Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Warning, This video contains pictures of Gordon Brown smiling.

Hattip, comment on Burning our Money


Anonymous said...

What a superb video!

Whenever I see a summary of what Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have done to this country, it makes me feel ashamed to be British.

idle said...

This vid is ready-made for the general election, when it comes.

Are we doomed to a perpetual cycle of not being able to wait for the chance to vote out the government, whatever party that may be?

I fear that Cameron will govern in the same spendthrift and kleptocratic fashion, and perhaps be even madder than this lot with his climate change new religion zeal.

Reagan had it right: the most disturbing sentence in the English language is "I'm from the government and I'm here to help"

lilith said...

It's so simple Lakes, but manages to say how it is. National Shame is what Brown has lined up for us.

As to a GE Idle, do you think this lot will let us have one? I agree with you about Cameron. This is why he provides such pathetic "opposition."

o/t All our children will be on an "at risk" register before you know it. At least until they are 18 and then they will be given a criminal record.

Electro-Kevin said...

The only sincere smile I've ever seen on his face.

lilith said...

Oh yes, Kev, he is REALLY happy about current events. Makes him feel potent. As was pointed out on the Daily Mash, the global economic turbulence and the opportunities it offers him have no doubt given him his first hard on in years.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

As said above Lils - this is the most powerful stuff around. Great to see Idle's comment - we must all keep this handy for the next election.

I left my secure job because I was at future risk from him stealing my pension increases to pay for his dream of government supremecy, and politicians/town hall pensions bulging with my money.

There was no alternative for me but to try and make up the shortfall from his maniacal policies. I was only 55 then; but it only took a simple Excel spreadsheet to prove that we couldn't stay at risk staying with others paying my salary.

All this time, he built up pensions for spongers like his useless incompetent cronies. Brown is one of the most despised people I can ever imagine. You know me personally; and perhaps can envisage my fear of our future from a 'man' such as this.

Idle's also right on the spineless comments coming from the Tories. They'll get steamrollered by Mandelson's tractor figures and his oblivion to personal complaint. That's why Brown got him back. Brown's an utter coward - well we all knew that - but to pretend that Mandy is his friend is full of the worst smell of Whitehall since the Great Drain Explosion.

The whole lot of them are due to rot in Hell, and I fully expect that because the banks are being such shits at the moment, there will be many more culprits there, and they can join the queue for purgatory.

My only hope is that I can take a huge stone with me when I desert this mortal coil, and I'll seek all those bastards and pulversise every single one of them.

And I won't get caught, 'cos they don't have cops where I'm headed.

lilith said...

Ghastly waiting for an election, especially when it is so hard to have any faith in the opposition.

Scrobs, we are the fortunate ones, we know how to make a meal from the garden or repair something. Idle can get some birds in and Elby can make gravy. We are being robbed.

idle said...

I suppose I should take it as a compliment that "idle can get some birds in".

I know I need a top heavy dickensian barmaid type for the Tuscan, and an Asian babe for the beast.

What does anyone else want?

Anonymous said...

Powerful stuff...

Anonymous said...

Great production. Send the link to all your friends and tell them to pass it on.

Mr Idle: SlappersRus from Sarfend have a pretty catalogue from which you might make a selection.

Philipa said...

La la la. Can't watch the vid as I'm on holiday and Broon isn't invited - seeing him smile is just... nah. Anyway my head is semolina :-)) La la la *grins*

Trust you are similarly happy, Lils, and wearing a silly grin too :-)))

Philipa said...

Back from hols and had a look at the vid but had to stop part way as watching those facts followed by Broons smiling fizzog was too much. Problem is the 'opposition' isn't much of one.

Ed said...

Great video, nicely sums up Brown's time in power. Hopefully these videos will become widely circulated in the run-up to the next election.

Two questions for your esteemed readers:

1. Why do so many voters not seem to notice/care how badly run this country is and I don't just mean this current government. Are there really that many people with a vote who can't see what's happening?

2. Why do the opposition parties not kick up more of a stink about all this stuff?

Philipa said...

Blue - I notice but think the opposition would be worse. I'm seriously considering voting Labour.

lilith said...

Back from Sarfend, Anon, only to find you are advertising the women on my blog!

BE, I don't know why the opposition doesn't oppose. Presumably because they intend to behave in the same way as Nu Labliar.

Pip, you are seriously considering voting Labour. I shall call the men in white coats immediately.