Sunday, 7 June 2009

Desperation, desperation, desperation.

So, Sir Alan Sugar is Gordon Brown's kind of capitalist. Nice. "You're Fired" is the best catchphrase Brown could have brought to his recession.

This video is hilarious, found this morning on Guido, from the crownblogspot here


electro-kevin said...

It's all beyond parody. I think S'ralan is a terrible judge of character too ... if he really considers Brown a friend.

idle said...

I've been trying to think of variations to the catchphrase;

Gordon, you're mired
Gordon, you're tired
Gordon, you're dire
Gordon - your Giro
Gordon, you're jeered
Gordon, you lied
Gordon, you're wired

Almost everything works, except:

Gordon, you're inspired

Calfy said...

"You're fired." Now I'll watch the video.

Calfy said...

"You're fired." Now I'll watch the video.

idle said...

By gum, calfy, I just noticed the labels myself. You tell her.

Lil, there is only one course of action open to you if you have trouble with apostrophes, and that is to open a greengrocery in Frome. If you stock extic mushrooms you will make much money from Commander Idle from Redlynch.

idle said...

Sorry, that should have said - obviously - mushroom's

idle said...

Another sorry - EXOTIC mushroom's

GG said...

isernt it funi how them wot crects uvvers mistayks seam ter make at lease won a they're own? Mus be the exsightment.

PS: It should also be "God's". Hey ho.

lilith said...

I am quite a good judge of character, Kev, and Suralan isn't very nice either. They deserve each other. You, on the other hand are a bonkers darling and you would get my vote.

lilith said...

Idle, that is a fabulous try. With Mandelson around he is also squired.

I am so sorry Calfy. Your proof reading skills are beyond reproach and what would I do without you?

Idle, surely you kno that it is the wonderful Tonemar, a bed showroom in Frome that, even after a repaint, sells mattresses' and sofa's.

Extic mushys, mmm.

Hi G'G!

Philipa said...

Poor man. I think I shall vote for Gordon in sympathy. If he lasts that long.

lilith said...

Oh Pip. That would be true vote of resignation.

Grumpy granny said...


3 times in the past few days after clicking on to your blog my computer has completely frozen up and the only way I can restart is by switching off the mains and starting all over! It is not happening anywhere else I go to.

Has your software been got at? Any body else having this problem?

Philipa said...

No difficulty here, GG.

Philipa said...

Lils, joking aside I believe C.U. has raised an important point; that if Gordon Brown doesn't go now it demonstrates how tightly he will cling to office, and he will spend any amount of money trying to get himself re-elected. I do think he should resign and trigger a leadership election.

GG said...

Thanks Pip. Must be a wandering gremlin. I shall of course persist in visiting - even if I have to faff about with the controls a bit!

Scrobs... said...

Sugar went spectacularly bust once.

I really dislike his 'in yer face' attitude, which pales into insignificance with real people I meet in my business.

They're much better at seeing opportunities; not glamoured by TV and the Scottish cabal of Brown and co, with useless pillocks like the stupid Glenys.

How many sinecures do we need for last minute fillers-in?

lilith said...

Good point Scrobs. Spectacularly bust.
I can't watch him for more than a minute or two. We have to watch them very closely, the Tories for breezily saying that they will have a referendum, and Labour for the scorched earth.

lilith said...

The man has no shame, Pip. None at all. Not even a passing cringe overcomes his consciousness.

I am sorry to hear that GG. Perhaps it doesn't like loading that film? I used to find getting to Old Holborn's blog used to freeze me up/take ages to load, but it is fine now. I blame Blogger.

gg said...

Hi Lilith. I have used Baldric's cunning plan and "restored" my computer to a date 3 weeks ago and it now seems fine. Of course it then took ages to re-download and install all the recent auto-updates. Ah well, slowly slowly catchee simian.

Calfy said...

I have system restored as well in a chance glimpse of screen! Maybe if I am extra gentle with my laptop it will continue to work :) should I still send it off?
I didn't notice the spelling mistakes in the tags!

Elby the Beserk said...

Idle. I stock 'em. Put the Commander in touch with me :-)

Calfy - emailed you as well, but yes, do send the laptop back, as there is clearly a problem with the screen. Send it recorded delivery as well, just in case - value £300. Call me if you need to

The Old Tarf said...

that was the best thing I have viewed all day.

Thank you for posting it. Have a great weekend.

We just went through an election here in NS and have a new government in place the NDP. Hopefully something will get done now that it is majority for a change.