Thursday, 12 February 2009

This is who Dolly recommends if you don't want to have your head shrunk by him.

Dr Cecilia d'Felice

She is award winning, but not for clinical psychology, for journalism. She is on lightweight tv all the time according to her profile. Notice her blurb is held by a media agent not a mental health website. I wouldn't want to open up to either of the self promoting saddos. Do you think Draper can keep a confidence?

His blurb is hilarious and includes the gem of a paragraph:

"I'm probably on safe ground in guessing that you, or someone you know, needs help understanding or coping with something that is going on right now. If that is the case then I am sorry you or they are struggling. I don't know how I could help yet."

I don't really want to promote him but his website is here


Philipa said...

So er.. why are you promoting him? Ohhh, the comedic value, yeah. I agree - saddos.

Why does NuLab think that we are all sick and need to be healed by them? We are all stressed and need to be left alone by their social engineering. That would help.

idle said...

"Doctor Dolly will see you now"....

Now, if I were a loopy child, and he was mama's choice of child psychologist, those words would put me back onto the strait and narrow sharpish.

Mama doesn't go a bundle on psychobabblers, but she would have had something to say about his personal hygiene and appearance.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Hello Lilith

He's already been in trouble (see Guido) for enhancing his CV. And he is a nob.

I think that most of what happens to your average counselling subject is solely within their control and has little to do with the counsellor. People who are seriously fucked up need pills or very specialised care, the rest of us ultimately have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and get on with it. The only exception to this is when there are life event based problems like bereavement, when counselling seems to achieve good results. Indeed, those sort of people recognise their need at a given point, which is half the battle, whereas many people who could benefit spend their lives in denial.

Draper is just another human misery trader and I cannot understand why you want to give him publicity.

Weasel is back for a season.

lilith said...

Yes Pip, comedic value. The idea that Draper could help me with my anger issues is not so far fetched. He and his cohorts could disappear and that would help a lot.

Yes Idle. The threat of Dr Dolly would fix me as quick as the threat of Dr Zuckermann and his splinter drill. I am with your mother on the hygiene issue. I am a clean hippy.

Weasel, greetings. I probably should unlink him but some people are not aware of how nauseating the guy is even when he is not spinning for Brown. Therapy/counselling is a minefield but specialised types can be enormously helpful on occasion as you say. In general I would give them a wide berth. The most miserable party I ever went to was full of psychotherapists. Nobody would make eye contact.

Dennis said...

Cecilia d'Felice? I'm sure I saw her card in a phonebox near Leicester Square (not that I'm in the habit of reading them, you understand, but I was waiting to be connected and my eyes just wandered about ...)

Draper? He's just a twat.

Scrobs said...

In fact Lils, he'll have a ready made audience after May next year, when he'll have most of the Nulabyrinthe party queuing up for his pearls of...of... something or other...

Philipa said...

Un-f*@%ing-believable. Sorry Lils as off-topic but have just stumbled over this and cannot get my £###ing hat on.

My comment on my blog - had to blog this. I want a study to detirmine the proportion of graduates who, despite tertiary education, still haven't the f$@%ing sense they were born with, however they were fed.

Old Holborn said...

He's lost his mind

Carter said...

Draper's blog is like a slow motion train wreck. You think it can't get any worse, but every day brings a fresh nadir. It exerts a strange fascination :-/

lilith said...

I wondered if you might have already come across Ms Cecilia, Dennis (no pun intended).

Scrobs, he'll have his audience before then, as he writhes about in his straight jacket.

Carter, OH, he is showing his vulnerability to all and sundry. He seems to have a personality disorder. If I was his professional organisation I would be wondering about whether he was "bringing the profession into disrepute".

Pip that is outrageous.

Calfy said...

I wonder at the image used in conjunction with the article Pip links not having been censored as "pornographic or otherwise sexually explicit" by now.

Old Holborn said...

Stan posted Gordon the Ruinus Book 2 at my place

Jesus I wish I was that good