Saturday, 6 December 2008

Tax costs/benefits evaluated

It is official, hard working families to support unemployed families....

Times article here

For Better or Worse

Effects of Labour's tax and benefit changes, 1997-2012

Worse off

Both earning, no children £2,208

Single earning couple, no

children £1,684

Both earning, plus children £1,466

Single, employed £1,281

Multiple benefit households,

no children £976

No earning couple, no

children £543

Single, unemployed £297

Better off

No earning couple, children £2,901

Lone parent, unemployed £2,491

Lone parent, employed £2,066

Single pensioner £1,148

Couple pensioner £350

Multiple benefit households, children £220

Single-earner couple, children £180

I am sorry Kev, looks like you will be contributing a great deal more towards your brother's life style....
Source: IFS


Daisy said...

you have a lot more benefit your way than we have here...but it is about the same break down regarding with/without children and single vs couple...sadly

Bill Quango MP said...

single pensioner better off?

after concil tax?
Are they sure?

Philipa said...

I don't understand this - they've just cut my benefit and I'm below being able to fund even the basic bills. If it wasn't for my mother making contributions we'd go under. I keep reading about those on benefits having loads of money and I wish someone would tell me though cause it isn't my reality, at all.

Philipa said...

typo - shoul hae read:

I wish someone would tell me how cause it isn't my reality, at all.

Sorry I don't know how to get the biscuit crumbs from under the keeys on my keyboard.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

“There is a wider concern that the Government has deliberately chosen a confusing way of presenting the reform".

As usual, our feral government tries to cover up its mendacity. We really are run by a pack of congenital liars, and they are getting worse.

lilith said...

We do indeed Daisy. Is it true that you give welfare mums a contraceptive implant?

Bill, perhaps they are factoring in the heating allowance and the bus pass...and imagining pensioners will take up Pension Credit.

Pip, perhaps you need to go back to the CAB?...I think the trouble is that you own your home.

They are liars Scrobs. Brown does it every time he opens his mouth. He is not looking after "hard working" families at all.

Daisy said...

no lilith that is not true...someone came up with that idea to make us look if we need help in that area...

lilith said...

I am relieved to hear it Daisy.
There is more incentive to have children than there is to get a job for our young, unqualified women. That way they get housed for free and they can leave home.

Philipa said...

CAB aren't the fix-all people think they are. They tried with the bank and have no power - they couldn't do anything. They have no authority. And they cannot tell the government how much to pay me. And yes, if I rented and had never worked and had nothing I would get everything. That's the really annoying thing. I could move, all found. You get persecuted for trying.

'Labour' is a lie. It no longer exists. NuLab is making life harder. And the tories would do worse for me.

lilith said...

I didn't mean CAB could fix it for you Pip, just that there may be some benefit you are not getting that you are entitled to. But as you say, the problem is that you have supported yourself and so you will not be getting all the housing help.

Philipa said...

I just get angry and frustrated with the system at times, Lils.

But we are happy and healthy and together. That's what matters most To be safe and well, have friends and feel wanted :-))

Hope Elby is improving every day x

Electro-Kevin said...

I would say that is probably the difference, Pippy. You own your home.

Lil' bro' doesn't - his (step)children have children. The classic benefit set-up. They're not rich, just OK.

Philipa said...

Hi EK *waves*. I don't wish your little bro ill, I just don't understand this barmy system sometimes. It does seem to favour the done bugger-all sometimes. No offence to any on benefits but that has been my experience. I mean.... to be denied incapcity benefit because I was in hospital having surgery just beggars belief. And now my benefit is being cut and I'm being er.. encouraged to work so's I can pay someone else to care for my small children. I've had a brush with such things - they expose the children to MTV and the pussycat dolls videos. When I found out that was the last time my son went to 'after school club'. He is now learning to play the cello and my daughter is learning to play my silver flute. The State has never made a good parent. I wish someone would tell them this.

The Old Tarf said...

Here You are better off on Welfare than working. But if you go back to school while on welfare to try and better yourself they cut you off.