Thursday, 18 December 2008

My latest window sticker

Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw the original..probably a link on Guido. It looks great in the back window of my car.


Tuscan Tony said...

You could have another sticker underneath "If you want Gordon vivi-sectioned, honk"

Philipa said...

The red-necks who can't read will think you're supporting him and... maybe not steal the car? Nah.

Like the sticker though, the snot-gobbling lunatic.

Anonymous said...

May I borrow your car one evening?

lilith said...

That's the one I'll put in Elby's car, TT. It will cause chaos in the town centre.

I wondered about that Pip. However, I keep the inside of the car looking like a poorly maintained recycling facility so it is of little interest to would be thieves.

Mutley, of course. But unless you are shorter than 5' 4" you will bang your head on the roof.

Electro-Kevin said...

I couldn't put the 'c' word on my car. That's the only one fitting of the man.