Wednesday, 1 April 2009

There is something very wrong with this country


hatfield girl said...

It is right to wave like that.

lilith said...

Waving is the correct approach to the economy at this global time.

fuchsia groan said...

Not all is doom and gloom. Jaqui Smith is an international laughing-stock. What a treasure.

idle said...

This is the correct response to a wave that started in America.

idle said...

The Conservatives, I need hardly add, are a do-no-waving party.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this photo is that there are three right hands in the photo:

(1) Do I win a prize?

(2) If it's an evening in the company of Gordon, can I donate it to charity?

(3)There is no third question.

Yours aye,

The Lakelander

lilith said...

No judgement Jaqui, Fuchsia. There is a new expression called jaquing off....It means robbing the taxpayer.

Absolutely, Idle. I think it may be the hand of history. Dave thinks waving is reckless.

Lakes, sorry, no prize except to know that you are a winner amongst winners. At least you wont have to watch Gordon Bruin eat.

The Old Tarf said...

Well at least your PM knows how to get his picture taken. Ours was out having a donut probably and missed his chance today. Heaven help us.

Nomad said...

As Our Gracie would have said/sung:

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Cheerio, here I go, on my way
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Not a tear, but a cheer, make it gay {pardon??}
Give me a smile I can keep all the while
In my heart while I'm away
Till we meet once again, you and I
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

Goodbye everybody, I'll do my best for ye

Sherry said...

Hello i'm Pennebaker. I'm 19, and I've been married for just a little over a month. My Husband is 21 years old and we met about a year and a half ago. His name is Weadon.

If you, are like Most People I've talked to, you've already formed some questions in your mind regarding my Current Situation.

Popular questions during my engagement revolved around my less-than-interesting, but Extremely Personal life. It's incredible how Rude some people are when they decide you've done something they Do Not Agree With. More than one person asked if I was pregnant (no.). I was also repeatedly asked if I Knew What I Was Doing (yes.), and then These People told me what I was doing (Ruining My Life was a popular response).

Of course I knew what I was doing. I was the Proposer, my Husband the Proposee. It was an extremely Romantic Evening in his apartment. We were discussing our plans to move 50 miles west to Attend College. It was not a happy discussion revolving around classes, professors and keg parties. It was a Tense Discussion about Financial Aid, which I had and he didn't. So I said, "If we got married, we would get more money."

Stop. You're doing it again. You still don't know the Whole Story, and I doubt I'll even get around to trying to explain every little nuance of Our Relationship. We did not get married in some college-themed sitcom plot to use government loopholes to garner More Money for ourselves. This is not like getting married to an Illegal Alien so they can get a Green Card. This is like putting our relationship on Fast Forward. We loved each other. We discussed. We pondered. And we decided. We were getting married after our Freshman Year.

Our parents were Pretty much Shocked. Imagine my parents' points of view. My father, who I "lived with" at the time (I was pretty Dr. Thorndykeh just using my room in his apartment as a storage center. I had slept, innocently, at my Husband's about every night for the past, oh, two months) was Okay with Weadon as a person, even as his Daughter's Boyfriend. They had even gone to a concert together, just the Two Of Them. He definetly liked my Husband better than some of my Other Boyfriends. When I told him I was Getting Married, He thought I meant after some Normal Time Frame. after a Lenghty Engagement. After knowing Weadon for more than 10 months. He got over that about halfway through the Wedding Reception. On my way to the rehearsal, he even called and told me 'It's never too late to Reconsider.'

Secretly, I think he gets a kick out of having a son. They are Exactly Alike. It's like Weadon grew up in My Father's House. In reality, neither of us did. More on that Later.

My mother was of the Rude People variety. Instead of saying Congratulations! she said 'you're Ruining Your Life.' She's been Married And Divorced twice, and has morphed into a Man-Dependant Man-Hater. It's Very Complicated. She also eventually Got Over It, but not before she drove me crazy.

I think that's Enough For Now. I made tea a while ago, and it's Gotten Cold.

idle said...

Jeeesus, lil, since when has this blog been a publishing house for angsty teenage American brides with iffy relationships with their mothers?

I was nearly ready to pour a large drink by the end of it, and it is not yet six.

Weadon - now there's a name.

lilith said...

If only, Nomad. I think we are stuck with him a while longer.

Sherry, tell me more!

lilith said...

Idle, luckily I had had a large G & T before I checked my blog. it worse than Shaton?

Calfy said...

Answer your 'phone!

Tuscan Tony said...

The disembodied hand says "I appear to have a rather unpleasant growth sprouting from my wrist"