Monday, 23 March 2009

We are Freemen on the Land at Common Law?

Elby found this interesting comment on Henry Porter's article in the Guardian.

"The answer to the corrupt and incompetent government in the UK is extremely simple…

...and it's not riots and violence - or even demonstrations!

Enter into a peaceful Lawful Rebellion under Article 61 of the Magna Carta of 1215 and become a Freeman on the Land at Common Law (search for John James Harris or TPUC for more info.) - currently, about 200 people a day are serving the Queen with Affidavits and entering into Lawful Rebellion.

Acts of parliament are not Laws, they are Statutes - and according to Blacks Law Dictionary, a Statute is a Legislative Rule of a Society, given the Force of Law by the consent of the governed - by becoming a Freeman on the Land at Common Law you are expressly removing your consent to be ruled by Acts of parliament in a manner that has been lawful for almost 800 years! - Why do you think Statues are called ‘Acts? - They only Act as Laws!

Once a Freeman, you are only liable to adhere to the Common Law of the Land - which in principle means you must not harm or injure another human being, cause a loss of property, or use fraud in a contract. Simple - No Victim - No Crime.

In addition, you can serve government agencies, such as the police, with a 'Notice of Understanding and Intent' and a 'Claim of Right' to clarify any issue you want (as long as it adheres to Common Law principles) - for example, you can draw up a Fee Schedule and charge the police for your time (How does 500.00 per hour sound?)

It really is that simple - I undertook the process myself last month - peaceful non-compliance with unjust laws and non-payment of unfair taxation is the only way forward…

Love, Peace, Justice, for All.

Neil Kerslake,
Freeman on the Land at Common Law.

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Jon said...

Lilith, I have been seeing references to the "Freeman" movement here and there but can't get to grips with it. Some of the people promulgating it seem a bit ... weird, to say the least.

I found this post on an anti-BBC forum:


Select FREE MOVIES and work your way down in order. Try at least the first two.

They are long, but Rob Menard is an engaging speaker.

Much of his work, based on his own research and that of people like Mary Elizabeth Croft (google her PDF book) is applicable here, since the Universal Commercial Code is in effect worldwide.

There is a growing UK Freeman movement seeing successes here with the techniques explained by Croft & Menard and perfected and used to great effect by Winston Shrout.

When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty


I looked at a bit of Menard's video, and yes, he is engaging, but he is talking about Canada. Nonetheless Canada's legal system is based on English Common Law.

If any lawyerly types can shed some light on all this, it would be much appreciated.

NB If you listen to Menard, pay special attention when he describes his dealings with the tax office!

hatfield girl said...

If this movement really is led by someone called Winston Shrout then I'll join.

lilith said...

Thank you for that Dennis :-)

HG, Mr Shrout can be found here.

Anonymous said...

Good luck not paying taxes or persuading the cops to leave you alone.

I can hear it now, "Yes, very good sir, Freeman of the Commons, of course you are, sir, now JUST GET IN THE BACK OF THE VAN"

Calfy said...

I was talking about something similar with a nice geek who came to fix my internet (though he didn't fix it). Unless you're a 'person' only common law applies to you.

lilith said...

How do you avoid being a person, Calfy?

Calfy said...

I think it has something to do with not writing your name in capital letters, or signing anything with your name in capital letters on it.
If anything is levied at you without you signing this, the police have committed fraud, by mixing up the statutory and the common law.
I think.
I said the police wouldn't listen to me if I said I wasn't a person and he said they have committed the offence not you and left it at that.
There was a video on it I didn't watch because the man looked a tad undesirable:

Calfy said...

(I was also given to understand that a person is not a human being. It is a legal term roughly meaning corporation)

Tuscan Tony said...

Extraordinarily interesting Lils; has this been tested at law? Can it in fact be tested at law?

Anonymous said...

I love it, but fear the recently elected (or not)have nasty habits of suprising us by silently assuming more powers which betray our ancestorial achievments.

As it rouses us so it inflates their pomp.

Anonymous said...

I quake wondering how they'll get around this one!

fuchsia groan said...

Very interesting Lilith and certainly worthy on more investigation. Anything that counts as peaceful protest against this (in my view) 'unathorised by the people' misrule by Gordon Brown
can noly be a good thing.

lilith said...

Perhaps if thousands of us did it, it might have an impact. I don't have much fight in me at the moment.

idle said...

I am always a bit worried about things like this.

I imagine myself, sans tie, belt and shoelaces, getting bored in a police cell, because my justification for my peaceful protest ("I read about it on an internet blog") didn't exactly make plod apologise, release me, and drive me to a destination of my choice.

Calfy said...

It does make sense but it seems to me that you also relinquish most hopes of employment, travel, legal representation, banking etc. It would be like burning the documents that give you your house, your car, your passport, your bank cards, your birth certificate...your electric two seater plane?
You could SAY that you were a freeman at common law without actually being one but I think the police would just slap a control order on you until they'd found you to be Ms Lilith STUFF.

lilith said...

Quite Idle. As Calfy explains it seems that the only way to gain from this is to have nothing to lose.

stanislav's blues said...

Yo Lilith

It would be a matter of critical mass, wouldn't it? But then so would be withholding the tv license, the council tax any of which any reasonably competent thieving lawyer bastard could justify on this ground or that; equally, any competent government lwyer could get this nonsense, which is what it is, kicked into the long grass. Sounds like unless you got a million or two doing it its a load of old bollocks, like Ley Lines and the Holy fucking Grail.

These Guardian readers, flinch even at the thought of a Molatov cocktail.

lilith said...

Yes Stan, it seems that way to me. But maybe there will be a million or two of us with nothing to lose in the not too distant future...

stanislav's blues said...

Yes, was auto-rebuking as well, blogging, digging up bits of magna carta; how Power must laugh at us.

killemallletgodsortemout said...


Forget the G20 protests.

A peaceful march on Westmonster is in order. With suitable banners "Thieving bastards OUT", "Give us back our money", "Richard Timney IS a wanker", "No porn on the taxpayer", "Jacqui Smith's plug had seen better days" etc, we could make a point and have a laugh at the same time!

Gord knows, we need one.