Monday, 29 September 2008

Wrinkled Weasel

I hope you will come back :-(

Say hi to the chickens.


idle said...

He had been ranting like a good'un of late, had he not, lil?

Perhaps a small fuse has blown, and he'll return invigorated by a blast of Arctic wind this week.

lilith said...

I do hope so Idle. Perhaps he has decided to go deeper into the forest.

Tuscan Tony said...

What happened?

lilith said...

I hope he will drop by and tell us TT.

idle said...

He said he was feeling unloved by the locals. He picked the wrong part of Scotland to live in, obviously. My robust but right-thinking fellow highlanders of the Cairngorms would have looked after him, or even the mercurial West coasters, but I think he might have found himself surrounded by mean-spirited lowland types, who looked upon him with suspicion and ill-concealed contempt.

Of course, he might just have got pissed somewhere. Or fallen in love. I am reminded of the tale of the Englishman who decided to up sticks to a croft in an empty quarter of Scotland. After several months, his phone rings:

"It's Archie, yurr neighbour fra' o'er the hill. Wud ye like tae come to a party on Friday nicht?"

"Gosh, well, y.."

"Before ye answer, I'll have tae tell ye that there'll be plenty o' drinking" butts in Archie

"Splendid, I love a drop. The answer is.."

"Before ye answer" interrupts Archie again, "there'll also be plenty o' fighting"

"Well, I can defend myself, I learned to box at school. I'd like to.."

"Another thing," blurts Archie, "there'll be plenty o' fucking"

"Gosh. Right. Umm, I have been a little lonely up here all on my own. The answer is yes. What time would you like me to come, and what's the dress?"

"Aboot 7.30 is grand. Wear whatever ye like - there'll only be the two o' us"

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Aw, I hope he gets back...

There are some people that stick out occasioanlly) not in the Biblical sense you understand...), and some that don't.

I always liked WW's bits and pieces - flavouring the odd boring Iain Dale or astounding Old Holborn (another we must not lose - ever).

Idle's right, a good 'blast' (just like Terry T would have uttered) will bring him to the foot of his stairs...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he has been gorging on the tuppeny rice and treacle and simply gone "POP" ??

lilith said...

Splendid comments for a splendid blogger :-) VERY funny Idle. I am sure that is it. RVI's theory is distinctly plausible. I agree with your optimistic view Scrobs!

I am rather preoccupied with My Girl's ongoing criminilisation by the state at the mo. Blogging may be light, then.... very, very heavy indeed.

I am mad as hell.

The Old Tarf said...

He is probably off to Toad Hall for Tea and Biscuits.

lilith said...

If he has any sense, Old Tarf.