Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Pig for Trubes


Trubes said...

Ahhhr Thanks for that Lilith. Pig has grown, he`s all "legs". looks like Bambi. lovely, lovely, Pig the Pup Dog.
What about Hitch`s return. I was beginning to think he really wasn`t coming back.
My day is complete , a Movie of Pig just for moi and, Hitch is back. What more could a girl ask for...........Hurrah !


Electro-Kevin said...

Is he looking for truffles ?

You could supplement your finances with those.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

What are you feeding that dog on L!

He has marvellous energy, and it seems a very high 'bugger-about' factor, which is fine by me!

lilith said...

Glad you like Trubes. He is a ball of fire. Though mellow in the mornings, Thank Dog/God.

Well E-K, we called him Pig rather hopefully. We should train him to, yes...he'd love it.

He is a little bugger Scobs. He has had my specs when I was on the phone. I can forgive him anything. He just adores his walks, as you can see :-)