Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Calfy with Ellenore yesterday

Having gone off on one yesterday (deleted post) I thought I would post a happy picture of My Girl and her cow.

Yes, I know that's not the usual spelling of Eleanor, but that is what DEFRA know her as. Ellenore is a South Devon, without the horns. Her babies taste delicious.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Live from Iraq

Hat tip to http://savageminds.org/

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Is this man fit to be a leader of our Police?

Mr Quick initially alleged in an interview with the Press Association that the "Tory machinery and their press friends" were opposing the investigation "in a wholly corrupt way" but later issued a retraction.

Have you noticed how fat people get when they are at the top of the public servant pile? He even looks like Jacqui Smith. That is the face of a man who has little regard for his body except when it comes to his mouth. (Update, lest my dear readers think I am fattist...I don't mind if people are fat and/or can't be bothered with their bodies..I just object to paying for it..). At least the Beast of Clerkenwell supports his own massive girth with flogging what he can to whomsoever he can...

Looks like Boris was right and the politicisation has gone viral.

Gorgeous blues posted below if you need cheering.

Update: Comment from Ranter on Iain Dale

ranter said...

'Fat Bob' is a prime example of over promotion.
A good Ds and DI maybe a DCI but from then on a few Bramshill Courses, an attachment to the FBI, a degree or MA paid for in 'The Jobs' time, then a bit of butterflying from force to force, rank to rank and they actually believe their own publicity. Programmed robots who leave their own common sense and experience behind as they crawl and grovel up the ladder. They all speak like programmed clones. They are all the same. 'Fat Bob, 'Cress', the hierarchy at the Yard spend all their time chasing the next rank and discuss who is going after what job or appointment. They should actually spend some time being good at their bloody jobs. In fact there really is no need to have all these senior ranks at all. Most of the operational front line work is done by DCI's downwards. What on earth do the Met need all those DAC's and Commanders, and chief supers and supers for? We really do need a Royal Commission into policing, let alone all these separate cries for various independant public enquiries for the ever growing and seemingly continuous cock-ups! Trouble is I'm not sure the climate is right for a Royal Commission - who would set the agenda?
Quick should at least ask to be reassigned before being moved by the perma-tanned Sir Paul Stephenson. He should also carefully consider his future - might be a good time to retire and take over the car business.

Some proper blues from New Orleans

This is Grandpa Elliot. He is my favourite Father Christmas lookalike. Check out the harmonica action.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

My latest window sticker

Unfortunately I can't remember where I saw the original..probably a link on Guido. It looks great in the back window of my car.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Who are these "Police" ?

I should really let Calfy blog this because it is about her friend. I just feel I should warn people what is actually going on.

A friend of hers, a sweet, gentle young man was walking home at 1am. He was only a couple of hundred yards from his home in leafy Barnes (Yes, BARNES) when he noticed a car with blacked out windows crawling along near him. He was alarmed and increased his pace. Three burly men dressed head to toe in black lept out of the car and one said " 'Ear, we wan a wurd wiv you!" Thinking he was about to be set upon by gangsters the lad began to run. The men in black caught him up and threw him to the concrete. At this point they identified themselves as Police. They took him to the station, where he remained for three hours where they queried £60 cash as the most incriminating item he was carrying. The suspicious behaviour that justified their arrest of him was that he ran away from them.

Now, like you, like anyone, this lad would have stopped immediately had they opened the car door and said "Stop, Police!", with their identification held up for him to see. But he thought he was about to be mugged. He WAS in effect mugged. Who are these Police and why are they on our streets unidentifiable as Police, and why are they picking on middle class white kids walking home at night?

Does this remind anyone of Jean Charles de Menezes last moments?

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Tax costs/benefits evaluated

It is official, hard working families to support unemployed families....

Times article here

For Better or Worse

Effects of Labour's tax and benefit changes, 1997-2012

Worse off

Both earning, no children £2,208

Single earning couple, no

children £1,684

Both earning, plus children £1,466

Single, employed £1,281

Multiple benefit households,

no children £976

No earning couple, no

children £543

Single, unemployed £297

Better off

No earning couple, children £2,901

Lone parent, unemployed £2,491

Lone parent, employed £2,066

Single pensioner £1,148

Couple pensioner £350

Multiple benefit households, children £220

Single-earner couple, children £180

I am sorry Kev, looks like you will be contributing a great deal more towards your brother's life style....
Source: IFS

This is just TOO cute


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I had no idea!

After discovering that E-K has released an album of country songs and is quite a star over in LA....

.....I discover there is something David is not telling us!