Saturday, 18 October 2008

Soundtrack to my life. Scratch that.

I have always had varied musical appetites, and these days listen to a lot of bluegrass, the ever present Grateful Dead, and because I live with an old gadgee, a fair amount of the more recent Bob Dylan.

The Dead has always been there, since I was 18 anyway, and it seems, so too was Madonna. I first heard her when I was a proto feminist, and my mates were lesbian separatists or Film and Lit winos. I was a closet fan until firstly, a friend I deemed really cool admitted his affection for her dance tunes, and secondly, until I heard a sixteen year old siouxie soux lookalike scream "this is my song" and rush onto the dancefloor as Like a Virgin started up. I always was a bit of a feminist-in-fishnets myself, and although I did the really really short hair and doc martens I never did the dungarees.

I loved to dance and bought everything she did until her "Music" album which was a bit crap. Someone gave me the one after that but I played it once. Ray of Light was a treat. She should have packed it all in then.

Something really bad has happened to her. She is making crap albums. She is slagging off Guy publicly. And frankly, she does look like a granny in a leotard in spite of all the working out and surgery. Why wouldn't she? Many women are long since grannies at 50. It's not a bad thing to be. She is divorcing the last person on earth prepared to tell her the truth.

Scary Momma gonna take your kids to New York so suck on that Guy. Her albums are all going onto Amazon today, (if Elby hasn't put them on already).


Elby the Beserk said...

All we have left, my dear, of what once was Madge the occasionally majestic, are some singles which start at the price of 1p on Amazon. So probably not an investment.

Being the old gadgee in question (my first exposure to live rock 'n roll was around this time of year, some 50 years ago indeed, just 8 years old, when my mother forced my poor older brother to take me to see Cliff & The Shadows at the ABC Ardwick (now the Ardwick Apollo I believe).

Cliff was then still be-quiffed, and our very own Elvis Presley. All I recall of the show is that the ABC was a huge old fashioned theatre, full to the brim of screaming girls (pre-Beatles!) and that a good time was had by all.

First single - Tom Dooley by Lonnie Donegan. In later years, having sailed on the wings of heaven into to the arms of the Grateful Dead in the hazy cloud that was the late 60s, I was to find they too had played it once.

And on their way to become the foremost psychedelic musical pioneers of all time, they had dug their way up through the deep bedrock of old American music, and always played song from way back - Jug Band music, old - real old - country Blues. The white man's country Blues, Bluegrass.

All that stuff came back over here as well, at the same time as it was being re-discovered in the States. Ladies & Gemmun - I give you Skiffle music.

Fuck I'm old.

This has been a Public Service broadcast.

idle said...

I always wondered who bought Madonna's records.

Of all the acts that have made it to the very top level of sales and celebrity, Madonna is the one I just don't get at all. Crap tunes, crap lyrics, look-at-me-I'm-a-porn-star. I know it's pop and pop can be plastic but puhleeze!, this is dire stuff. So well done for flogging it all off and making a clean break.

I happen to know Guy's father, who was a National Service officer in idle's regiment, and attends the same lunches and dinners. An absolutely terrific old boy. I think he expected 'younger generation' chaps like me to be into Madonna's music, but I had to disabuse him of the notion. I never told him what execrable bilge I thought it was, but now I can.

Skiffle? Piffle.

lilith said...

Ha Ha now you know Idle. I adore pop music, but, of the modern stuff probably only the gay kind, the sort you can dance to, into which category Madge tended to fall. She was never meant for the heterosexual male audience. Though I understand there are some men who have fancied her. Poor Guy. Sucked in and spat out.

She was so squdgy and hot when she was little. Although she sounded like a strangled coypu.

Well done Elby. Have you sold my limited edition Desperate Bicycles collection?

lilith said...

I have to say Idle, Madonna and The Grateful Dead could be described bookends or poles of my taste. There's an awful lot of random stuff in between :-)

Elby the Beserk said...

Idle, indeed, skiffle was largely piffle. I'm a rock 'n roller myself really, being brought up in the glory glory days of rock 'n roll, when Bill Haley toured and Teddy Boys danced in the aisles and slashed seats, thereby signalling the imminent end of Western civilisation.

Odd then that it should be New Stasi that are really doing that.

The true hippie to my mind is essentially Libertarian. I was so incensed by the hunting ban, that I thought of forming a group called Hippies For Hunting.

And of course my dear father was a military man. 2 years commanding a tank in the North African desert, thence to the North West Frontier, where he learnt Urdu and learnt that he loved India and the Indians. Come the end of the war, he was with the Chindits, awaiting to go behind enemy lines in Burma. Thankfully he didn't.

Post war was he was a very committed TA officer, and ended his career as CO of the 40/41st Royal Tank Regiment. Perk of the job for us was that we got to take rides in Centurions on the ranges outside Oldham, and once when on hols in Pembrokeshire went to see Germans and their Panzers in action on the firing ranges at Castlemartin.

A fine man and a fine soldier. I know his men in the TA adored him as they told us so. I may be a hippy but I have huge respect for our soldiers. Who knows, we may need you yet to shoot these venal cunts out of office.

Aux armes, les Citoyens!

Philipa said...

When Madge's brother wrote about the wedding I kinda wondered. I don't think both people being a celebrity is enough in common really.

I remember being chatted up by this... child (before children) and he asked what music I liked. I said I liked all kinds but my favourite is probably old rock music. Like Oasis? he asked. They're ok, I answered but I meant more like Led Zeppelin.

He'd never heard of Led Zeppelin.