Saturday, 23 February 2008

Juldeh Camara

This week we have had an awesome house guest, Juldeh Camara. He is a Gambian Riti player, and a spectacular musician. Juldeh, along with other fine musicians, has been doing workshops all week for local children. There is a concert tonight at the local theatre.

more here, including the children jamming with Pee Wee Ellis

The riti is a single stringed instrument with a goatskin body, and is closest in sound to a fiddle/violin.

Juldeh has made an album with Justin Adams which is up for a Radio 3 World Music Award. You can here him play here

He and Justin Adams (Robert Plant's guitarist) are touring in March and May supporting Tinariwen.


Electro-Kevin said...

Did he play at your house ?

I used to have a mongrel dog like you too. I'd pick him up and bang out a rythm on his chest. He didn't mind it (I used to let him shag my leg after all).

My chum IB said I should do a street act called Beat The Dog.

Boom-cha-badoompoom-cha ...

Have you tried this with Pig yet ?

Electro-Kevin said...

Do you like my new photo inset ?

lilith said...

Hello Kev me ole mucker! Is that Burberry's new colour way for the spring collection?

No, he hasn't played here..except some harmonica..I had two C harmonicas and gave him one...he picked it up and got a groove from it instantly, never having played it before.

The Riti is an extraordinary instrument. Sometimes it sounds like a fiddle, sometimes a flute, sometimes god knows what.

Elby uses Pig as a drum from time to time...he also "plays spoons" using only his teeth to make the sound.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Lils, I can't get the film thing to play, but as it's you, it'll be marvellous, I'm sure!

Why's Elecs become a Chavtasters now, I always thought him a great bloke - only asking..;0)

I reckon I'm missing something here, and need to lie down - after all, I'm full of cold; one of those watery sods which bites every hour of the day and night, and I'm not a well man I can tell you! Even Mrs S has said a few things which make me feel as though someone cares,,, and it's not man-flu, I'me really stuffed and ....oh b*******......

(comment from Mrs S ...Don't believe a word he says Lilith! He's just having you on!)

No I'm not...


Mike Armitage said...

Top of the morning to you Lils!

Marvellous music that, now I've managed to wind up the Victrola, and listened to it properly!

'Miranda' now has the 'cold', and I'm feeling pretty bad about that, but knowing her, she'll press on regardless...

Did you ever know where Oliver went after that day in Taunton?

D x

lilith said...

Poor Scrobbers, sniff, snuffle, gently perspire, where's my hot toddy?

I don't know why Kev has gone Chav. I can't see that he can afford all that Burberry gear.

lilith said...

Doris, Sweetness!

I shall pop round with the Laphroaig.

Oliver has had trouble with his bowels since Marrakesh and spends most of his time indisposed, I believe.

lilith said...

And Modo has gone up to London. My theories are that he is
a) shopping for baby gear
b) seconded to MI6
c) exhibiting his Art

Elby the Beserk said...

"Elby uses Pig as a drum from time to time...he also "plays spoons" using only his teeth to make the sound."

Re the spoons, that's me, not the Pig Dog. I'm still teaching him that one.