Sunday, 8 March 2009

Back in the day when plods were plods

Look at these sweet young things. I took a photo of them as I walked past. I think it was on the way to Reggae Sunsplash or some such in south London. To think they would arrest me for doing so now....

See how they looked and behaved like Policemen back then (early/mid eighties)!


electro-kevin said...

It was the left wing that changed them into politically correct dweebs hide bound by procedure and paperwork in triplicate.

The left wing unquestionningly took the side of the Brixton rioters in this very era and defamed them over stop and search. And thereon - any opportunity that arose and a left wing lawyer would appear and accuse them of corruption, racialism, dishonesty.

And now black people complain because more of them are killed by knife maniacs and gunmen than anyone else.

One of the principal rioters is now a genial chap who trades Reggae Reggae Sauce (Lion's Den winner). I wonder if he's proud of what he's achieved in his community for the kids.

Blue Eyes said...

I disagree with EK and agree with you Lilith.

The Left has turned the police from being a service for the public to a service for the state. This is all part of the change from Parliament administering the country to ruling the country which did not start under Blair but accelerated massively.

Blue Eyes said...

Oh I meant to add a comment about the change from wearing tunics at all times to the paramilitary get-up of the current era.

When I am in charge there will be so little crime that the vests will be abandoned and police can return to the beat.

idle said...

Daniel was the Lion's Den winner, e-k. Levi Roots(for it is he) won his dosh in the Dragon's Den, and made a great success of it, I read.

I agree, lil, this pair look smart, pleasant and approachable.

The thing about plod, as with the military, is that it is all down to leadership. Our army remains mostly well-led, but quite dreadfully let down by the civil servant technocrats in the MoD (and of course by the politicians who would rather spend money on people taking welfare as a career option than proper kit and vehicles).

Plod is very badly led. I see no hope.

Dennis said...

My God, even the photographs of policemen look younger and younger these days.

Bill Quango MP said...

Capri in the background,poor quality colour film, plastic wristwatch..
It looks like a picture taken from that episode of The Professionals with the gay bashing cops.

CI5. I'd swap Gordon Jackson for Gordon Brown any day.

electro-kevin said...

I can't really see what there is to disagree with what I've said.

I was there when it happened.

lilith said...

Hi E-K, no, I am not quite sure what Blue is disagreeing with either. You seem to be saying similar..The Police were increasingly used by the right to support the state rather than protect the public by La Thatcher's government..we were all there..but Nu Labour have taken this to a whole new level, to the point where a senior policeman can decry the Tories and think it is acceptable and still keep his job.

lilith said...

The change in garb is dramatic Blue Eyes. Contemporary traffic wardens look more tooled up than these two.

Leadership is crucial isn't it Idle. A crap headmaster/mistress can spoil a functioning and happy school, and a slimy money grubber and brown noser like Blair can make decent police leave in droves.

lilith said...

Unnerving isn't it Dennis?

Bill, the photo was taken on one of those instamatic thingys...Bodie, Doyle! Beat that fellow up for no particular reason!

Nomad said...

I lived on the edge of Brixton at the time of the riots and had my little radio tuned to the police band that evening just to listen to all the excitement taking place up the road.

Your piccie would seem to indicate that in those days a policeman's lot was indeed a happy one...

electro-kevin said...

The flack jackets and CS spray are in response to routine violence against police officers.

lilith said...

Nomad, they do look cheery don't they?

Kev, this was meant to be a light hearted post....x

Blue Eyes said...

Well it isn't light hearted!!!! :-((

EK says it is all about race, it isn't. That is what I am disagreeing about. The race thing is a symptom not a cause. The cause is this lunatic idea that the government's job is to tell people how to live - for their own good.

Of course the "PPE" is because coppers are attacked more than they used to be and that is another symptom. Like I said when I am in charge there won't be attacks on coppers so they won't need stab vests, CS or taser.

lilith said...

I can't wait until you are in charge Blue Eyes!

idle said...

Plod has no officer class. I don't mean public schoolboys who hunt foxes and know what a fish knife is, I mean a defined rank and responsibility system which identifies competent leaders at the outset of their careers and trains them accordingly.

The current system is to find 'high flyers', send them off to do MBAs, and politicise them. NBG.

Blue Eyes said...

Lilith you think I am joking!?

lilith said...

I hope you are not joking Blue Eyes...I would go for it myself except I would have all my three in a bed romps and drug fuelled orgies with minor tv celebs plastered all over the News of the World before even making it to the local council...(actually I could never run because I can't stand up in front of a room full of people and speak without shaking, going beetroot red and forgetting what it was I wanted to say)

lilith said...

Plod are blatantly politicised at the top, Idle. From what I read of police blogs though the rank and file are as pissed off as joe public is with this shower of shits that call themselves "Government".

Blue Eyes said...

L I have lost your email address, could you fire one over to me so that I can reply?

mail at behindblueeyes dot co dot uk


electro-kevin said...
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electro-kevin said...

Race was the main thrust of the red wedge.

How could the police possibly resist accusations of racialism ? Where it couldn't be found a new definition was created to frame the police in the case of Stephen Lawrence. The lawyers' charge lead by Michael Mansfield QC was bullet proofed with black skin.

Powers of stop and search were curtailed; police were denied the ability to operate on instinct; they were (and are) monitored and coached in issues of political correctness and are second to none in this field.

Then the knives and guns started multiplying - so badly that specialist squads had to be set up to deal with black crime. Cobra meetings have been convened because of the breakdown in black communities.

Accordingly the police had to change their equipment and their appearance. Police powers weren't just affected in those areas in which the riots took place. PACE 84 applied everywhere - so now coppers dress the same ... everywhere. Because thugs now behave the same ... everywhere.

This was all presaged by the race riots of the '80s and the establishment's appeasement of gangsters.

09 March 2009 16:49

stanislav's blues said...

Where do you want to start, kev?

* Stephen Downing was convicted of the murder of Wendy Sewell in a Bakewell churchyard in 1973. The 17-year-old had a reading age of 11 and worked at the cemetery as a gardener. The police made him sign a confession that he was unable to read. The case gained international notoriety as the "Bakewell Tart" murder. After spending 27 years in prison, Stephen Downing was released on bail in February 2001, pending the result of an appeal. His conviction was finally overturned in January 2002.
* John Joseph Boyle aged 18 was convicted under the pretenses of an alleged confession at Belfast City Commission on October 14, 1977 of possession of firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life, and membership in the I.R.A. He was sentenced to ten years in prison on the first count, and to two years in prison on the second count, the terms to run concurrently. A suspended sentence of two years imprisonment imposed for a previous offense was also invoked, making a total of twelve years in prison. When released he underwent a long fight to prove his innocence. In 2003, his conviction was quashed but he has been denied compensation.
* Andrew Evans served more than 25 years for the murder of 14-year-old Judith Roberts. He confessed to the 1972 murder after seeing the girl's face in a dream. His conviction was overturned in 1997.
* In 1974 Judith Ward was convicted of murder of several people caused by a number of IRA bombings 1973. She was finally released in 1992.
* The Birmingham Six were fraudulently convicted in 1975 of planting two bombs in pubs in Birmingham in 1974 which killed 21 people and injured 182. They were finally released in 1991.
* The Guildford Four were wrongly convicted in 1975 of being members of the Provisional IRA and planting bombs in two Guildford pubs which killed four people. They served nearly 15 years in prison before being released in 1989. (See Tony Blair's apology under The Maguire Seven below.)
* The Maguire Seven were convicted in 1976 of offences related to the Guildford and Woolwich bombings of 1974. They served sentences ranging from 5 to 10 years. Giuseppe Conlon died in prison. Their convictions were quashed in 1991. On February 9, 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a public apology to the Maguire Seven and the Guildford Four for the miscarriages of justice they had suffered. He said: "I am very sorry that they were subject to such an ordeal and such an injustice. They deserve to be completely and publicly exonerated."
* Stefan Kiszko was convicted in 1976 of the sexual assault and murder of an 11-year old Lesley Molseed in 1975. He spent 16 years in prison before he was released in 1992, after a long campaign by his mother. He died of a heart attack the following year at the age of 41. His mother died a few months later. In 2007, Ronald Castree, of Shaw, near Oldham, was found to have the same DNA as Lesley's attacker and was convicted at Bradford Crown Court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
* The Bridgewater Four were convicted in 1979 of murdering Carl Bridgewater, a 13-year-old paper boy who was shot on his round when he disturbed robbers at a farm in Staffordshire. Patrick Molloy died in jail in 1981. The remaining three were released in 1997.
* The Cardiff Three, Steven Miller, Yusef Abdullahi, and Tony Paris were falsely jailed for the murder of prostitute Lynette White, stabbed more than 50 times in a frenzied attack in a flat above a betting shop in Cardiff's Butetown area on Valentine's Day 1988, in 1990 and later cleared on appeal. In 2003, Jeffrey Gafoor was jailed for life for the murder. The breakthrough was due to modern DNA techniques used on evidence taken from the crime scene. Subsequently, in 2005, 9 retired Police Officers and 3 serving Officers were arrested and questioned for false imprisonment, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and misconduct in public office.
* Peter Fell, a former hospital porter, described in the media as a "serial confessor" and a "fantasist", was sentenced to two life terms in 1984 for the murder of Ann Lee and Margaret "Peggy" Johnson, who were killed whilst they were out walking their dogs in 1982. His conviction was overturned in 2001.
* Sally Clark was convicted in 1996 of the murder of her two small sons Christopher and Harry, and spent 3 years in jail, finally being released in 2003 on appeal. The convictions were based solely on the analysis of the deaths by the Home Office Pathologist Alan Williams, who failed to disclose relevant information about the deaths, and backed up by the paediatric professor Sir Roy Meadow, whose opinion was pivotal in several other child death convictions, many of which have been overturned or are in the process of being disputed. In 2005 Williams was found guilty of serious professional misconduct and barred from practicing pathology for 3 years. In July 2005 Meadow was also removed from the Medical Register for serious professional misconduct and prohibited from practicing medicine. Sally Clark became an alcoholic as a result of her ordeal and died of alcohol poisoning in 2006.
* Angela Cannings also jailed wrongly for 4 years on the now discredited evidence of Sir Roy Meadow. Angela was later stalked by a jail inmate she befriended, and the strain of the wrongful conviction destroyed her marriage.
* Donna Anthony, 25 at the time, was wrongly jailed in 1998 for the death of her 11 month old son, and finally released in 2005, also because of the opinion of Sir Roy Meadow.
* The Gurnos Three, also known as the Merthyr Tydfil Arson Case (Annette Hewins, Donna Clarke and Denise Sullivan). Wrongly convicted of the arson attack on the home of Diane Jones, aged 21, in October 1995. Someone had torn away part of the covering of her front door and poured in petrol to start the fire. The fire spread so rapidly that Ms Jones and her two daughters, Shauna, aged two and Sarah-Jane, aged 13 months, were all killed. The convictions of Ms Hewins and Ms Clarke were quashed at the Court of Appeal in February 1998 and a retrial ordered in the case of Ms Clarke.
* Michelle and Lisa Taylor, wrongly convicted for the murder in 1991 of Alison Shaughnessy, a bank clerk who was the bride of Michelle's former lover. The trial was heavily influenced by inaccurate media reporting and deemed unfair.
* Paul Blackburn was convicted in 1978 when aged 15 of the attempted murder of a 9-year old boy, and spent more than 25 years in 18 different prisons, during which time he maintained his innocence. He said he had never considered saying he was guilty to secure an earlier release because it was a matter of "integrity". He was finally released in May 2005 when the Court of Appeal ruled his trial was unfair and his conviction 'unsafe'.
* The Cardiff Newsagent Three, Michael O'Brien (of the Cardiff Newsagent Three),Darren Hall and Ellis Sherwood, were wrongly convicted for the murder of a newsagent, Phillip Saunders. On October 12, 1987 Mr Saunders, 52, was battered with a spade outside his Cardiff home. The day's takings from his kiosk had been stolen, and five days later he died of his injuries. The three men spent 11 years in jail before the Court of Appeal quashed the conviction in 1999. The three have since been paid six figure compensation, but South Wales Police had still not apologised or admitted liability for malicious prosecution or misfeasance.
* Andrew Adams, wrongly convicted of the murder of a retired teacher. His conviction was finally quashed on January 12, 2007, after spending 14 years in jail.
* David Carrington-Jones was released on October 16, 2007 , after spending 6 years in jail for a rape he did not commit, having been previously found guilty on two counts of rape and sexual assault against a pair of teenage sisters in December 2000. One of the accusers subsequently admitted to police she made up the allegations against her stepfather Mr Carrington-Jones because she 'did not like him'. It has transpired that the girl had previously made up other allegations of rape against her brother, fiancée, stepfather and even a customer at her work, but the jury was not told of this, and Mr Carrington- Jones was sentenced to a ten-year jail term at Lewes Crown Court. He was later refused parole hearings because he refused to admit his guilt. Mr Carrington-Jones is said to be discussing claiming compensation.
* Barry George was cleared on August 1, 2008 of murdering Jill Dando after a retrial in which police were unable to rely on discredited forensic evidence.
* Kenny Richey, a UK-US dual citizen, spent 21 years on Death Row in the US after being convicted of starting a fire that killed 2-year-old Cynthia Collins. His conviction was eventually thrown out. Richey agreed to a plea bargain in which he agreed to plead 'no contest' to involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and breaking and entering. In exchange for this plea, the prosecution dropped the charges of arson and murder. Part of the agreement was that Richey leave the U.S. immediately.[8]
* Colin Stagg falsely imprisoned for the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common, London in 1992, but cleared in 1994.The case was thrown out on the grounds that police had used a "honey trap" plot in a bid to encourage him to confess. On November 28, 2007, Robert Napper, a convicted rapist and serial killer, was charged with her murder on the basis of new DNA evidence, and convicted on December 18, 2008. Stagg was subsequently awarded £706,000 compensation, and claims the false conviction ruined 14 years of his life, as he became unemployable and shunned.


Are all these dreadful frame-ups by bent wicked evil Masonic cocksuckers the fault of some left-wing or right wing or no-wing government ? Or might it just be that actually All Coppers Are Bastards ?

Sick to death of hearing cops and ex cops bleating about government; everybody has to put up with fucking government, teachers, doctors, nurses, everybody, but not everybody beats people to death or otherwise wickedly and for self promotion destroys their lives and those of their families.

Plod gets his helmet knocked off and it's three months on the sick, counselling maybe,medals. Individual female probation officers, just for instance, daily go into places where plod, bless him, would want backup, armoured cars, water cannon, horses. Plod faces criminal prosecution and is allowed to resign with a full pension, on "health grounds" all charges dumped.

Plod finds a couple of joints and it is "drugs with a street value of a billion pounds"

Plod empties a magazine in your head and its Oh, fuck me, split second decision, never mind eh?

If only a left-wing or right wing governement was able to make this shower behave properly, decently, stop framing innocent people, poncing off prostitutes, fencing stolen good, dealing drugs, selling information to organised crime and generally being corrupt, lazy, idle good for nothing bastards. If only.

In the meantime, it doesn't matter what they wear and in a sense the more miltaristic the better, its a long time since Old Bill was friend to the community, and when the riots come he'll be out there tasering us and our children, just as though we were miners, the enemy within, c1984.

lilith said...

Thank you Stan, for the timely reminder. Let's hope that next week your list doesn't include my pink little girl who is accused of a section 4 (ie. intending to cause harassment, alarm and distress to a policeman)....then there is Damien Green much time with his computer do they need?

Daisy said...

oh they still stop for pictures...they just have the CHOICE to arrest you now...

Blue Eyes said...

I am with Stan. I think it's a crying shame that PACE has been watered down so much. I think things are a lot better than they were pre-PACE but still a long way to go. There is no excuse for the way suspects and prisoners were treated, no excuse for the widespread corruption. I think most of that is gone now but then we still hear these horrible stories and close-to-home events like Lilith Junior. I get so angry about the way that an institution which is so important has had its reputation so tarnished because there are a small number of total idiots around.

stanislav's blues said...

Jesus, is that the charge? I suppose it's better than her assaulting his boot with her head.

It is a hard time for you, anything can and does happen down le palais de justice, we will voice a quiet prayer.

And for the UKs massively over-imprisoned youth - more of them, at a youger age, for longer periods, in werse conditions.....

As the late Mr Howling Wolf used to say, Don't Start Me Talking........

ajdshootist said...

I am sorry to say but nowadays i would not cross the street to pee on a copper lying burning in the gutter
and i used to have a lot of friends who were policeman and policewomen but no longer.

stanislav's blues said...

Dear Mr shootist

A rivetting deeply depressing documentary on BBC 4 last night about the miners' strike. Decent blokes twenty five years on, after being systematically gang battered by vansfull of plod thugs, horse-trampled, abused and framed, saying exacttly that - wouldn't piss on them. what a thing to happen, eh ? But Old Bill has always done that, charge the poor on behalf of the rich.

In the same programme, sleek, well-pensioned former inspectors defending the well-documented excessive violence of their men.

Of course those who defend the brutality somehow excuse it on the grounds that Scargill was a prat or that there was no ballot, as if that mattered.

In the debate about why we have such high crime rates an elephant in a helmet stand in the corner. Maybe we have such a lousy crime rate because we have such lousy police.

stanislav's blues said...


For those interested the leading counsel in the outrageous stitch-up of the Birmingham Six was one Ivor Judge QC.

Judge is Jack Torture's recent appointment as Lord Chief Justice. Can you believe that shit?

That's enough cops and lawyers now. Evenin' all, Seeya down the Lodge.

lilith said...

Defies belief Stan. Thanks for the tip. Justice I Judge...will give wide berth

Hello Daisy, you are right of course.

fuchsia groan said...

'my pink little girl who is accused of a section 4 (ie. intending to cause harassment, alarm and distress to a policeman'

Words fail me.

electro-kevin said...
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electro-kevin said...
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electro-kevin said...


Shall I list the details of murders and near fatal injuries that have occured since 1984 that might have been prevented were it not for PACE or political correctness ?

Indeed it would be a much more onerous task than yours and I doubt Lilith's blog has the bandwidth to cope.

I know who I am said...

After so much shouting about how free he is and not put up gate like fucking Guido, Stan has now mounted electric fences round his Blues blog.

W H Y ?????

(Lots of us do not want to register with Google - so another blogger bites the dust from my blogroll. Ah well...)

Tuscan Tony said...

Chap on the left is Ewan MacGregor, surely.