Friday, 19 December 2008

From the No 2 ID campaign


Daisy said...

and she is probably right on with that...people are lax with security and a lot of times they find them through ways no one would think possible...very striking lilith

Tuscan Tony said...

What a jolly place they're making. Such a crying shame - a beautiful country, being despoiled.

Barnsley Bill said...

But surely the data will be safe, I mean the government never lose databases of confidential information do they?

Every few years they do a census down here.
I have been a whitebait filleter (only lilith will understand how funny this is)
A coal polisher
A professional onanist
A jedi night
and my personal favourite:
A death cult schwami.
I always fill out the census form with the mongs who go door to door, and get them to write it all up because I'm illiterate innit.
Hours of fun, the trick is to not pre plan the utter bollocks you want them to write. You must spontaneously bullshit them without any forethought.

Oh, and in the race field I always say I am a romanoff and then go off on one about how I own Russia and one day my family will be restored to the throne. This one is a constant, because it is usually at the end of the census and makes the mong flee the house when i try and do a cossack dance in front of them.

lilith said...

I am sure Daisy. I find it so terrifying that they are assembling a database of all children accessible by 300,000 multi agency bods. Except that politicians and celebs wont have to put their kids on. This has to be very useful to all sorts of unsavoury types.

TT, it is grim but I hope ID cards will not get far. They are an expensive imposition and I for one won't carry one. I'd rather go to prison and catch up on my reading/fitness regime.

lilith said...

You got someone to write down "whitebait filleter" Bill? I generally put pagan down in religion and semite for ethnicity, as my grandmother 10,000 years ago was Syrian.

Barnsley Bill said...

Not too many mensa members moonlighting as census takers Lilith. I fully expect all census takers to be ethnic next time, all suitably chosen for their poor grasp of colloquial kiwi and written english..

Philipa said...

Such a good message. Such a true situation. Well done for bringing this to our atention, Lils.

I didn't realise the mistake I was making when I registered the brth of my children.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Over by the far canal Lils!

That is one incredibly powerful post!

Just imagine all the wasters in social posts leering at their 'files' and choosing which family to terrorise next.

Don't feel comfortable at all now.

Electro-Kevin said...

It's not so much the idea of ID cards ... but the type of people trying to impose them on us.

In WWII people had no objection - they trusted the establishment.

fuchsia groan said...

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear......
Everyone needs to see this film. Perhaps the Beeb....? Maybe not.
I am also looking forward to my stint in jail, so many books so little time.

Loved Barnsley Bill's ideas for filling in the census.

lilith said...

"I didn't realise the mistake I was making when I registered the birth of my children."

Ha ha ha Pip :-) Black humour indeed.

lilith said...

Scrobs, I am sure that there are plenty of scenarios where this database will be a nightmare for people. Creepy isn't it.

Kev, only these types would try and impose ID cards.

Fuchsia, I will see you there and look forward to making further acquaintance :-)

lilith said...

I HAVE FLU :-( I must go and lie down for a few days.

drevetailimin said...

And today child molestors and rapists were given the right to change their names as part of their "right to privacy"
On a happy note The Beast spent a while this afternoon with a an ex Christian falangist army officer and his bonkers Nigerian assistant and son in their shop(army surplus)firing crossbows, Id bought a sleeping bag and some ammo.
These fired ball bearings, we had some trouble getting them to work, I said "oh leave it, Im not buying one"
The reply was
"So what , lets just do it for fun"
So we did and blasted the door (+:

Philipa said...

Aw Lils sorry you have flu :-( Hope Elby is well enough to take care of you a bit (How are you, Elby?) Well you know I follow an old family recipe for flu - drink tea with whiskey and take parrots; you worry so much about your liver surviving you forget about the flu.

Take care dear friend x

lilith said...

Happy Beast! What a mad afternoon! My daughter's godfather once broke a bus window with a catapult and a ball baring from his flat balcony when the bastard wouldn't shut his engine down in the middle of the night.

Philipa said...

And today child molestors and rapists were given the right to change their names as part of their "right to privacy"

I'm sorry you didn't just put the poor molesters out of their misery, Beast. Humanely, of course.

lilith said...

Thank you Pip :-)

lilith said...

That sort get a lot of protection, Pip.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Hiya Lils,

I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering enflument - it really has been a bugger for some and I hope you get that scotch down you asasp!

Mrs S thought she was getting the same yesterday, and we nearly cancelled a lunch, until YD rang back and demanded we went - and it was absolutely marvellous, and she felt better after too!

Fingers crossed you get on the mend soon eh?

Elby the Beserk said...

We're all crook. Pig's looking after us. He's just gone to make tea.