Monday, 11 August 2008

Stormy Monday, RIP Hot Buttered Soul


Anonymous said...

"Stormy Monday" is a favourite song of mine. Everybody covers it.

This sounds like the Cliff Richard version of Stormy Monday. Isaac Hayes, may be black and and a love machine, but he can't sing the blues. T-Bone Walker wrote it, and nobody does it better.

Nevertheless, it is sad that he is gone at his age.

idle said...

You are either a blues singer or a soul singer, Colonel. Not both.

Hayes was wonderful. I didn't have a clue what blaxploitation was, but if it involved Isaac doin his thang, it was alright by me.

lilith said...

I am sorry this version reminds you of Cliff, Colonel. I chose this because it was posted on a Stormy Monday and because of his outfit. I could have picked any number of luscious examples of his soulfulness. It was genius to cast him as Chef.

Idle, without Hayes we would never have had Barry White. Imagine.