Friday, 17 October 2008


Can anybody tell me the point of a helicopter in a war zone that does not come equipped with a winch?

RIP Corporal Wright

This is why the government wants inquests in private. To hide their shame.


Anonymous said...

It's a bloody disgrace, isn't it Lilith. Nothing more one can say about it.

idle said...

I served with lots of these people and take a sanguine view of most of the battlefield deaths. Shit happens.

But this, and many others like it, was so obviously avoidable if a half intelligent life form existed in the MoD and a half sensible attitude prevailed concerning funding of our teeth arms.

My heart bleeds for Cpl Wright GC and his family. My contempt for the Westminster warriors who fail our men increases daily.

Anonymous said...

It seems quite clear that our beloved Ministry of Death regard these machines as aids to airborne sightseeing. Maybe the new "head of the UK army" (as he was described yesterday on CNN) might be able to rattle a few cages.

Electro-Kevin said...

One columnist today said "The issue isn't whether or not we win the Afghan war - but one of whether or not we are going to lose the British army."

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

This time, I reckon Eddie Mair got it right on PM.

The BBC reported the coroner's statement very well, and after the leading headlines, Mair said they asked the government for a response. Of course, they hid away from their responsibilities, and cringed from answering anything. Instead, they chose to put up 'Rear Admiral Johnstone-Burt', who proceeded to try to rubbish just about everything in the scathing report.

To his credit Eddie Mair scored so many points, the MoD 'spokesman' was left floundering in an amazing display of woffling, Nulab speak and meaningless tosh to try and wriggle out of the questioning.

The lawyer afterwards made excellent responses and concise statements which made my day, and it's worth listening again to how the whole sad issue is causing no end of headaches to the feeble twats we have in Whitehall.

As Idle says, shit happens in war, but politicians who hide behind desks should at least earn their corn by explaining their weak actions.

I hope the Sun or the Mail, or someone with a bit more time and cash than me will be chasing up what happens to the compensation pensions these soldiers get, and perhaps compare them with the bloated buckets of money people like our miserable government - and opposition as well, will get after a few years of troughing.

Elby the Beserk said...

Well, lots of the choppers one sees along the Cornish coasts have winches. How come the MOD ones don't?

lilith said...

Thank you for your comments. I woke up this morning furious about Cpl Wright. My head is full of his limbless mates too. Six of them.

Rear Admiral Johnstone-Burt, Scrobs, thank you for that link. Jaw dropping denial. I want him to come over here and say all that does he sleep at night? What the hell is he doing in the BBC studio if he is responsible for helicopters in Afghanistan?

The Government have a plan for our Army. Keep them out of the way, because their job at the moment is, we are frequently told, "preserving British freedoms and way of life". We need them HERE for that purpose.

Daisy said...

lilith...i noticed things like that all of the time when my husband was in the military...seems the military personnel are more expendable that the cost of proper equipment to do the really is a shame and your country is not the only one perpetrating that offense...

lilith said...

I know it can be bad for your army too, Daisy. I can't find a link but if I remember rightly, your lot shoot dissenters in the back of the head before they can get home and tell people what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry everyone but you can't really comment when you don't seem to have processed ALL the facts. For some reason people don't seem to have picked up the fact that this happened in a minefield!!!! And what idiot would take a helicopter with a winch, swinging around with a man on the end, into a minefield zone??? This isn't even taking into account the downdraft that the craft would create.

Anonymous said...

And these are comments coming from people who's interest's are listed as 'stealing men's willies' and having '100 babies a day'???? WHAT A JOKE!!!!

lilith said...

The troops asked for a helicopter with a winch to be sent to pick up the sniper, whose leg had been blown off.

They were told none was available and the Chinook, which was not fitted with a winch, was sent instead. But when it arrived the concerned soldiers tried to wave it away.

As it departed another mine exploded, striking Cpl Wright.

The survivors were rescued some three hours later by two US Blackhawks which were fitted with winches. Cpl Wright died on board one of the American helicopters.

Parents proud

In delivering his verdict the coroner said three main factors contributed to Cpl Wright's death:

• A lack of availability in Afghanistan of appropriate UK helicopters fitted with a winch. The coroner said there was a lack of suitable lighter helicopters with winches that could have pulled the troops to safety

• The downwash from the Chinook helicopter sent to the minefield

• The administrative delay in sending a suitable helicopter.

The narrative verdict is a statement about how the death occurred, used when the coroner believes their conclusions require detailed explanation.

In his statement Mr Walker also criticised a lack of batteries for radios at observation posts, which hampered the ability to communicate, as well as a failure to provide meaningful information to soldiers about the threat of mines in the area.

He also spoke out against the teaching methods used to train soldiers to locate and mark mines.

I don't have any trouble with the facts Anonymong, they were rescued by helicopters with winches.

And you are just showing your ignorance/NuLabour education by being snotty about my profile..I suggest you study a bit of mythology. It is unpleasant to throw ignorant and anonymous insults at your hostess.