
From the unnameable namer

Who would skip and who would plod
Or who would lie quite stilly
And who would ride backwards on a giraffe
Stopping every so often to laugh

Amoebas are very small

Oh ah ee oo there's absolutely no strife
living the timeless life
I don't need a wife
living the timeless life
If I need a friend I just give a wriggle
Split right down the middle
And when I look there's two of me
Both as handsome as can be
Oh here we go slithering, here we go slithering and squelching on
Oh here we go slithering, here we go slithering and squelching on
Oh ah ee oo there's absolutely no strife
living the timeless life

Black hair brown hair feather and scale
Seed and stamen and all unnamed lives that live
Turn your quivering nerves in my direction
Turn your quivering nerves in my direction
Feel the energy projection of my cells
Wishes you well.

May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide you all the way on.

lilith said...

Fabulous Mr Ish. Elby says he was at school still when he bought that album. I particularly like the line about eating the bad children. The Dead didn't play it live until 1968.

Elby the Beserk said...

All Hail the old Hippies. We have the ISB on our media player; and I saw them many times long long ago.

Hangman's released - March 1968

Dead first played it, according to Deadbase Vol XI, 16th March 1968, at the famous Carousel Ballroom.

Jerry had an intimate and huge knowledge of old time music, having played the banjo for some years before the Dead, even supporting Bill Monroe a few times with his band.

Synchronicity. It was a neat way for the Dead to end their shows, which in the early years were full-frontal assaults on all the senses and then some which didn't really exist. They were, in effect, the First Heavily Dosed Brigade of the US Psychedelic Cavalry; thus to end such shows with this beautiful piece, sung A Capella was very sweet.

I do miss them terribly.

call me ishmael said...

I saw the String Band, reformed, in Inverness, a coupla years back; they were on a world tour of old hippy venues. I am sorry to say I know little of the Dead, save the Workingman's and the best-forgotten Dylan and the Dead but it would be a hard-faced sonofabitch who didn't have a soft spot for Mr Garcia.