Monday, 3 March 2008

Groovy Afghan Instrument

Well, we have been at war with Afghanistan/The Taliban for a while now and I have only today discovered the RABAB

Why don't we buy the poppies, make loads of medical grade morphine (of which there is a global shortage) and just let the Afghanis get on with their lives? Seems to me the quickest way to defeat the Taliban.


Daisy said...

i could use the morphine right about dulls the pain right?

Lilith said...

Oh Daisy, does this music give you the agonies?

nomad said...

I agree Lilith. I have thought this might be the answer for years. But there might be a problem with the local middlemen-cum-warlords who would see their rake off disappear. Buying the crop would surely cost less than keeping several thousand troops in the place.

Daisy said...

naw lilith...just pain at the moment full stop...

electro-kevin said...

The point of the war IS war.

Using a wasteland to deploy our troops as bait to draw fanatics into the open ... to be mopped up by A10 and Apache ground attack aircraft.

Beats having the loons in our cities causing mayhem I suppose, though I'm sure they will learn to do this soon enough.

Metody Jankowiak said...

This is not working back home with Bohdan 'The Pipe'.
From Bohdan my cousin Wiktor Chałubiński he was to buy many bottles of prescription benzodiazepines (he run bar, and put them in lady's drink so that she will make fuck with him after bar close).
Bohdan he drive fine British Austin Princess from all money he make from date rapists in my home town. But my cousin Wiktor he is now in jail.
Is wery distressing for Wiktor's wife as she is getting her first bleed and needs man to talk with, and also is not able now to make decisions.

Lilith said...

Hi Nomad, yes, but what can they do when the crop is protected by troops? :-) Who's gonna be on their side? Anyway, the nutters have mostly all moved on to Pakistan as far as I can see :-(

Lilith said...

Oh Daisy, what hurts?!?

Lilith said...

Kev! You sound like a hippy :-)

Metody, Elby says he's glad to hear things are not going so well for you.

Daisy said...

lilith...i am not sure if it is just the breathing or life itself...but everything seems to hurt at the moment...

electro-kevin said...

I have no hair and a draw a weekly wage - I don't think I qualify as a hippy, darlin'.

Lilith said...

Sugar, I am allowed my fantasies, surely ;-)x

Lilith said...

Daisy, OMG. I am so sorry. What is going on?

Scroblene said...


How can a pleasant piece of music end up as a discussion about Elecs' hair?

Also, we need Daisers to get up on her hind legs too - come on Gal, we're here for you!

Metody Jankowiak said...

Lilith I is understanding you to be wery concern over the human right of foreign prisoner. Even though you may be lesbian you must feel in your pump that my cousin he need help. We try to get him released.
Wiktor Potocki is in Sieradz prison already for 10 years. He ended up behind bars in 1996. During his trial judge was not at all concerned with fact that Wiktor was for few years sexually harassed, attacked and humiliated by local pig. He comes from Hrádek village and he didn't have money for good lawyer. He was sentenced like a normal criminal. 15 years of jail is a good example of state "justice".

After serving 2/3 of his sentence Wiktor has right to appeal for earlier release. He never caused any trouble and continued his education. Despite that there are no apparent reasons to keep him locked, he is still refused release.
During last years there were thirty signatures collected in his support, yet court still rejects his appeal.

Probably in October there will be another parole board deciding granting him freedom. Unfortunately without professional help there are little chances that Wiktor will receive it. There is a need for a good lawyer, especially in situation when from legal point of view there is nothing that should stop Wiktor from being released. Leaving him on his own we would loose unique chance to get him out of this shit, in which he landed also because of ideas that are close to all of us.

We appeal to all groups and individuals to support Wiktor. Money for lawyer is needed now (cost will be around 10,000 USD). In case that Wiktor would be released he will need money to meet his basic needs as well, as he will not have much funds. He will need help with finding work, house, wife etc.


In 2008, in spite of the fact that Wiktor had a lawyer, both lower and superior court did not agree to his earlier release. They said that is it because of "not fully critical attitude towards the crime he committed". The struggle for his release still goes on.

We still collect money for Wiktor to help him in the future.

We should all get involved!

Nihilist Orange Cross

Accounts on which we collect funds:

Jakub Glowacki
PL05 1141 6974 0000 5295 4778 3469
BRE Bank S.A. Retail Banking, al. Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 _ód_
SORT CODE: 17843004

mBank PL81 1140 7076 0000 3382 3567 5266
Katarzyna Kossak-Szczucka
BRE Bank S.A. Retail Banking, al. Mickiewicza 10, 97-050 _ód_
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Write "for Wiktor"

If You can, copy this appeal and send it forward!

There is also a new bank account created, where you can donate money for some products that will be sent to Wiktor every month. Pease pay the donations here:

87 1090 1506 0000 0000 5001 7923
87-100 TORU

You can send letters, fanzines, vege food, tapes, CDs. Write to him (in English preferably) - max. 2 kg.:

Wiktor Potocki
Zakad Karny
ul. Orzechowa 5
98-200 Sieradz

(if you is not lesbian please send naked photo of yourself to Wiktor, but not with dog he has enough of that sick stuff.)

nomad said...

Lilith:(21.27) I suppose the answer to your point is: where there's a will, there's a way... but as far as I can see, at the moment there is neither.

Loved that bit of music by the way. It had me imagining Mike Flately and the Riverdance girls clacking away merrily! I wonder if Kev plays his strings quite so beautifully (with or with optional extra hair, of course).

nomad said...

with or without... (I must get a keyboard that knows how to spell properly!)

Daisy said...

lilith and scroblene...thanks for your concern...i just guess i need this make things better later...i hope thats how it works anyway

Philipa said...

Sounds like a good idea to me, I agree.

Philipa said...

Daisy - sorry to hear you're in pain. Hope sorted v.soon :-(

Morphine is indeed fantastic - I had a nurse either side of me when I awoke after surgery on my back to hold me down as I was high as a kite on the stuff and wanted to go jogging. Dad was on it for a while in hospital and when it wore off apparently just used to lie there and scream, as most of the patients on the burns unit did too. Morphine really is fantastic stuff and sorry chaps to be all serious.

Lilith said...

Metody, you misread me. I care naught for your chav cousin Wiktor and his plight. He had it coming.

Lilith said...

Nomad, I thought it sounded like an Afghan banjo :-)

Lilith said...

Oh Daisers :-( You are a strong woman.

Lilith said...

Never tried morphine, thankfully. (Yes, I have passed kidney stones without morphine!!! Sod that. Worse than labour, better than a broken heart.)

Trubes said...

Morphine is a vile drug that I would never wish to take again. I am still suffering the withdrawal effects and dreadful rashes and itches that are associated with it.
As many of you may know, I was prescribed with it for a serious back problem.
The only time I would ever take it again would be, if I had a painful terminal illness, when there`s no way out but the 'Golden Gates'.

Lilith said...

Scroblene, E-K's hair always comes up sooner or later :-)

Trubes, it is for extreme pain relief and is nasty for all sorts of reasons. Some react very badly to it. I am so sorry you were so sore to need it.

electro-kevin said...

Bless you, Trubes,

Why can't we put people down like pets when it's terminal ?

Metody Jankowiak said...

Metody is having decided that he will stop blogging. Sure for some it is an escape from an life that does not offer all that he would wish on himself. Maybe this is the easy way to feel less alone, but without any commitment or effort, such as in circumstances with people that he might meet in his life. For the other it might be a chance to be read and admired for sharp insight and wit, and the need to communicate those ideas that they have to others.

‘Whatever’ as my friend Tina she say.

But poor Metody he sees so much patting on the back, like in television awards ceremonies. This is most distasteful. Also so many think that their be something inside of them that they need to showing to others, but still inside of them is also liver, and kidneys, spleen, lung, and gall bladder; and like these it might be best left inside the body and not exposed. This electric communication has its share of people with gifts, as in all streets of life, but then there is too much that is wery depressing and to the self it indulges, also Metody is thinking that too many think that recognition from others must be sign of type of fine capacity, but this is far from so. So for Metody it makes him decide to spend his energies in a healthier more productive mode.
At twelve by the clock this dinner time (England time) Metody will eat of pork scratchings till he is dead. I say goodbye to some of you. Never ask of Metody agin for he is gone.


Lilith said...

Metody, you are vulgar and repellant but I am a little sad that you are giving up.

Metody Jankowiak said...

Please to excuse earlier entry. Metody had been drinking home make wodka and was feeling little down in mouth. Also woman Metody make sexy with tell Metody that he is bastard and that she no longer will see him or even make fuck. This is because she finds Metody film the sex and put it on internet to make money. But Metody replace her head with that of red ballon using photoshop, still she very cross as she say her ex might reognize with her wagina and as she has wery big flaps.
Metody eat thirty small plastic bag of pork scratching snack in order to die like little boy who’s mother she fed him salt. But Metody just wake up thirsty and have shit in his pants.

Lilith said...

A temporary hiatus in your sex life is no reason to kill yourself Metody. Think of all those lovely ladies out there just waiting to be impressed by your credentials! Some women love their men furry and smelling of bacon.

I could have told you that pork scratchings wouldn't do the job, but I am relieved you are not decaying slowly in a one room flat above the betting shop lit only by the street lamps outside.

Refield. PA to EofDron said...

You like unusual music.

Hear this. It is like mouldy cotton candy.

It sucks. But in a nice way.

Lilith said...

OOH Refield that has messed with my head. It's like being stuck in a lift with cartoons being projected on every surface...but in a nice way.

Philipa said...

Trubes - so sorry you had a bad reaction to morphine, I wasn't on it long term. Hope you're feeling better :-)

Lilith - what's a 'sex life'??

Lilith said...

A "sex life" is when you are having some, Philipa.

Philipa said...

Oh I can't be doing with all that nastiness, Lilith. Mind you the decorating has suffered since I've not considered it for a while. Still, I'd rather have grubby walls than suffer that ignominy again.

On the subject of music, I found out today that John Martyn wrote 'Solid Air' for Nick Drake. Not a lot of people know that. I thought I'd share.

grumpy granny said...

I think it was Woody Allen who was asked, "Is sex dirty?". He replied: "Yes, but only if it's done properly."

Metody Jankowiak said...

Lilith you are making the terrible racialist slur! Because I is Polish you suspect that I live in squalid flat above bookies! Metody would, I am sure, not be treated with such prejudice if he were blacky or worse jew. I am sure you would not be saying Metody I hope you is comfortable in your coconut tree or your flat above porn-broker.

Lilith I know you not to be no contemptible nigger hater, or some such. But we having to ever so careful about lazy ideas that steriotip foreigners and such.

For your information since I leave hut in gorse bushes near Llanelli Tesco, I live in fine bed and breakfast of Mrs McEwan, who is most kind, if a little strong smelling.

Metody Jankowiak said...

Dear Phillipa (you are lady yes? Not man like Queen's wife.)

You is having had fuck with Ignominy Jabłoński? I understanding why you is off it. You shitehole must be in the tatter! That man is worse king of bugger.
You need man that prefer wagina. Much more comfortable, even when quite dry!

Metody Jankowiak said...

... Also my whole family was loving Charlie Drake!!! Was John Martyn the one played by Henry Magee?

Scroblene said...


There used to be some writing on a hoarding in Streatham which said 'The best things in life are sticky', which I thought quite appropriate...

I thought you might like to know that!

Lilith said...

No Pip, I did not know that John Martyn wrote solid air for Nick Drake...don't they have similar singing voices?

I have never had a practical boyfriend (until I found geeky Elby who's good with 'puters). I once vowed that my next boyfriend would be capable of a loft conversion...and so he was, but he was also Polish and a hopeless alcoholic so I never got the loft converted.

Lilith said...

Love that quote GG :-)

Lilith said...

Metody, please refrain from insulting the fragrant Philippa. She is out of your league.

I don't mean to be racist. I have never met a Pole quite like you. You must be a good Catholic boy, no?

Lilith said...

The best things in life are sticky!

It is true, Scrobbers.

Tuscan Tony said...

Lilith that is a truly lovely sound from the instrument. It made a Tscan sad to visualise these chaps' cusins etc. on inter-tribal killing sprees. Nicht gut.

Lilith said...

There is an article on the lot of Afghan musicians here

stanislav's blues said...


"I have never had a practical boyfriend (until I found geeky Elby who's good with 'puters). I once vowed that my next boyfriend would be capable of a loft conversion...and so he was, but he was also Polish and a hopeless alcoholic so I never got the loft converted.
07 March 2008 18:30"

Please be making clarified that this bloke is not stanislav, who is happy married-up with Mrs and dog, Buster.

Also, is splendid song on a blog which is called Right I have had enough, by Mr Prodicus and lamenting is the dearth of English folk concsciousness, outside, of course, from Mr Martin Carthy, boozy old Mrs, Norma and pierced to fuck sprog, Eliza and other handful of drop-D tyrants and not even mention mr Billy Bragg, horrible fucking bastard. In same song, bloke laments that playing at weddings and such he get asked all fucking day long for American Pie and not once for proper English tune, Yo-ho-ho and fol-de-rol and magical, close harmony narrative commentary of Copper Family and such - only not of course, pretentious and tyrannically ubiquitous Tribe of Carthy. And Loudon Wainwright the turd and semonising bastard Christy Moore of IRA and not English anyway. This guy says Jock and Paddy and Asian can sing traditional music all day and all night, but not English bloke and bint, so do go and have look and listen at "Right, thats it, I've had enough" and scroll down to bottom page and play tune. What he is getting it is not the effete career folkie -a contradiction in terms and an abomination - like the Carthys and, in Jockland whole regiment of nonce-faced, smug and musically indifferent creer fiddlers and pipers and harpists and screeching, melancholy sopranos, he wants the people, themselves, to sing, in the pubs, for troubadors and non-careerists to revive a non-racist, non-exclusive, English musicality

But anyway, stanislav, being Polack migrant like ethnic music as much as any bastard, especially from brown chap Justin Vali from Madagascar and from Ali Farka Touree, now toast is unfortunately, and from Maestro Shankar and music from Kurdistan is great, too and is not being mention of fife and drum originators of Delta Blues and what not and Alan Stivell with little harp from Brittany Ferries and hugely invetive Mr Paul Brady, the ginger Paddy; in short would say that many argue that because is Pole, stanislav know fuck nothing but in fact stanislav know fuck all and without even go down road of blessed Polish martyr geniuses such as Messrs Handel and Beethoven and Mozart and Bach. And all them, innit.

Coming up to point now. Is all very well go Oh, fuck me, Afghan bloke playing nose flute, is magic, and probably can make nice Balti, too, and spend life off from face on hashish and hold hand is and knob, maybe, too, with boyfriend, Yussef, in trenches and fortified citadels while Uncle Sam psychobastard drop napalm on school playground and wedding party and how so cool and multiculturally diverse is all that shit, eh, is next best thing to stand like cunt and get lecture off Barack Obama and cheer like brainless maniac, yes, we can't. All very well to say this Cuban music with Maestro Ry Cooder, is brilliant, innit; Didgereedoo, big farting pipe, with Rolf Harris off Animal Hospital blowing down one end, is brilliant, too, Fucking Hell, is transport of delight, drop-kick me Jesus through the goalposts of World Music and Amen. So fucking be it.

If diversity, invention, spontaneity and virtuosity, friends, are your critical benchmarks, we have it at home; haste ye to the Incredible String Band, everybody else did, Led Zep, the Beatles, The Stones, the Heavy Metallers, The Oo; Plant said that when they were lost for inspiration he and his gang-raping, smackhead colleagues would retreat to a Welsh cottage and plagiarise the latest ISB album. The Strngies were discovered and produced - as were so many others, Fairport Convention, Nick Drake, John and Beverly Martin, The Soft Machine, Pink Floyd - by the legendary Joe Boyd and were, with their hugely eclectic instrumentation, writing and song construction, years ahead of other so-called giants, any early Sring Band album would piss, creatively, over the meaningless druggy doggerel of Sgt Pepper or the conceeited bombast of Tommy, by famous academic child abuse researcher Mr Pete Nose of The Oo, or the lifeless, chilly, moribund precision of Pink Floyd, music for the living dead.

Nick Drake,John Martyn, Richard Thompson and Mike Heron and Robin Williamson of the Incredible String Band are the true and unsung innovators and musical expeditionaries of the sixties and early seventies. The first trio are largely guitar focused while Heron and Williamson are musical polymaths - pluck it, strike it, blow in it, squeeze it, strum it or shake, rattle nd roll it it seemed there was nothing they could't play.

More lyrical than Van Morrison, less oppressively self-obsessed than Bob Dylan and his Junky cowboy angels, all cobbled together, without credit or acknowledgement from Ginsberg and Kerouac and Chuck Berry via Hank Williams; the String Band were fresh, ever inventive, courageous, presented oud and sitar and water harp to jugband and rock and roll ensemble; glorious meleodies and harmonies cast their wild spell, raucous stride piano gliding, elising to sitar and fingerbells; unguessable, manic, Moorish open guitar tunings colliding with Hebridean fiddle and Oklahoma mouth harp; sweet, hymnal, a capella interludes and Gaelic laments merge with the hollow killing-floor deapair of the Chicago City Blues; a perfect, three-four pop song borne aloft on hypnotic chants to Lord Krishna; the whole bathed in the myriad enthusiasms of Creation itself. The Incredible String Band, British as could be, were world music before the term was coined by record company executives.

In the Badlands of You Tube there is no Incredible String Band stuff worth looking at. The albums, though are available, the classics, The 5000 Spirits and The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, remain, forty years on, an incomparable, magical, breathtaking delight.

Gimme the beat, boys....


On the matter of sister morphine, one of stanislavianism's basic tenets relates to the Ownership of Pain - it is mine and I shall treat it as I see fit and not as they permit, cheeky bastards.

lilith said...

Never knowingly heard them Stan, but I will ask Elby as he is bound to have...we may even have some in the vibe vault.

(Richard Thompson is a bit scary.)