Saturday, 31 May 2008

Holidays are here again

Elby and I are off soon. We plan to miss the Glastonbury and Wimbledon weather this year by going earlier.

There is a plan to kidnap Kev and hold him to ransom...(oh, wasn't I supposed to say anything? never know what weirdos are out there on the net...)

Hugely excited about not working for two weeks :-)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

I have discovered my brother does this for fun

Although this is not him in the video...Full of surprises, my family...


My bro says:

"The example in your blog is a very good one too; it is pretty much how it would actually be danced in a club (by me, for example!). If anything the clip is a little tame.

The music in that clip is zouk, an Antillean (=French Caribbean) musical style designed for a different (and less interesting!) dance, which has been adopted by modern lambada dancers as our standard dance music. But we dance to all sorts, for example to this:

SAUCY and SPLENDID! I am proud of you, bro xxxx

Football Widow

Elby has gone to Wembalee for the playoff final between Bristol City ("The Shit Heads") and Hull (I don't know what their nickname is). Two of his children are treating him to the day out :-)

I, on the other hand, am avoiding the stress and staying home in my semi rural setting.

Big stress this morning however, and Elby nearly cancelled as we slowly realised there was something wrong with Pig. Normaly, if we get up early, Pig ingores us for a bit as his bed is comfy and warm. Today however he just stayed in bed, even after we had had breakfast, and didn't move, not even a big stretch.

At about 9 there was a bang and Pig thought he ought to get up and investigate. Woof! But he could barely stagger to his feet. Elby lifted him out of bed and he couldn't put down his right back leg, or indeed, sit down, and he just stood there looking uncomfortably twisted, with his tail down and his foot raised. We carried him outside, wondering if he was just stiff from his walk yesterday and being in bed overly long...but 15 minutes later he was still not moving, and didn't even try to have a pee...

Elby lifted Pig into my car, instructing me to let him know exactly what was going on, otherwise he would worry all day. But Pig and I were back from the vet before Elby had left. As soon as we got there Pig jumped normally out of the car and dragged me into the vets. We were seen immediately, by a girlchild-vet and Pig peed on her door.
He suffered the indignity of a thermometer up his bottom. She squeezed his spine and knees and hips. Then she said she thought it was probably pins and needles....

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What the hell happened to freedom of speech?

What is going on? A 15 year old has been arrested for holding a placard saying that "Scientology is a dangerous cult"! There, I have said it too, City Police.

15 year old criminalised

Thursday, 15 May 2008

I don't know what to say.

Days are hectic and blogspiration on the ebb just now. I am too busy wondering which air rifle with silencer and flashy sight to buy and how much rice to put under the stairs. The rifle needs to be light weight. Gobsmacked that the PM is bollocking on about revitalising the housing market, when that is going to be the least of everyone's worries before long.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

As Happy as a Pig in Shit- caution vile video action

We went for a lovely walk today.

Great gulps of Spring air...It's all going off out there.

It all went well until.........WARNING! Rest of post not for the squeamish..

The smell of fox shit (?) is astonishing.

Pig contemplates his fate...

A spider is named after Neil Young

This trapdoor spider, Myrmekiaphila Neilyoungi, was named in honor of Neil Young
Science Daily

Trapdoor spider species are apparently distinguished from each other by their genitalia.