Thursday, 10 July 2008

Pippy, this is an MBT sandal.

This is what I actually wear a lot, unlike the platform shoe below which I dream of on Hatfield Girl's foot at the barricades.


fleetofworlds said...

I've sometimes been a bit tempted by these to see if they would help my bad back, but I suspect they'd make me look like I'd got a club foot.

Metody Jankowiak said...

Hello my oldest friend here Lilith, it is being along time no?
My good friend Theodot he is wearing something such as this. But he is having bad gout with his toes for they have gone a complete dark brown in colour, and they smell so.
The doctor he say Theodot should have them cut.


Philipa said...

Oh I see. I quite like those sort of sandals and have a pair of the normal ones - v.comfy. Are the MBT ones comfy? I mean are they really good for your back and all that?

The Beast Of Clerkenwell said...

Hippy shoes, you have the neoprene wellies,next you will be telling us that you have "Crocs"

electro-kevin said...

You would rock in a pair of those, surely ?

grumpy grandad said...

Extremely good value - if you are into water ski-ing!

Lilith said...

Fleet, I find they help my back.

Metody! I thought you had gone back to Poland...(The Dr is right about Theodot.)

They are comfy Pip. To me, anyway. And you do wobble in them at first. They are no good for terrace gardening.

Beast, no crocs I can assure you. My Girl would point out to you that they are not expensive enough.

EK , yes you rock in them :-)


Trubes said...

Lilith rocks anyway with or without the sandals!

I have a similar pair of sandals like yours too Lil and they reallly are comfy;


Daisy said...

them shoes were made for walkin lilith and i bet that's what you of these days those shoes are gonna walk all over you...

sorry i don't know where it came from...but it was here this morning...xx

killemallletgodsortemout said...

WTF is an MBT sandal?

Looks like something that Japs or gays would wear.

Metody Jankowiak said...

Lilith has gout in the foot, I am knowing this to be painful very.