Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Nu Labour finally starts to eat itself

This article is hilarious.

In other news, is this the quote of Profligate Scandal?

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown tells Parliament that 200,000 people a month are getting back into employment.


idle said...

Another quote from Mandelson:

What we need is not more young Brazilian men entering this country, but more young Brazilian men entering the Trade and Industry Secretary of this country.

Electro-Kevin said...

Harperson claiming that men did it all and that Speaker Martin's resignation will clear it all up. Urgh !

"... this should be the end of the gentlemens' club." or to that effect.

What shite.

call me ishmael said...

It is a paradox because even if parliament relinquishes it's self-regulatory function - and to do so makes it a nonsense of a legislature - it will relinquish same to persons or bodies which it has itself chosen and such persons or bodies will have as much independence from government as any other QUANGO.

In forcing the removal of Martin, that ghastly HeadBoy, Clegg and the unpardonably ugly Carswell effectively let everyone, themselves included, off the hook. Speaker gone, new regulatory body appointed by us, boil lanced;job done, knighthoods all around. God Save The Queen.

Harman, incidentally, made one good point recently - that women should be paid the same as men for the same work. Teresa ShoeFetish countered that - in dark times like these - business did not need the extra burden of fairness, the silly cow; rather like prime minister Snot claiming that elections caused chaos.

There really was only one sol-you-shun to all this shit and we have gone past it, now; Up, thieving Motherfuckers, against the wall - either literally as a result of a popular uprising except the Apprentice is on tonight or constitutionally by the worthless marching-on-the-spot Brenda dissolving the whole thing and forming a caretaker group of senior civil servants or by Major General Rupert Golightly-Jockstrap marching his Gaurdsmen into parliament.

This is all showbusiness, innit, rather like 7/7 but that's another story.

lilith said...

Mandy has been very quiet lately, Idle, probably on instructions from his agent.

lilith said...

When I was a radical feminist in the early eighties Kev, Harperson was a disgrace to her gender even then. Not a woman's woman.

lilith said...

"- it will relinquish same to persons or bodies which it has itself chosen and such persons or bodies will have as much independence from government as any other QUANGO."

Indeed, this is the rub, Ishmael. As for Harperson's remarkable observation, it is truly gratifying. Will she say tomorrow "Children need parents" or "Dogs need to be walked"?

call me ishmael said...

Yo Lilith

Wasn't so much Harman who was the focus of that point but ShoeWoman and her Old Tory mantra, Yes we will abolish slavery as soon as the SlaveOwnners have enough money, which, of course, will be never, horrible fucking bastard.

I'm still as radical feminist.

lilith said...

Teresa Shoefetish looks utterly possessed to me, Ishmael. You know, with some kind of *entity*. The rapid staring eye movements, the akak delivery, the shoes...

I'm still a radical feminist too, but these days I have left the "raging" "separatist" bit out. I am more of a raging inclusive geriatrist these days.

call me ishmael said...

"I am more of a raging inclusive geriatrist these days."

Yes, that's good, me, too. Just need to find an add-on phrase for Anti-International Pizza Delivery Merchant Warmongering Sonsafuckingbitcheswhoneedapunchinthefuckingmouth and my poltical stances label is complete. For now.

South Pacific Tours Inc said...

Mr Ishmael,
Oddly enough, one day in the mid 1980s, I just happened to be making my way across the grass rugby field in front of the Fijian parliament building in Suva when their equivalent of General Golightly-Geestring, one "Steve" (as he liked to be known) Rambunctuous drove up with a couple of truck loads of heavily armed squaddies and, without a shot being fired, turfed the then recently elected MPs out of the rather splendid building. If Rupert needs any practical advice I think Steve and his mates are still around somewhere on the islands.