Saturday, 20 June 2009

John Bercow for Speaker? I think not.

This may be old news to my readers but I found this interesting letter on here.

A mystery solved
Tuesday, 26 May 2009

When the delegation of British MPs visited Sri Lanka earlier this month, the hostility of the Conservative Party representative was disconcerting. Reports in the Daily Mail indicating that John Bercow is Labour's favoured candidate for the vacant position of Speaker of the House may explain it, as the Peace Secretariat explains in a letter to the editor.

The Editor

Daily Mail


I must thank you for your article of May 24th entitled ‘Brown’s candidate for Speaker’, since it helps to explain something that had worried us in Sri Lanka.

Earlier this month the Hon. Des Browne led a cross-party delegation of MPs to Sri Lanka. He told us he had selected them carefully, to avoid any difficulties, and certainly the representatives of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the SDLP seemed without preconceptions in their approach. The exception was the Conservative, John Bercow, who was extremely confrontational from the start, and provoked a strong reaction from our President.

This was surprising because we had assumed that the Conservative Party had a more positive approach to Sri Lanka in its struggle against terrorism. Certainly the pronouncements of those who have engaged closely with us, such as the Hon. Liam Fox and Lord Naseby indicated a sympathetic understanding of the position.

Now however we can understand the strange attitude of Mr Bercow. It would be sad if he were rewarded with the position of Speaker because of hostility to his own party. It would be peculiar if an added attraction for the government were his acting as their hatchet man on the visit to Sri Lanka in which his other colleagues behaved so admirably, asking questions but making clear they did this with goodwill rather than animosity.

Yours sincerely,

Prof Rajiva Wijesinha

Secretary General

Secretariat for Coordinating the Peace Process


Philipa said...

Why are so many tossers in positions of authority?

Honestly, I really want to know this.

Scrobs... said...

Because they're commercial failures Pips!

There's a crucial difference between those who make wealth and those who want to spend it, and that's how politicians breed - by pretending to know, but not having the guts to take personal risk.

Grumpy granny said...

Pip, possibly because it takes one to know one? Back-scratchers united.

lilith said...

Scrobs and Granny have it Pip, and once in, they all love each other up. It is a special club you and I would not get into.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't John Bercow a long-time bookies' favourite as the next Conservative MP to jump ship to Labour?

Says it all, really...

lilith said...

Lakes, he is a NuLab plant.

Henry North London said...

I wish I had read this blog and then put a bet on Bercow to be speaker

tory boys never grow up said...

Perhaps given the recent behaviour of the Sri Lankan government to the Tamils Bercow was doing the right thing by not appeasing their representatives/appointees.

See here for the true nature of the Peace Seretariat

Perhaps if Neville Chamberlain hadn't been so nice to Hitler?

tory boys never grow up said...

I do like the line about SCOPP being set up by the Sri Lankan govt to institutionalise the peace process - so that's what they meant by herding Tamils onto a stretch of beach and lobbing shells at them is it?

Perhaps we should be asking why the other MPs were not as equally confrontational as Bercow?

tory boys never grow up said...

Of course Prof Rajiva Wijesinha has quite a history of writing letters about those who are critical of the Sri Lankan Govt - see here - they are even published on SCOPP's website for anyone interested in reading such garbage.

The one thing he isn't interested in is peace I'm afraid.